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Use Kapwing Meme Maker

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The entertainment sector is one of the largest in the contemporary world. This industry has a number of divisions and characteristics. The imagery-based content of entertainment has a distinct reputation. The word "meme" is now widely known among internet users and those who utilize social media. In Online terms, Kapwing meme are popular, well-known, and concise ways to convey a variety of concepts via social media. Memes using Kapwing Meme maker are frequently images, that allude to a particular concept. They are widely used for humor, taunting, education but ultimately entertainment.

Literally anything may become a meme, from an overly emotional photo of a famous person to a comical image in a tweet. The best meme generator such as Kapwing meme generator can be used if you wish to create your own meme to gain some recognition. Kapwing is the ideal meme maker. Having the most popular meme templates, such as a popularly used one, with white text at the top and bottom. There are many templates available as such. We’ve compiled the details of using Meme generator Kapwing in the upcoming sections. Learn to find out.

In this article
  1. What is Kapwing Meme Generator
  2. Creating MEMEs with Kapwing
  3. Alternative Way to Make Meme Videos on Computer
  4. Related FAQs about Meme Maker

Part 1: What is Kapwing Meme Generator?

Kapwing is an online video editor that has a good image editor, which lets you crop your meme to fit different social-media aspect ratios, you can change the brightness and color, add shapes, and more. You can download the meme after you have completed it. But keep in mind, that unless you have subscribed to Kapwing, the image will have a watermark.

Kapwing is an online tool, it requires no downloading, whether on windows or iOS. The tool is ready to use, it only requires a log in from the user with an ID from some popular social media platform like google or Facebook. Because of its user-friendly interface, there is no need to spend time figuring out what each button does. Your scenes can be rearranged, removed and submitted with different photos. Adding text in the images is quite easy as well. Also, the free version offers five different video-screen ratios.

kapwing meme maker

Part 2: Creating MEMEs with Kapwing

The Kapwing free version comes with a set of limitations and doesn’t allow the user to get facilitated from all amazing functionalities of the tool. The default configuration with the social networks on Kapwing is quite practical, it has many useful functions. It supports several languages and can produce AI-generated subtitles. The procedure of signing up is quite fast. However, the free version is sufficient for beginners because it allows the user to make free memes and share them online.

Steps to Use Kapwing meme generator:

Step1 Open the meme maker on Kapwing first, then pick a template. You can choose a simple template or use a popular meme. Once you have made your decision, select your template and press "Make It".

open kapwing meme maker

Step2 Click on the chosen file to modify it, if necessary. You can use the trim, alter, or crop tool. Slide the handles to trim the video and remove any extra or unneeded material.

import video to kapwing maker

Step3 Once the meme is complete and satisfying, click "Export Project" in the top right corner and wait while it processes. Download your meme or post it to social media directly.

export project from kapwing meme maker

Part 3: Alternative Way to Make Meme Videos on Computer

Even if Kapwing is a top-notch meme generator, we have the finest option for you to create meme videos on your PC in terms of functionality and compatibility. Because there is no other method to convert your video into GIF pictures, if you have a creative mind and want to produce something spectacular for the users, you can utilize Filmora meme generator. Using the Filmora meme builder, you can quickly construct elaborate memes on your computer. The primary benefit of utilizing this application is the ease with which movies may be uploaded through URL.

Because of its sophisticated encoders and decoders, Filmora Meme Maker processes films significantly more quickly than its rivals. Without a watermark, you can create your own high-resolution memes. On a single platform, it enables the posting of pictures, videos, and GIFs. Simply upload the picture and modify it to fit your needs. Additionally, you may post your work on websites like Facebook and Instagram. Let's follow the comprehensive instructions listed below to generate memes.

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Bring Your Meme Video in Filmora

To start a new Meme project, open the Filmora video meme creator and choose "New project." Set the appropriate aspect ratio in the project options, and then click the "Import" button to add your video. You can also import your favorite mobile-shot photographs and movies using Filmora. Simply hit the Import and do as follow:

bring meme video in filmora
Step2 Include Music and Captions

The video file should then be added to the timeline. Go to the "Title" tab and choose your preferred text style. Enter the text, then alter the caption's size, color, and font. Another option is to play a well-known music in the background. Simply drag and drop the music file into the application and place it on the timeline's audio track to do this.

include music and captions
Step3 Personalize the Meme

If you wish to add extra text to your meme, utilized the menu bar of features-list. You can also drag and drop the caption box to reposition it and adjust the caption's size by using the drop-down menu.

personalize the meme
Step4 Share or Save Your Video Meme

Of course, a meme has to get a lot of internet exposure in order to get views and obviously likes. That is why you need to share it across the platforms. Now, for that, as soon as you press the "Export" button, your video meme will be instantly uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube. You can share it on all of your social media sites and download it in different formats. So, when you take a humorous picture or video, come up with an odd and amusing caption, and then upload it!

share or save video meme

Related FAQs about Meme Maker

1. What is the best meme maker?

From the above discussion, we can state that Filmora takes the edge because of its free services which Kapwing does not provide. The Kapwing has got a lot of brilliant services and it is compatible with different operating systems but the subscription of up to 100$ per year is just too much. On the other hand, the best thing about Filmora is that it is free and works on both Mac and Windows. This application can help you communicate with your audience more successfully because it provides a wide range of functions for the user: from video editing to meme making, image processing as well.

2. How do you make Kapwing memes?

Kapwing meme maker is quite famous and easy to use. The steps have been defined above, regarding making a meme. The procedure is very simple and the steps shall be repeated here. First of all, you must open Kapwing meme maker on your browser, then choose a template. You can select a straightforward template or modify a well-known meme.

Once you have decided, choose your template and click "Make It." If necessary, click on the file to edit it, and use the trim, change, or crop tools. To edit the video and eliminate any unnecessary stuff, slide the handles. When you have determined that the meme is accurate, click "Export Project" in the top right corner and wait while it processes. At the end, download your meme or share it on social media.

3. How do I make a meme for free?

A meme can be made for free using any of the mentioned tools. Filmora and Kapwing are both masters of media manipulation and meme is like a child’s play on both these platforms. Filmora offers unlimited options for meme making, while in Kapwing there are some limitations. After opening any of the tools, the above-mentioned methods, separately discussed for both the tools, can be used to make memes for free. The steps to be followed on both platforms are almost identical and the meme can be made without much trouble. Whether you are a professional or first timer, the method above will surely guide you through.


In the Meme world, there are numerous tools available for creating memes. Among them is the Meme generator Kapwing. Although, Kapwing has been extensively used for applications that handle media files. It requires a subscription. However, Filmora is considerably better because it also provides a wide range of features and functions and for absolutely no money. But to look from a broader perspective both tools are powerful and simple. In a nutshell, a both a beginner or a professional can use Filmora as the best Meme generator that fits in the scope of contemporary requirements.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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