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Tips on How to Speed Up the Rendering Time of Vegas Pro

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Vegas Pro is a well known video editing package that allows users to perform non linear editing. This software tool is developed by Sony and acquired by Magix, and the recent update was launched on 24th May 2016. With this advanced software tool, you can give reality to any video imagination with ease as the easy to use interface with advanced tools provides unlimited capabilities. The new Vegas Pro Users might be searching for some useful tricks to make interesting videos on this software platform, if so then information provided below in this article will be highly beneficial for you all.

How to speed up rendering time of Sony (Magix) Vegas Pro

The most common need of all Vegas Pro users is to speed up the rendering time of various video projects. Many professionals are searching for the tricks to make their preview window on Sony Vegas less laggy so that every editing task can be performed with ease. Below are few useful tips to achieve best speeds over Sony Vegas Pro video editing program:

1. Lower Down Bit Rate

It is possible to lower down your bit rate in Vegas Pro; for this you simply need to select any of your favourite templates and then click on customization option. It will open up a pop up window where all template customization settings can be done. Just go to Bit rate tab and lower down its value so that ultimately rendered video file can have less file size as well as it takes less time for complete rendering. The best possible value of bit rate is 3m to 8m.

2. Delete Unwanted Effects/ Tracks

In case if you are going through some video effects that appear of no use for your project type or that hardly make any difference on your project then you can easily get rid of them. Note that more number of effects on a video means you need to spare more time for rendering hence it is good to stay away from unwanted video tracks as well as effects. It is also possible to merge different tracks in order to create a single project that can be managed easily and quickly.

3. Close Applications

If you wish to run your Vegas Pro very smoothly on your device then prefer to use it without any interference of other undesired programs. When you are working on any project using Vegas pro then try to close your Skype, iTunes, Internet browser and all other applications that are of no use for current work. It will help your system to increase focus on Vegas Pro project and hence fast results can be used. You can check status of all running objects from task manager by pressing Control+Shift+Esc command.

4. Leave Computer Alone

Once you have created your video file and you need to begin with the rendering process then it is good to leave your computer and manage other tasks around. Follow step 3 first that is close all unwanted programs and then initiate rendering process, one started then go for a walk or enjoy with people around you. It will help you to enhance processing speed as your escape out will ensure that you will not be using any other program besides rendering process.

5. Set Priority Option to High

It is one of the most important things that you need to do in order to achieve fast rendering. While leaving your computer for rendering task, go to task manager and right click on Vegas pro. Now from drop down menu select Set priority option and switch it to high. This setting will let your computer know that Sony Vegas tasks must be taken as first priority and must be executed fast.

6. Enable GPU Acceleration

The overall performance of Vegas Pro can be easily enhanced by using GPU acceleration feature. For this you need to go to Options and then select preferences; visit the video tab and for video processing type GPU acceleration make selection for graphic card. Some PCs do not have such settings and they will display Off for GPU acceleration selection settings.

7. Reduce Video Quality in Preview

In order to avoid lags in video previews, you can simply reduce the quality of video clip. Just go to preview and select Half; it will directly reduce video quality by 1/2th level and will reduce efforts of Vegas pro while helping your program to run smoothly.

8. Choose Proper Video Codec Type

The type of video codec you are using for Vegas pro processing will also affect its overall performance. Always prefer to use Sony AVC.mp4 for better results. Other useful option for video codec is Main Concept.mp4; its ability to render projects rapidly is well known by all professionals.

9. Set Power Settings

Make some efforts to do power settings on your device if you are working on Windows Vista or Window 7. It can be done from control panel and this trick can help your program to achieve 100% rendering speed. Laptops usually come with pre-configured type power settings that help to manage CPU load very precisely.

10. Select Proper Transitions

Manage your rendering time properly by selection proper transitions, layers and effects so that videos can run smoothly on your software program. Other than this then quality of video file must be selected carefully as rendering time completely depends upon it. Never create a bourdon on your video file.

If you want to learn more editing tips about Sony Vegas, you should not miss Sony Vegas Editing Tips

Alternative Way to Speed Up Rendering Time

If you’re tired of the slow rendering of your videos, Filmora Video Editor is going to cheer you up. Despite including all the useful features, this software is pretty easy to use. So stress-free that even kids could edit videos after spending a few hours on it.

No wonder why most YouTubers, professional video editors, and even filmmakers trust Filmora, whether it’s about editing small video clips or a complete movie.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Furthermore, you can speed up rendering time in Filmora to finish your projects quickly by following the below step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Open Filmora

After downloading FIlmora on your Mac or Windows, open the software, make a new project, and wait until you see the interface.

Once the program runs, make sure you haven’t added or imported any audio, video, or any files on the software.

Step 2: Clear Render Files

Go to the “File” option.

filmora slow video

Now, choose “Preferences.”

filmora slow video

A new settings page will appear. So, click on the “Performance” tab first, and then click on the “Clean” button under the “Preview Render” section, like this.

filmora slow video

Choose the “Yes” button to remove all the render files.

filmora slow video

Step 3: Create and Clean Proxies

Now, go to the “Proxy” section in the same “Performance” tab. Put a “check” to allow Filmora to create proxies automatically. And choose the “1280 x 720” resolution.

filmora slow video

Do not “check” the option that automatically deletes proxies. Instead, click on the “Clean” button under the proxy section.

filmora slow video

Now, select “Yes” to eliminate all proxy files.

filmora slow video

Once done, you will see a message like this.

filmora slow video

But it’s totally fine if the above message doesn’t appear, you can still follow the next step.

Step 4: Restart Filmora

Next, close Filmora and open it again on your system.

When you’re over this step, feel free to import your files on the software.

Then, click on the “Render Preview” button below the preview screen.

filmora slow video

And click the “Export” button.

filmora slow video

Step 5: Export Settings

After selecting the export button, a new window will appear. From there, choose “Settings.”

filmora slow video

Check “Better” from the “Quality” section.

Just below it, there’s a “Video” settings section. Here, set:

  • “Encoder” to the desired encoder
  • “Resolution” to 1920x1080
  • “Frame Rate” to 30 fps
  • “Bit Rate” to 8,000 kbps

Leave the “Audio” settings as they are, and click on the “OK” button.

filmora slow video

You can rename the file and choose a directory to save the video. You can also see that your chosen resolution and frame rate appear on this window, confirming your recently made changes.

At last, click on the “Export” button and enjoy fast rendering on Filmora.

filmora slow video

You can increase the rendering speed in Filmora by following the simple steps mentioned above. Working on them will solve your slow rendering problem within a few minutes. And you can export high-quality videos to your system without any trouble.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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