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Fix OBS Black Screen Game Capture

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 15, 22, updated May 20, 24

If you’re recording your gameplay using OBS Studio but are seeing a black screen, it might be due to the wrong OBS settings. Another explanation for such a circumstance might be that the program cannot recognize the relevant application. Are you confronting the scenario where you just receive a black screen when you wish to capture a screen like recording a video game using OBS? In reality, many people complained about the black screen game capture difficulty in Streamlabs OBS. For OBS studio to identify the game, we must establish numerous parameters appropriately, such as the graphics source, choosing the suitable application, etc. Therefore, without any delay, let us get to the significant causes and treatments to attempt to repair a game capture black screen problem.

Is your OBS game capture a blank screen? OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a popular video-streaming and recording tool among users to share screenshots with others. But many gamers stated that the OBS game captures a dark screen and the application OBS isn’t recording the game. It is one form of prevalent difficulty. Now we revert to the primary point, how to repair the OBS black screen game capture issue? After you launched the OBS studio and were meant to record the proceedings of the game, the OBS blacks screen occurred in-game capture. It is inconvenient for players who would want to record game footage. For instance, when you engage Game Mode while playing games, a black screen may appear to OBS game capture. It is also conceivable that OBS game capture does not function when the OBS studio is not operating on your PC in the compatibility mode. Anyway, try the following techniques to repair the game capture black screen in OBS studio.

Part 1: Steps to Resolve OBS Black Screen Game Capture Problem

1. Run OBS As Administrator

Without administrator access, chances are that several aspects of OBS Studio will be prohibited by Windows systems, with no exemption for OBS game capture capabilities. Thus, you may as well attempt to open the OBS Studio as an administrator to test if Windows 10, 8, 7 would enable this application to record the game footage. Although full-screen optimization may give you a better gaming experience, it is conceivable that OBS Game Capture won’t record when the game is on full screen. Hence, there is a considerable need to convert to windowed mode to evaluate whether the OBS capture window black screen problem will be rectified.

Step 1. On Windows Desktop, find and right-click OBS Studio to Run as administrator.

Step 2. Try to capture a screen in games using the OBS Studio program.

run obs

2. Switch OBS’s GPU

In case OBS game capture black screen takes place as this software fails to get GPU it requires to capture the game, you could attempt to change GPU options for the OBS Studio to enable it to perform properly in games to capture screen.

Especially, when you try to use OBS to record the gameplay while playing games, GPU resources should be given for OBS Studio and the game at the same time, thus chances are that the GPU cannot afford you to utilize OBS game capture in games.

In this approach, you also need to convert to OBS GPU to address the issue that OBS Game Capture won’t record on Windows 10, 8, 7. Now, attempt to follow up to alter OBS GPU settings to get the OBS to record your video game.

Step 1. Right-click the Desktop to access the Display settings.

Step 2. Then go to This PC > C: > Program Files > OBS-studio > bin > 64bit and then choose OBS Studio from this folder to Add it. Then choose Options, and Set visual choice as High performance.

switch obs gpu

Step 3. Click Save to save the changes. Undoubtedly, OBS needs a small amount of GPU to handle video recording. Therefore, with high GPU performance for OBS, display capture not functioning in OBS will be addressed instantly.

3. Enable the Compatibility Mode

Some customers also complained that OBS black screen game capture difficulties showed up once they upgraded Windows 10. Therefore, to prevent compatibility difficulties between the system and apps, you may as well run OBS Studio in its compatibility mode to verify this game capture tool is authorized to function on Windows 10.

Step 1. Right-click OBS Studio on the Desktop to view its Properties.

Step 2. In Properties, under Compatibility, tick the box of Run this software in compatibility mode. Then you may choose a decent Windows system like Windows 8.

compatibility mode

Step 3. Hit Apply and OK to take effect. On the compatibility mode, OBS game capture will not appear on a blank screen when you record the game.

4. Disable Game Mode

Window Game Mode is intended for gamers to have the greatest gaming experience by assigning most GPU, RAM, and any other resources to games. Similarly, Game Bar on Windows intends to allow players to shoot videos, broadcast gaming online, take pictures and use the Xbox software easily. Gamers generally activate these two gaming options to gain increased performance in games. However, both Game Mode and Game Bar may occasionally create issues to your system or apps, like OBS.

As such, if you have enabled the Game Mode and Game Bar on Windows 10, attempt to deactivate them momentarily to see whether OBS Game Capture will still be on the black screen.

Step 1. Go to Start > Settings > Gaming.

Step 2. Under Game Mode, turn off the Use Game Mode. Under Game Bar, turn off the option – Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game bar.

game mode

Step 3: Launch your game and attempt OBS Studio to capture the action. For many customers, happily, the OBS game capture dark screen problem has been addressed.

Part 2: Use OBS Alternative to Record Screen

If the aforementioned options are ineffective for you, possibly you have to try reinstalling the OBS Studio game capture program. It is probable that your OBS application is corrupted and appears on the black screen while you are recording games. So, take time to delete the previous software and browse to OBS’s official website to download a new one. Once you notice that the freshly installed OBS game capture is still on the black screen when you attempt to record the games, you probably need to use another game capture tool, such as Filmora Screen Recorder. Or you may enable Game Bar integrated to capture the game.

Another excellent thing about this tool is it may operate as an audio recorder. You may also snap screenshots while recording your screen. You may follow the steps or solutions to repair the game capture black screen problem of OBS. With numerous ways outlined in this post, you may record your game without a blank screen. If not, you may utilize its finest substitute, which is the Filmora. This application is a good alternative to OBS Studio since it can record in full-screen, region mode and webcam. Besides, it can capture the audio originating from system sound, microphone, and both when screen recording.To know how to utilize this tool, you may check the instructions below.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1 Download and Install Filmora

You may click one of the "Download" options above to receive the installer according to your system OS. Then, open the installer and follow the instructions for installing the utility on your computer. Once done, launch the program, select the "Video Recorder," and pick your chosen mode if you record in full-screen or region mode at the leftmost area of the recording toolbar.

filmora record pc screen

Step 2 Start Recording Gameplay

Next, you may also pick the audio method from system sound, microphone, or both in the center of the tool. Then, click the record button in the right section of the tool to start screen recording. A floating toolbar will emerge, displaying you the important recording buttons like pause, resume, pent, stop, and more.

start recording gameplay

Step 3 Complete the Recording Process

Once done, press the "Stop" button at the leftmost portion of the floating toolbar to finish the recording process. Video playback appears, displaying you the captured video. From there, you may preview it and save it to your computer.

complete the recording process


So this tutorial intends to help you through this OBS black screen problem in-game capture. we will show you efficient approaches to fix the OBS game capture displaying the black screen issue with ease. OBS game capture, not recording is incredibly aggravating for gamers, but there are several strong methods available for you to cope with this OBS studio mistake. To be particular, several reasons are offenders of your OBS black screen. With this application installed on your PC, you may record any moments from your game and share them with your friends. Since OBS Studio lacks security, you may switch to Filmora to get a great video recording output with no problem.

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