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Video for Bedtime Stories: Elements and Reviews

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

Technology that enables bedtime reading in virtual reality is already available, as seen in videos. Children can develop a deeper sense of their identity through bedtime stories by reflecting on their values, choosing a course of action based on the character's circumstances, and intuitively learning how to use the potential of narrative for their own lived experiences.

Additionally, children can comprehend their locations, character development, conflicts, and plotlines that have built their legends better through stories. Young people who experience difficult upbringings may start to shape their story rather than feeling defined by it. No matter the genre, humans are constantly drawn to bedtime stories to tell, whether they are legends and myths, fairy stories and parables, ghost adventures, and heroic exploits.

the modern bedtime stories to tell

This article will focus solely on videos for bedtime stories, along with the best stories and essential elements for bedtime videos.

01 Best Youtube Bedtime Stories for Kids

02 How to Choose Bedtime Stories for Kids

In this article
  1. Part I. Best Youtube Bedtime Stories for Kids
    1. 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film (200,199,350 views)
    2. 2. The Gingerbread Man (196,890,779 views)
    3. 3. Cussly Learns To Save Water (80,952,404 views)
    4. 4. ChuChu's Lunch Box (80,630,182 views)
    5. 5. Rapunzel Story (72,699,618 views)
    6. 6. Caterpillar Shoes (63,815,701 views)
    7. 7. Three Little Pigs ( 3 Little Pigs ) (53,099,552 views)
    8. 8. [Animated] My No No No Day by Rebecca Patterson (38,488,808 views)
  2. Part II. How to Choose Bedtime Stories for Kids

Part I. Best Youtube Bedtime Stories for Kids

The finest nighttime habit for youngsters is watching bedtime story videos. Take your child's favorite story and tuck it beneath the covers for some happy bedtime video on YouTube.

Here are the top children's bedtime YouTube stories they might enjoy watching.

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film (200,199,350 views)

A caterpillar's life is shown in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which teaches young children about nutrition and various foods. The story opens with an egg on a twig, from which a tiny caterpillar emerges. It is also used to teach young children about self-control, happiness, health, and growth.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is well known for its imaginative and vibrant imagery. The text is brief compared to the cheerful and upbeat images, which are colorful and aesthetically beautiful. Third-person perspective since the storyteller is telling the story. This movie is expertly told and depicted.

Featured Review


"Wonderful story. Reminds me of the time I played lead orange in the stage production."


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2. The Gingerbread Man (196,890,779 views)

The Gingerbread Man is a folk tale about a gingerbread man who escapes from numerous pursuers until being killed by a fox's jaws. Numerous people adore the tale of the endearing gingerbread man.

The video's visuals are vibrant, in-depth sketches depicting the gingerbread man's trip. Face expressions that convey the character's excitement to capture the gingerbread guy are used to enhance the narrative. The characters are straightforward but effectively complement the short story and don't distract from the lesson.

Featured Review

"I think this story was nice because it's about chasing and eating. I recommend this book to someone who likes storybooks."

-Nurse Daffodil Fascination

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3. Cussly Learns To Save Water (80,952,404 views)

A bedtime story film called Cussly Learns To Save Water tells the tale of a squandering little kid. The moral ideals taught to youngsters in this story are based on real-life situations. It assists in teaching children the value of water conservation at a young age, which will help them form lifelong water-saving practices.

This bedtime story video is from the ChuChu TV network of Indian YouTube channels, which produces kid-friendly educational programming. Over 47 billion videos have been seen on the channel. The ChuChu TV series Cussly Learns To Save Water features 2D and 3D animation films of classic nursery rhymes that incorporate upbeat music and a contemporary look, making them more interesting and captivating for children.

Featured Review

"Cussly's behavior caused Miss Dorothy to notice him because she wasted food and water, even in school. Very nice"

-JM Carcha

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4. ChuChu's Lunch Box (80,630,182 views)

ChuChu's Lunch Box is a children's morality tale and a bedtime story that promotes good practices. It is a significant work of children's literature that tells a plausible tale while addressing a pressing issue.

This story is also part of ChuchuTv, which has produced a vibrant and lively selection of instructive movies and nursery rhymes suitable for viewers in preschool. Viewers are initially drawn in by the animation and graphics of this story, making it on the top list of most viewed bedtime stories to tell.

Featured Review

"My daughter's favorite ChuChu TV."

-Marium Dawood Hussain

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5. Rapunzel Story (72,699,618 views)

The German fairy tale Rapunzel was first published in 1812 as a part of Children's and Household Tales, a collection by the Brothers Grimm. Numerous media have exploited and parodied the plot.

The narrative has a classic Grimm format, focusing on dialogue and being very plain with simple yet effective language. As repetition is a prevalent theme in fairy tales, the phrase "Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair to me" is both a tactic and a fairy tale element. Repetition is a common tactic in oral storytelling because it can enhance drama and effect.

Featured Review

"This is what you want in a fairy tale: unforgettable, wonderful, and spectacular, with jaw-dropping visuals and a wealth of heart."


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6. Caterpillar Shoes (63,815,701 views)

Caterpillar Shoes is a pleasant, rhyme scheme bedtime story about one kind caterpillar who opts to give away his beloved shoes to his woodland pals before transforming into a lovely butterfly.

The theme does not overshadow the tale. The author does an excellent job of mixing amusing and educational content equally. The story's narrator is the book's author. The narrator beautifully describes the weeks leading up to the caterpillar's transformation into the butterfly.

Featured Review

"The pictures are bright and go great with the story. The story does seem to rhyme, so that may also hold little ones' attention."

-Autumn Fallen Over Book Reviews

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7. Three Little Pigs ( 3 Little Pigs ) (53,099,552 views)

The Three Little Pigs, sometimes known as "3 Little Pigs," is a children's tale of three anthropomorphic pigs constructing three houses out of various materials. English fairy tales serve as the main sources.

The Three Little Pigs fable contains numerous instances of the rule of three, a frequent plot device in traditional fairy tales. Even while viewers may think they know where the story is heading, this creates narrative tension.

Featured Review

"I've enjoyed reading Three Little Pigs since I was a kid since it's a happy, entertaining, and endearing little classic. Even though the pacing can sometimes be a little too brisk, there are still many reasons it is so engaging."


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8. [Animated] My No No No Day by Rebecca Patterson (38,488,808 views)

The animated story My No No No Day by Rebecca Patterson tells the tale of Bella, a little child, and her "no no no" day. It addresses feelings, connections, and obligations to other people. Muted and pastel colors are used in the vibrant and intricate artwork, which makes the stocky brunette Bella stand out in her red dress and sandals.

In particular, Patterson is skilled at capturing Bella's emotional condition through her dramatic stance as she raises her hands in disobedience, clenches her fists in annoyance, or falls to the ground in a rage. At the same time, her eyes squint sulkily, and her mouth is open constantly in loud verbal protest.

Featured Review

"I think everybody has No No No days, and I love that this little girl realized she had been onery, apologized, and the mom freely forgave her! So much fun!"


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Part II. How to Choose Bedtime Stories for Kids

Like with music, some bedtime videos are better for relaxation, while others are better for fun. Good bedtime story videos will relax your child, aid in their wind-down, and help them get ready for bed. They calm racing thoughts and aid in acclimatizing young bodies and brains to a peaceful night.

Essential Elements of An Effective Bedtime Story Video

Here are the elements of an effective bedtime story video.

1. Plot

One of the story's most essential aspects is the plot. It propels the story's action and aids in presenting the events' logical progression as you guide your central character toward the intended happy ending or catastrophic finish. A simple plot's structure is its core. Even a short story can have a beginning, middle, and end that are all delineated. A more complex plot, however, will contain a few extra pieces.

  • Exposition

The exposition sets the scene for the conflict or narrative driver at the story's start by introducing the cast of characters.

  • Rising Action

A struggle that sets the setting for the plot to unfold will be created early on by a sequence of events and an igniting occurrence.

  • Climax

The part of the narrative where the tension is raised frequently caps off at the turning point.

  • Falling action

The subplots are resolved here as the drama advances from its thrilling finale to its resolution and conclusion.

  • Denouement

The part of the story where everything is resolved and all loose ends are tied.

2. Music

The soporific effects of watching bedtime stories set to music in three-act patterns are enhanced. In their dreams, people often have three acts. These structures frequently need more apparent segmentation and boundary lines. The idea of a beginning, middle, and the ending is helped by adding music. Music alters how bedtime story videos are communicated to the audience's brains. It intensifies the feeling and can be utilized to highlight the three-act framework even though it is not overtly included in the plot. Imagine having a dream that is structured like a three-act play. It is the ideal sleeping pattern.

DIY Your Own Heart-warming Bedtime Stories for Your Kids

The availability of applications like Filmora makes employing them to produce bedtime story videos a clear advantage. When you travel, it would be challenging to transport their favorite storybooks, but you can easily accomplish it with your device. This nighttime routine is completed without additional items, which is useful while you're away from home.

The best video creator for quickly creating engaging bedtime story videos is Wondershare Filmora. With all the parental responsibilities, having a little time each day for reading a book and unwinding is good. For virtually all situations, it is appropriate to make bedtime videos. You may still import videos shot with entry-level cameras into Filmora.

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Free Download
Note: This video is an advertisement for Filmora TV's bedtime stories.

A Quick Video & Audio Edit Guide

To edit your video's audio track, follow the simple steps below.

Step1Add the video and audio files you want to change.

To access the main editing window, open the Filmora Video Editor and choose New Project. To add the audio or video files, click Import.

Step2Start making changes to the audio track.

Second, drag the video or audio file into the tool's Timeline. After that, you can begin modifying your video's audio track.

  • Separate audio from video

To highlight a video, place the cursor inside of it. Click again, and this time select Audio Detach.

  • Make audio adjustments

A panel for altering the video clip will appear when you double-click it on the Timeline. If you select the Audio column, you may easily alter the speed, volume, and pitch or add a fade-in/fade-out effect to the audio file.

  • Add audio from the designed audio library, such as music or sound effects.

Select a music clip and audio effects from the audio library by clicking the Audio tab. Drag and drop the audio from the music library to the spot on the audio track where you want it to appear. After that, tap the play button to see if the modifications were successful.

  • Record and add a voiceover

To start recording, select Media > Record > Record Voiceover. When you're done, press the "Stop" button.

Step3Save the changes.

After modifying the audio track, click Export to save your changes. Here, you may instantly publish the new movie to YouTube or Vimeo or download it in several formats. Of course, you may also download the movie in mp3 format. Additionally, the DVD tab allows you to burn a DVD creation.

Visit WONDERSHARE FILMORA 11 | Video EDITING TUTORIAL for BEGINNERS to get you started! for further details.


Bedtime story videos prepare kids for sleep, provided you pick the proper ones. Additionally, not just children can utilize these kinds of apps; adults who have trouble falling asleep can also get something from a bedtime story application. With a video editor like Filmora, you can create more bedtime stories to tell.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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