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How To & Where Download Unboxing Video Background Music

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Music is like a soul to any video. It sets a tone and helps to eliminate irritating background noises from any video. Not only this, but background music for unboxing videos also represents the brand and helps in boosting retention. For this, if you create an unboxing video for your YouTube channel, you should have a suitable unboxing song.

This article is like a bonus to all the content creators dedicating their pages and channels to unboxing videos. By the end of this article, you will know where you can find satisfactory unboxing music for your videos. Moreover, this article will also guide you about downloading music that matches the niche you are following.

background music for unboxing videos
In this article
  1. How to Choose the Background Music for the Unboxing Video?
    1. Pixabay
    2. TakeTones
    3. Tunetank
    4. Free Stock Music
    5. Silverman Sound Studios
  2. Bonus Tip – How to Make Unboxing Videos with the Best Music

Part 1: How to Choose the Background Music for the Unboxing Video?

Selecting the best music for unboxing videos is a skill that not everyone can have. However, with the right tools and dedication, nothing is impossible. Before creating an unboxing video, you first need to learn some basic points to eliminate the risk of adding the wrong music to any video. There are quite a few things that you should keep in mind, and you can see some of them here:

1.     Music Copyright

It is obvious that no one wants to get stuck with copyrights on unboxing videos. In the first instance, look for copyrights before adding background music for unboxing videos. You can only add music that has no copyrights, or you have permission from the musician. Other than this, copyrights alone can be a failing point for your unboxing video career.

Thus, always look for copyright marks before using any type of music. It will protect your unboxing videos and make them reputable. Royalty-free music will be a good choice in this scenario.

2.     Determine the Video’s Style and Tone

If you add soap music to toy unboxing videos, will you think viewers will like it? Definitely not. That is why it is mandatory for you to first determine the video's style and, after this, select the tone of your music. Select jolly and exciting music for toys and pick up music for makeup and fashion unboxing videos.

The best music for unboxing videos will make your videos more personalized and create a rhythm for your viewers. It will show the theme of your unboxing and give them a more professional and competent look.

3.     Appropriate Special Sound Effects

Soundtracks provide a musical structure of an unboxing video. For example, if you somehow drop the product's box while shooting the video, you can add a funny explosion sound. It will cover your mistake and make it more fun and engaging to viewers. No one dislikes pleasurable and funny soundtracks. So, make sure you have a customized collection of impressive soundtracks to boost your viewer's mood.

Moreover, soundtracks are not just limited to engaging viewers. They can also help deliver information, elicit excitement, add a dramatic look, and maximize production value. Using soundtracks as background music for unboxing videos is indeed a profitable idea.

4.     Learn to Imitate

The world’s 1st unboxing video was created in early 1978. Since then, people have been creating these unboxing videos; thus, if you are new to this field, you can learn from your seniors. Search for mostly liked unboxing videos in the list. Consider your targeted audience before choosing your niche.

Other than this, read the comments below videos to analyze what people like about the videos. Moreover, watch to imitate and practice before you shoot the video. In addition to this, also access to what types of background music for unboxing videos are popular.

5.     Build Your Music Library

If you are going to start your own YouTube channel as an unboxing video creator, you should have a versatile number of unboxing songs. It will be irritating for you if you have to search out the background music again and again for every video. The music library, with well-defined sections for every type of unboxing video, is actually a great help.

Thus, look for the best unboxing music and download it for further use. By this, you will see how your time and effort are limited to such a short limit. A ace, you can search for any music type without problem. Pixabay al music library is an option worth considering before creating unboxing videos.

Part 2: 5 Free Sites to Download Unboxing Music

Now that you know the importance of background music for unboxing videos, you must be wondering how to download it. Worry no more because, in this era, getting your hand on background music is not a complicated task. The sites mentioned below will be a great help to you in downloading the background music for your unboxing videos:

1.     Pixabay

This music website is one of the top-rated and highly preferred sites. There are uncountable music tracks for every occasion. Moreover, it is a perfect platform if you are looking for free unboxing music. With its user-friendly interface, you can search for any music type without a problem. Pixabay also allows you to play unboxing music before downloading it.

For convenience, you can also see its duration, genre, number of likes, and play. It has very well-optimized servers which allow you to download music to your device with one click. It also supports more than ten languages, making it a globally compatible music site. For convenience, you can search unboxing songs by genre, duration, mood, movement, and theme.

pixabay music site

2.     TakeTones

It is a music site with extensively successful curated and royalty-free music tracks. On this site, you can have what’s suitable for your unboxing videos. Every track in it comprises approximately five loops along with three short versions, which give you several options to select the music of your choice. The tags are also on the side of unboxing songs representing their genre.

Moreover, every track has a defined section that gives you information and details about it. You can know more about the suitability of music, loops, version format, and license. This high-end music site also allows its users to search, filter, and see the best match of music preferred by the niche.

taketones unboxing music site

3.     Tunetank

This website can help you a lot in unboxing music free download. Here, you can search music by genre, mood, and theme. Moreover, there is a wide range of music tracks with relevance to several occasions like Christmas and studying. The user interface of Tunetank is highly optimized and delightful. The users can find the music of their choice without any distractions.

Other than this, the downloading speed of music tracks is very fast, so you don't have to wait for a long time to download a track. Furthermore, this site has both freemium and premium versions available for users. If you are going to use it for a long time, the recommendation lies in the paid version.

tunetank unboxing music site

4.     Free Stock Music

If you are looking for a music site that can help you download free unboxing music, the answer is Free Stock Music. Here, you can find infinite royalty-free tracks without extensive effort. You can access music from different categories on this platform. These categories include Royalty Free Music (Use With Credit), Royalty Free Music (Buy a License), All Artists, Royalty Free Music Playlists, and more.

For guitar lovers, there is a defined section of Guitar Sheets. If somehow you received a copyright claim while using unboxing music from Free Stock Music, it allows you to report it. Above all, if you are a musician along with an unboxing content creator, it also lets you add your music to the site.

free stock music unboxing music site

5.     Silverman Sound Studios

With its illustrative interface, Silverman Sound Studios can also help you access the best music for unboxing videos. You can search for music by keywords like funky, bright, relaxed, ambient, rock, and more. The music files on this site are certified to be royalty-free; thus, you can use them without any issues.

It also supports common creative music, which can help you in your unboxing video career. If you fail to find the music of your choice, it also helps you find a customized track that fits your needs. Other than this, with Silverman Sound Studios, you can receive the latest tracks in your mailbox directly.

silverman sound studios unboxing music site

Bonus Tip – How to Make Unboxing Videos with the Best Music

Getting the best music for unboxing videos and creating unboxing videos are two different things. Maybe you have the perfect unboxing music, but if you have no idea about creating an unboxing video, what is the use of that music? That is why this section will thoroughly guide you about Wondershare Filmora, a perfect tool to create and edit unboxing videos.

Free Download
Free Download

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool that is available in more than 150 countries. With this efficient tool, you can edit your unboxing video to the edge of professionalism and add any type of unboxing song to it. It also lets you add multiple video effects that can make an unboxing video more interactive.

filmora 12 video editor

Main Features of Wondershare Filmora

  • Music Library: This feature-rich tool supports a wide range of royalty-free music for the ease of the users. Here, you can select the music according to your theme and can add more than 50 audio effects to make it more exciting. Its music library can sort out all of your problems regarding unboxing songs.
  • AI Denoising: The optimized engines in Filmora can help you in correcting the background noise. It is a perfect tool to make high-quality unboxing videos along with adding free unboxing music.
  • Music Speed: There are always parts in videos that require some customization over video. This innovative tool can help you in controlling your unboxing music
  • Edit Videos: There are several video editing parameters in this tool that you can consider. It includes Speed Ramping, Key Framing, Instant Mode, Auto Reframe, and more. You can also add effects like Mask & Blend, AI Portrait, Green Screen, and more to escalate the productivity of an unboxing video.

The Last Words

As this article shows, background music for an unboxing video is an essential metric to engage viewers. No matter what product you are unboxing, always select music that matches its niche. Many music sites can help you download the best unboxing music, but not all of them are reliable.

However, the top 5 dependable music sites are mentioned and discussed above for your ease. You can get the best music for unboxing videos from these sites. Furthermore, if you are looking for a tool to make videos more engaging, the answer is Filmora. This exceptional tool not only creates high-end unboxing videos for you but can also edit them.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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