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How To Add Text/Title To Your Video In Vegas Pro

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Experts say that Vegas Pro cannot be considered as a good option for beginners as they will not be able to access this advanced interface so easily. It is even difficult to use simple features like text insertion over Vegas Pro. If you are finding some difficulties in using Vegas Pro Text adjustments then following details can help you to create a unique project. The tutorial below provides complete information about how to change positions of title, text freely, use fading effect and set color or transitions of text over images or videos.

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How to add text to video with Sony (Magix) Vegas Pro

You will be glad to know that Sony Vegas comes with advanced built in type Media Generators tab that helps to make easy selections for text/subtitles/titles, patterns, credit rolls, solid colors etc. as per need of project file. This tab is situated over software timeline and you need to follow these steps to make easy text adjustments:

Media Generators Tab

Step 1: Add Text

Just go to Media Generators Tab and then select Text and Title. You will find several present type text effects like Action Flip, Bounce, Float and Pop etc.

Text effect presets

Pick any of these that you find suitable for your project type. Once you have made selection then drag it to your timeline and make sure goes on a new track on TOP of the existing video.

Drag over existing video

Step 2: Make adjustments for color, size, fonts and duration

This is an important selection step that will make all decisions about how your added text will appear in final project. Simply go to Generated Media icon, click over it and a pop window will soon appear on screen.

Generated media window

On this window you will find complete control options for text effects; use these settings one by one:

Adjust Duration:

Adjust duration

Go to Duration option on screen and enter your desired time period on available slot. It is also possible to increment or decrement this duration directly with the help of trim handle.

Font and Size adjustment:

Font and size adjustment

The screen shows easy size and font selection options where you can choose italic appearance as well as bold option for your text. Many font types are available with classic appearance.

Set Color of Text:

Set color for text

The Text color option help users to choose any desired color from a set of colors. There are two bars on screen where left one help to make settings for color temperature of text whereas eight one can be used for adjustment of text transparency.

Step 3: Position of text:

Position of text

For this you can use three different options:

  • Scaling: It determines the overall variation to zooming effect.
  • Location: Users can directly move text box to any desired location over video file as per need.
  • Tracking: This setting helps to set distance between letters on text box.

Step 4: Fade in and Fade Out:

It is also possible to set fading of text on video file as users may need to set it to different levels as per type of project. The fade in and out option is available on timeline exactly above the text where you can use the slider to make all adjustments.

Fade in /out text

Tutorial on how to add text over a video in Vegas Pro

Alternative Solution to Add Text/Title to Your Video

If you are looking for an extremely user-friendly video editor with all the wonderful features for your videos, try Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora is a powerful tool when it comes to editing your long or short video clips without biting your nails. The software is available for both Mac and Windows users.

One of the best things about Filmora is that you don’t have to spend hours finding the right tools to make your videos aesthetic and meaningful.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions to add text for:

  • Openers
  • Titles
  • Lower 3rds
  • Subtitles
  • End Credits

While only demonstration for “Openers” is given in detail, you can follow the same method to add text to your title, lower 3rds and more.

So, let’s learn how to add text or title to your video in Filmora.

Step 1: Open Filmora and Import Your Video

After downloading and installing Filmora on your computer, open the software and choose “New Project” from the “File” menu to add videos.

You can also click the blue clapperboard icon to import your files. 

filmora add text to video

Then drag the video to your timeline and click on it.

Step 2: Add Openers to Your Timeline

Now, click on the “Text” tab.

filmora add text to video

And you will see an entire menu for adding text to your video on the left side of your screen.

For example, the image below shows different options, and you can select the purpose of your text, such as whether you want to add a title or an opener to your video.

filmora add text to video

To add openers, click on the “Openers” option.

filmora add text to video

You will find 20+ pre-installed “Openers” templates like this.

filmora add text to video

Choose the one you like the most and drag it to the time but, for now, keep it just above the video.

For instance, you can see in this screenshot that the selected template has been dragged to the timeline and placed above the main video.

filmora add text to video

And since it is an “Openers,” therefore, it should be placed before the beginning of your video.

To do that, use your mouse to grab your video and slide it to the right in the same timeline.

Then, grab the opener template and adjust it on the same timeline where the video is present, but place it before the main video clip.

And make sure to bring back your video right next to the opener template without any gap in between.

filmora add text to video

Step 3: Edit Openers Text

Click on the “Openers” template on the timeline to see it on the preview screen.

Click on the default “Openers” text to see the text editor on the left side of your screen, like this.

filmora add text to video

Now, click on the default “Openers Text” again and make sure a blue dotted box outlines the text.

filmora add text to video

These boxes will ensure that the text has been selected for editing.

Then, go to the text editor and start typing your new “Openers” text.

filmora add text to video

Use the same method to edit the entire text.

filmora add text to video

As you can see in the above image, previously, by default, the “Openers” text was “Your Headline Here,” but then it was edited to “2019 Dance Video.”

Step 4: Adjust Openers Text Position

If you’re not satisfied with the current “Openers” text position, click on the text, and use your mouse to adjust its position.

filmora add text to video

Step 5: Change Openers Text Font Style, Size & More

You can also change the font style and size from the text editor by clicking on the text.

filmora add text to video

Likewise, you can also change the text color, spacing, and alignment from the “Settings” section in the same text editor.

filmora add text to video

Similarly, you can also rotate and scale your text or blend and set text opacity by scrolling down in the same text editor and using the following tools from the “Transform” and “Compositing” sections.

filmora add text to video

filmora add text to video

Step 6: Add Animation to Your Openers Text and Save Video

If you’re trying to make catchy openers for your video, click on the text and look on the extreme left side of your screen to see the “Preset” and “Animation” tabs.

Then, click on your favorite animation and see its effects on your text on the preview screen.

filmora add text to video

And if you think you’re done for the day, click the “Export” button to save the video with text and titles in your system.

How to Add Title Text in Filmora

Import your video to your timeline.

Click on the “Text” tab, and choose “Titles” to see the default title templates.

Then, drag your favorite title template to the timeline but above the main video.


filmora add text to video

Why? Because titles usually look good when overlaps the main video. However, this isn’t a strict rule. So feel free to show your creative side.

filmora add text to video

Now, click on the title text by following the same steps to edit the “Openers” text.

How to Add Lower 3rds Text in Filmora

After importing your video to Fimora’s timeline, select the “Titles” tab.

Then, click on the “Lower 3rds” option to see all the lower 3rds templates.

filmora add text to video

Drag and drop a suitable template and click on the Lower 3rds text as seen on the preview screen.

filmora add text to video

Doing so will lead you to the text editor, just like you saw in the “Openers” text instructions.

How to Add Subtitles Text in Filmora

After dragging the video to the main timeline, choose the “Titles” option from the top menu and select “Subtitles” to add/edit text.

filmora add text to video

Click on the default subtitle text on the preview screen to start adding and editing your text, as you have seen in the “Openers” tutorial.

filmora add text to video

How to Add End Credits Text in Filmora

If you want to give credits to your team, open the video in Filmora and drag it to the timeline.

Choose the “Titles” tab and select “End Credits” from the menu on the left of your screen.

filmora add text to video

From the text editor, delete the default text and add new text to make end credits for your video in Filmora.

filmora add text to video

There is no doubt to say that Vegas Pro is a professional video editing tool, and the sad part is that it is complicated and the advanced user interface appears difficult for beginners. Secondly, this tool works only on Windows environment and you need to pay $599 for its complete access on your personal device. With all such problems, it cannot be recommended as a beginner specific tool; experts prefer to suggest Wondershare Filmora as most useful editing platform for beginners as well as professionals that are working on Windows and Mac.

The powerful tools and easy to use software interface of Filmora is advantageous over Vegas pro. The trial version can be downloaded for free by anyone but for licensed version you need to make small payment. Beginners can take lots of benefits from Filmora as it works perfectly on Mac as well as Windows and has direct interface with social media websites. Same as Vegas Pro, it extends support to almost all popular video file formats.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Bottom Line

Whether you want to create funky openers, attractive titles, lower 3rds, subtitles, or end credits, you can do everything using the Filmora video editor tool. The software makes adding text to your videos easier without losing your time and patience.

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