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Best Meme Generator App Downlaod

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

There is a craze for memes on social media as well as in groups on instant messaging apps. Not only just share trending meme videos, but users also reply with meme images wherever possible. If you are such a user, you should have a good collection of memes with you so that you can use them appropriately wherever applicable. In fact, if you post creative meme images and videos, your posts are likely to get more traction.

That is why you should have a meme maker on your mobile phone or computer so that you can create as well as download memes. You can discover the latest and trending memes in a meme download app. We have compiled a list of the best meme generator apps for computer and mobile users to generate as well as design creative memes instantly in a few steps without prior experience.

In this article
  1. Meme Generator Download for PC
  2. Meme Generator Download for Mac
    1. For iPhone: Mematic - The Meme Maker
    2. For Android: + Memes Maker

Part 1. Meme Generator Download for PC

If you are a Windows user and you are looking for meme generator download where you can create meme videos effortlessly, we recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best video meme maker. It is a premium software with a super intuitive user interface so that anyone can design memes without any prior experience or technical knowledge. You get amazing photo and video backgrounds for memes as well as the latest memes from GIPHY to embed in your video wherever applicable. Here are the steps to create meme videos with Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Filmora on your computer. It is a premium software but you can try out its free trial version before purchasing the premium version. Launch Filmora and go to File> New Project option to get started.

download and install filmora

Step2 Go to Stock Media> Pexels> Videos or Stock Media> Pixabay> Videos and select a video template for the background of your meme video. If you want a static background, you can check out Photos tab instead of Videos tab.

stock media pixabay video

Step3 If you want to embed any meme GIF in your video, go to Stock Media> GIPHY. Select and drop any GIF into the Timeline. You can drop the same GIF multiple times if you want the meme to play for a longer duration. Otherwise, you can add multiple meme GIFs in your video as per your preference.

drag gif to timeline filmora

Step4 To add texts and titles to your meme video, go to Titles> Social Media and drop any title template into the Timeline. You can delete as well as move around any element of the title template from the Viewer.

add text title to meme filmora

Step5 Double-click on the Title template and edit the meme texts and titles as per your preference. You can select different styles and animations. Besides, you can incorporate different Elements, Effects, and Audio Effects to your meme video as you think fit.

edit meme template filmora

Part 2. Meme Generator Download for Mac

If you are a Mac user and you are looking for free meme app download, iMeme is a great choice. It is an extremely lightweight application that you need to install on your Mac externally. iMeme has over 100 built-in templates that you can use to create your desired meme instantly. You can add header and footer text to the templates and adjust text size and fonts. Besides, you can use your own images instead of templates. The memes can be saved in PNG format, and you can copy and paste them directly from iMeme. Here are the steps to create memes with iMeme.

Step1 Open your web browser and visit “”. Download iMeme for Mac and install it on your Mac.

download imeme for mac

Step2 Launch iMeme and select a meme template from the left panel.

select template imeme

Step3 Type the header text as well as the footer text in the available text boxes.

type text in imeme

Step4 Click on “+” and “-” icons to increase or decrease the text size. There are also alignment icons to align texts as required. Click on Save icon to save the meme in PNG file format.

change text size imeme

Part 3. Meme App Download for Mobile Phone

If you are a smartphone user, you need to download a meme generator app based on your operating system. You will come across loads of meme generator apps on Play Store or App Store. But we have selected the most popular and best meme generator apps for iPhone as well as Android smartphone users.

For iPhone: Mematic - The Meme Maker

Mematic is the most popular and highly rated meme maker app for iPhone and even iPad users. The app already has over 10 million downloads which definitely makes it reliable. You get multiple meme templates to choose from such as freestyle, top caption, side by side caption, and much more. You can select from the popular memes for the background of the meme that you want to create. You can even use your own photos as background.

You can edit the templates to insert your captions and titles as per your preference. You can customize the texts in terms of size, font, color, and opacity. There are also different text presets available to make your meme stand out. Here are the steps to create a meme with Mematic - The Meme Maker.

Step1 Visit App Store and search for Mematic and install the app on your iPhone.

mematic meme maker iphone

Step2 Select a style to get started. Freestyle is the best option.

mematic meme style

Step3 If you want to insert your photo as the background of the meme, tap on Photos. If you want to choose the background from a popular meme, tap on Memes.

select a background mematic

Step4 Tap on any desired meme and tap on Continue button to edit the selected meme.

edit selected meme mematic

Step5 Tap on the text parts, and you get to change the text as well as the style. Finally, tap on Export option to save the meme.

export meme from mematic iphone

For Android: + Memes Maker

If you are an Android smartphone user and you want to generate meme that you can download, “ + Memes Maker” is the best app you should install. The app has over 1 million downloads and high rating which makes it reliable. You can make new memes as well as discover new memes that you can edit as per your preference. You can create meme photos, videos, as well as GIFs. Here are the steps to install and use “ + Memes Maker” app to create and download memes.

Step1 Open Play Store and search for “” and install + Memes Maker app.

Step2 Launch the app and you have to sign up before you can proceed further. Tap on” +” to create a meme.

create meme in memes app

Step3 Select a meme template for the background.

select meme template memes app

Step4 Choose a text layout from the bottom. Thereafter, tap on the text and tap on Edit option to change the default text. Tap on Done button in the top-right corner.

change default text memes app

Step5 Tap on your text and change the style as per your preference. Thereafter, tap on Next option in the top-right corner to save the meme.

save meme in memes app

The Bottom Line

We have illustrated how you can create creative memes from scratch directly from your device. For Android users, + Memes Maker app is the best and for iPhone users Mematic app is the most popular. If you are a computer user, you can use iMeme free meme download app. If you want to create a meme video, you should opt for Wondershare Filmora and get your memes viral.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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