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How to Remove Signature Background in Seconds

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 28, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Working remotely has had its advantages. However, one crucial problem is signatures. We work with them a lot, but most of us don't know how to remove a signature's background when it's really urgent.

That's not going to be a problem for you any longer. This guide will show you how to use Microsoft Word, as well as 5 other online tools, to easily remove the background of any signature.

In this article
  1. Using Microsoft Word as a Fast Signature Background Remover
  2. 5 Best Signature Background Remover Online in 2022
    1. Canva
    2. Clipping Magic
    3. Adobe Photoshop Express
    5. Pixlr

Using Microsoft Word as a Fast Signature Background Remover

Microsoft Word is one of the best options. Most of us already have it installed on our computers anyway.

Just follow these three simple steps and you'll be done in no time.

Step1Insert the Image Into Word

The first step is simple. Open up Microsoft Word, click on Insert from the upper-left panel, and select the image from your computer.

Step1Remove the Background

This step is where most of the work is done.

First, click on the image so it's highlighted. Then, go to the menu at the top and hit Format. Look to the upper-left corner and click on Corrections. Then, set the parameters exactly as in this image. 馃憞

remove background from signature in word
Step3Crop the Image and Save It

Lastly, you should crop out the white spaces near the corners of the signature image. Just select the image and click on Crop from the upper-right corner of the screen. Use the black lines around it to crop it.

Then, from the Format menu at the top, click on Compress Pictures.

compress pictures button in word

After this, make sure to select the settings as follows:

word compress pictures settings

The only thing that's left to do now is to save the image. Right-click on the signature and select Save as Picture. Then, save it on your computer as a PNG, and you're finally done.

5 Best Signature Background Remover Online in 2022

If for some reason, you don't have Microsoft Word or it's not working for you, there's still hope. You can try out 5 amazing online tools that will easily remove the background of any signature.

Price Ease of Use Stability User Experience
Canva $12.99 Very Easy Excellent 5 Stars
Clipping Magic $2.20 Extremely Easy Excellent 4 Stars
Adobe Photoshop Express Free Very Easy Good 4 Stars Free Extremely Easy Great 4.5 Stars
Pixlr Free Easy Good 3.5 Stars


Canva is among the most used online image editing tools on the planet. It features an incredibly stable performance and includes a few tools that rival Photoshop. Its signature background remover will get the job done in seconds. The app is free, but the signature background removal tool inside isn't.

How to Use Canva to Remove Signature's Background?

It's simple. Go to and follow these steps.

  1. Create an account and sign up for the Canva Pro free trial
  2. Then, click on Create a Design
create a design on canva
  1. Choose a suggested resolution template or input a custom size
choose custom size canva
  1. Select your image, click on Edit Image and use the Background Remover Tool
remove signature background canva
  1. Finally, export the image with a transparent background. This ensures you can use the signature without a background anywhere you want.
download transparent background canva
Canva Pros & Cons
  • Highly reliable and effective
  • Very easy to use
  • Available on all platforms and devices
  • You can use this tool free for a full month on free trial
  • Offers a massive list of extra editing features
  • The signature background remover online tool is not included with the free plan

Clipping Magic

Compared to Canva, Clipping Magic is twice as fast and simple. That's because Clipping Magic is designed solely for this purpose — removing backgrounds from all sorts of images. This tool is effective but it's not free. Their pricing plans range from $2/mo to $11/mo.

How to Use Clipping Magic for Signature Background Removal?

It will take you no longer than a minute to remove the background of any signature. Here's how:

  1. Go to and upload your signature image
clipping magic homepage
  1. Wait a few seconds and click Download when it's done
clipping magic signature remover
Clipping Magic Pros & Cons
  • It's a one-click platform that quickly removes backgrounds from signatures
  • There is no complex editing required
  • It allows you to change some image settings and effects if you really want to
  • It has an extremely high effectiveness rate, meaning it rarely does a poor job
  • The free plan only lets you download a tiny version of the image that's not really usable most of the time

Adobe Photoshop Express

You can use the basic image editor from Adobe Photoshop Express for free. Luckily, its signature background remover falls under this category. However, if you want to add further customization to any other images, it requires one of their paid pricing models.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop Express?

First, go to the Free Transparent Background Maker tool this software offers.

Next, click on Upload Your Photo. This will take you to a new page where you can browse your images.

free transparent background maker

Once you upload your image, it will start removing the background by itself. Once it's done, you can choose to customize it or download it. Since this is a signature background removal, you don't really need to customize anything.

Click on Download and you're all done.

remove background adobe photoshop express is a website that strictly offers to remove backgrounds from images. There's nothing more, nothing less. That's it. There's only one button. You click it and the background of your signature is removed. Best of all, it's completely free.

How to Use

Once you go to, you will see a blue button. Press it.

remove image background

After this, select the image you want to use. It will remove it in less than 2 seconds. Once it's done, click on Download, and that's it.

It instantly downloads the image without asking you for donations or to sign up and create an account. Trust me when I saw — this is as simple as it gets. Pros & Cons
  • One-click instant background removal
  • It is completely free
  • Doesn't require creating an account
  • Great quality downloads
  • Very fast processing time
  • HD images aren't free. But, the quality for the free signature images is still great
  • No additional editing features


Pixlr offers a bit more than just removing the background of signatures. It's actually an online photo editor. While using it for removing backgrounds is perfectly fine, you can always get a lot more out of this tool if you want.

How to Use Pixlr as a Signature Background Remover?

Don't open the Pixlr image editor if you simply want to remove the background of your signature. Instead, you need to access the Pixlr background remover. Here, all it takes is a few simple clicks to get the job done.

pixlr background remover

Click on the "+", select your photo, and click Save.

If you want, you can edit in bulk as well. It will download all the signatures as a Zip file which you then have to extract on your computer.

Pixlr Pros & Cons
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • It's totally free
  • It lets you choose different colored backgrounds if you don't want transparent
  • It's great for bulk background removals
  • It takes a while to process the image. It's especially long if you're processing more signatures in bulk
  • It's not always 100% accurate
  • If you want to fine-tune the background removal, you need to pay for premium


We all know the hassle of not having a good signature image when it's really urgent. Fortunately, now you know how to remove signature's background in just a few seconds. So, whenever the need comes up again, you'll be ready.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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