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15 Best Stop Motion Films of All Time

Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique that gives inanimate objects some fluid movement. The article introduces 15 film stop motion from the media industry and their crucial details.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 17, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Stop motion is considered to be a filmmaking technique used in animated films. The objects are physically manipulated frame by frame to exhibit independent motion. In this way, the illusion of fluid movement is maintained. Therefore, the article presented 15 film stop motion and their important information.

Let us look at some of the best stop motion films in the industry. So, let us begin this!

Part 1: 15 Best Stop Motion Films of All Time

Stop motion films are famous in the animated genre of the creative industry. For this very reason, the sub-section shall reflect upon 15 first stop motion films with their famous quotes, names of directors, and the release date. Time to start!

1. Consuming Spirits

Movie Name: Consuming Spirits

Release Date: 2012

Director: Chris Sullivan

Quote: "I do not suggest using ashes as fertilizer – these bitter urns of charred memories soak into the soil and leave a blackened taste on the lips."

Consuming Spirits is an animated movie about three residents who lead interconnected life. Robert, Nancy, and Chris are from a Rust Belt town.

consuming spirits

2. Coraline

Movie Name: Coraline

Release Date: 2009

Director: Henry Selick

Quote: "When you're scared, but you still do it anyway, that's brave."

Coraline is a film stop motion where an adventurous girl finds a secret door in her new house and knows some sinister secrets about the family.


3. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Movie Name: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Release Date: 2009

Director: Wes Anderson

Quote: "You are, without a doubt, the five and a half most wonderful wild animals I have ever met in my life."

Fantastic Mr. Fox is an animated film about Mr. Fox, a family man who gets into his animal instincts and starts stealing. However, some farmers trap him as the story progresses.


4. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Movie Name: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Release Date: 2005

Director: Steve Box and Nick Park

Quote: "I'm sorry, Gromit—I know you're doing this for my good, but the fact is I'm just crackers about cheese."

The famous animated stop motion film is about Lady Tottington and Wallace, who go on a mission to rescue their village from a beast destroying the plots.

wellace & gromit in the curse of the were-rabbit

5. Early Man 

Movie Name: Early Man

Release Date: 2018

Director: Nick Park

Quote: "The age of stone is over. Long live the age of bronze."

Early Man is yet another stop motion film that got considerable fame. The story is about Lord Nooth, who wishes to turn the land into a mine for his selfish gains. Dug and his sidekick has to fight against him.

early man

6. Kubo and Two Strings

Movie Name: Kubo and Two Strings

Release Date: 2016

Director: Travis Knight

Quote: "If you must blink, do it now."

Kubo and Two Strings is one of the best stop motion films. The movie is about Kubo and his two strings, Monkey and Beetle. All three of them are expected to find a legendary suit of armor to defeat an evil spirit.

kubo and two strings

7. My Life as a Zucchini

Movie Name: My Life as a Zucchini

Release Date: 2016

Director: Claude Barras

Quote: "We are all the same. There is nobody left to love us."

My Life as a Zucchini is about an orphan who is sent to the orphanage where he learns how to make friends and trust.

my life as a zucchini

8. Corpse Bride

Movie Name: Corpse Bride

Release Date: 2005

Director: Mike Johnson, Tim Burton

Quote: "I was a bride. My dreams were taken from me. But now I've stolen them from someone else. I love you, Victor, but you are not mine."

Corpse Bride is one of the best stop motion films in the industry. The story is about Victor practicing his wedding vows in the forest where he accidentally marries skeleton-shaped Emily.

corpse bride

9. Chicken Run

Movie Name: Chicken Run

Release Date: 2000

Director: Peter Lord, Nick Park

Quote: "The most important thing is, we have to work as a team, which means you do everything I tell you."

Chicken Run is a movie about Rocky and Ginger, a rooster and a chicken. They decide to run from the chicken farm when they find out their owner is trying to kill them.

chicken run

10. Mary and Max

Movie Name: Mary and Max

Release Date: 2009

Director: Adam Elliot

Quote: "The reason I forgive you is that you are not perfect. You are imperfect. And so am I. All humans are imperfect."

Mary and Max is a story about two unlikely people who befriended each other in a long-distance relationship through letters. Mary is an 8-year old lonely girl, and Max is a 44-year old obese man.

mary and max

11. ParaNorman

Movie Name: ParaNorman

Release Date: 2012

Director: Chris Butler, Sam Fell

Quote: "You can't stop bullying - it's part of human nature. If you were bigger and more stupid, you'd probably be a bully too. It's called "survival of the thickest."

ParaNorman is a film stop motion with a fun supernatural story. Norman had a unique ability to talk to ghosts, and he was expected to save the town from a curse.


12. Missing Link

Movie Name: Missing Link

Release Date: 2019

Director: Chris Butler

Quote: "These men do not like you; they do not respect you; they do not believe the things that you believe."

As the best stop motion film, Missing Link is about Mr.Link, who hired a private investigator of myths and monsters to find his missing relatives.

missing link

13. The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

Movie Name: The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

Release Date: 2012

Director: Peter Lord

Quote: "Don't look so worried. I've sailed the seven seas, and I've never had an unsuccessful adventure yet!"

The movie The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists is about a Pirate Captain and his crew who want to win the Pirate of the Year Award. They have to travel to the Victorian land and pillage the booty.

the pirates in an adventure with scientists

14. The Boxtrolls

Movie Name: The Boxtrolls

Release Date: 2014

Director: Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi

Quote: "Where are the rivers of blood, and the mountains of bones? I was promised rivers of blood!"

The Boxtrolls is an animated film stop motion where Eggs and Winnie befriend each other for a cause. They were expected to save the Boxtrolls from the evil eyes of the exterminator.

the boxtrolls

15. The LEGO

Movie Name: The LEGO

Release Date: 2014

Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Quote: "You don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, interesting, and extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things."

The LEGO movie is about a LEGO construction worker recruited to stop an evil tyrant from destroying the world of LEGO. Emmet is a lead character in this best stop motion film.

the lego


The creative industry needs to offer strong animation to bring the audience on the verge of their seats. The objects are often manipulated by the use of film stop motion techniques. You can review around 15 such movies to inspire and bring innovation to the lot.

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