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What If I Accidentally Refreshed TikTok?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

TikTok's search box, it turns out, can discover videos you've viewed previously; the feature is just a little hidden. TikTok is a passive pastime for the majority of us. You don't have to hunt for videos; they find you as you accidentally refreshed TikTok. If you've ever attempted to use the search function to discover anything other than a particular author, you've probably had a difficult time. On your "For You" tab, you'll sometimes see a video that sticks out from the others. It's difficult to discover it again if you forgot to like it or accidentally refreshed your "For You" page. There are just too many videos on the site for you to have a chance of finding one in particular, particularly if the video is related to a popular subject.

Part 1. How to Find Videos You Have Seen When Accidentally Refreshed

TikTok is a bottomless hole of addiction, with each video algorithmically crafted to your preferences and interests. Astonishingly, losing only one of the countless important videos flashing past your face is such a tragedy. But it is; there is no greater annoyance than watching a video and then unintentionally refreshing your feed and seeing it go forever. So, what to do if you accidentally refreshed TikTok? Let’s find out the solutions available here. Unless you know where to look for it.

Method 1. Find Videos in Liked If You Have Liked the Videos

  • Log in to Your TikTok Account:

As with most things, the first step in discovering the most popular videos on TikTok is to launch the TikTok app on your phone or any other device with excellent internet access and log in with your TikTok account.

  • Select Your Profile By Tapping On It:

After you've done so, you'll notice that you're presented TikTok videos on the TikTok homepage, and on that screen alone, you'll see an icon labeled "Profile," which you must choose to proceed.

Edit Profile
  • Tap the Liked Icon:

After clicking the profile button, your profile page will appear, with all of your details displayed. Below your name and username, you will see three icons, the middle of which will resemble a heart in some ways and which you must tap to find your liked videos on TikTok.

Tab Like Icon
  • Find the Videos:

When you press on that icon, you'll notice that a grid view of all the thumbnails of the TikTok videos you've liked appears below it. And there you have it! You've discovered your favorite TikTok videos.

Find My Likes

Method 2. Find Videos in the Watched History

You may use filters to narrow down your search using this option. "Watched videos, during the previous 7 days" is the only filter we're interested in under Activity. This filter only displays search results for videos you've seen, which is a mind-boggling choice if you're like me. I had no idea TikTok was keeping track of such videos. When you applied the filter, though, my video was the first to appear. After years of using software that simply erases these victims of the refresh button from existence, it seems a bit strange, but it works.

Set Filters

Part 2. What to Do to Prevent Video Loss When Accidentally Refreshed

TikTok is a well-known social networking platform. It was the first in its category to include a feature that allows users to express their creative ideas via short movies of up to a minute in length. Creators may also leverage TikTok Videos' built-in capabilities to make their material even more interesting and appealing. You may also learn how to use TikTok Videos to create slow-motion effects. However, in this post, we'll show you how to locate your favorite videos on TikTok quickly and easily. Like the Video, Share It, And Subscribe to TikToker:

Do Not Manually Refresh

You may double-tap the heart symbol to like any video, and you can browse all of your favorite videos later by clicking the heart button in your profile area. You should now see TikTok content from the people you've selected to follow. You'll find it on the for you tab if you're seeking material from folks you haven't followed yet (FYP). The for you page is ideal if you want to lose yourself in hours of material. All you have to do is swipe, and fresh stuff will display on your screen. You can also favorite any video by long-pressing it or clicking the share symbol and then "Add to Favorites." By selecting the "Bookmark" symbol in the profile area, you may access all of your favorite videos.

Add to Favorites

Part 3. How to Refresh TikTok Manually?

When you first open your TikTok app, you'll be sent to the For You tab, which is a page that is specifically created for each user to watch videos based on their previous activity. Use the search box at the top of the Discover tab to seek subjects you're interested in. TikTok gave me all the top videos for "Science" when I initially put it into the search field. I could have browsed through the choices for users, hashtags, and more if I wanted to learn more.

This strategy is a simple way to locate a range of videos with distinct hashtags and music, as opposed to looking at popular sounds and themes. Following the makers and like the videos (by clicking the heart-shaped "like" icon on the side).

  • To do so, browse down your stream for videos that interest you, and when you find one that you like, like it and go on to the next.
For You
  • When you encounter a sort of video that you don't want to view again, press down on the screen until a little menu appears with the option to choose 'Not interested.' To go to the next video, choose this option.
Not Interested
  • You may also hide videos you don't want to watch in the future by using the 'More >' setting next to 'Not interested.'
Not Interested

The problem of TikTok not updating the follower's page has been plaguing users for quite some time. Unfortunately, it seems that this is a TikTok-related mistake. If you're new to TikTok and haven't yet followed someone, you're probably seeking someone to watch. When you initially start, the trending creator's page displays a large number of celebrities for you to check out. This is offered to assist new users to have a better understanding of TikTok and how it works while they get their bearings. If you're not a new user, though, this should not show instead on the next page. Instead of seeing their material when you follow creators, you should see their content.


There is no time restriction on how long this block will persist, however, it will depend on how many times this issue happens. If you make a mistake, the error should go fast. Because of the large number of videos submitted, they must automate this procedure, which often results in errors. After you find that ‘I was watching a TikTok and accidentally refreshed’ then with this guide, you may easily retrieve your videos from your TikTok profile page. Finally, try searching for one or two of these exact terms if you're looking for a certain video and recall anything about its captioning. This will display all of the movies you've seen in the last seven days that have this term in the text, making it quicker to browse through while looking for a certain video. You may use the approaches mentioned above to get close to your objective.

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