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3 Ways to edit videos on iPhone

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

As increasing mobile device users around the World, cellphones like iPhone become part of people's daily life. Previously, we use it to make calls, while nowadays we use it to listen music, record/watch/edit videos, play games and so on. For video editing,rather than editing on PC directly, more and more users are looking for better ways to edit on iPhone directly. Here i would like to provide to provide at least 3 options for you to edit videos on iPhone.

1. Easy - Edit Videos on iPhone with Photos App

Commercially, I will recommend some third-party video editor apps (paid) directly to user when they are looking for some easy-to-use but powerful video editing tools. Actually, if you just need some basic editing function like trim, you can complete it with Photos app embedded in iPhone 6 directly.

    • a. Record a video with Camera app (switch from PHOTO to VIDEO).


    • b. Click the red recording button, start to record the video, then the button(round) will squeeze to a smaller red button (square)as follow, click the red button (square) again after completed the shooting.

recording button

    • c. Open the Photos app, choose the shot video.


    • d. Automatically, there is a slidebar/story bar showing above, then tap the left or right anchor to select the part you want to trim by dragging the yellow anchor.


    • e. Click the trim button, which shows on the right upper corner, then you have 3 options: Trim Original, Save as New Clip and Cancel. Generally, I will choose Save as New Clip.

Save as New Clip

    • f. Reopen the new clip and click the share button, which is on the left lower corner. Choose the channels like Message, Mail, iCloud, YouTube, Facebook and so on you want to share.

share button

That’s the only editing function but also the most-used editing tool for video lovers. If you want some advanced tools like cutting, cropping, rotating, inserting titles/text/intro/outro/music/voiceover and more, you may need some advanced and pro ways.

2. Advanced – Edit Videos on iPhone with Free Video Editor Apps (Mobile)

Composed with powerful editing tools, many video editing apps can be used to create stunning videos/movies. They can be classified by various criterions. Here I only share some free video editor apps on iPhone.


Download filmora  Download filmora

Filmora is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It allows you to easily trim and split your video clips, adjust your aspect ratio to 16:9 or 1:1, change the clips speed in slow motion or fast forward, or play the video clip in reverse. You can also add voice over or other audio track and set the audio to different level with the audio mixer.



It’s the only app to allow users to create “Motion Collage” with photos and videos. That’s the reason why there are multiple templates and backgrounds for you to stick photos and videos. You can import media files via 3 different channels – Photos app, recorded with camera or online (only for photos). You can zoom in/out/rotate by clicking and dragging the rotate button on the upper right corner of video. Other editing tools like flipping video, adding some instant video filters in Effect section or borders and clipping videos. It contains some managing tools like Lock, Up and Down to organize media files when stick to the background. All edited videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram and more.

3.Cute CUT

Cute CUT

Cute CUT is much more like professional Video Editor in iPhone/iPad. The guidelines are available and friendly for new users. All editing steps are designed precisely. You will find the demo video with all editing elements in timeline in the home screen. After input the name and set up the resolution, orientation, background color, here we go the editing zone with preview window and timeline below. Click the plus button, you can add media types like video, photo, text, music, voice and self-draw.

Video and photos: 3 channels to import, Albums from Photos app, File Sharing from other apps and Camera recording. There are some video frames hidden in the Library, which can be imported as photo too.

Text: type the text you want and drag the square to reposition, double click to find more settings like Maintain aspect ratio, Restore the default and Edit Text.

Music:embedded music is excellent but the resource is limited – only 4 music songs with 22 sound FX. If you have some music files in iPod or other apps, it can import directly.

Voice: Exit Cute CUT, Go to Settings app>Privacy>Microphone, then reopen this app. You can start to record voice.

Self-Draw: this is the most special function in this app. You can draw anything with different shapes you like as part of this video with different brushes.

All editing tools for those media files are listed in the bottom, such as copy, split, transition, rotate, flip, capture and other setting like volume, transparency, speed.

Because it positions as professional video editor, the social part is limited. It contains 4 ways to save/share the edited video – Email, Album, Facebook and YouTube.

4.Super Power

Super Power

If you’re a Marvel fan, you gonna love this video editing tool much! The explosive sound effects and comic book-inspired visual effects can bring you to a super power world. Free version only provides 2 different angels for you to shoot with certain direction. It’s hardly same as the above video editing tools, but only be favored by those who need super-power effects like shooting fireballs from your hands, lasers from your eyes, or control the elements, teleport and more.

5.Ghost Lens

Ghost Lens

Those who love super power will choose Super Power video editor, while those who love miracle or fantasy stuff may pick up Ghost Lens. The basic video editing function used in this app is multiscreen and fade in/out. First of all, choose the multiscreen you want to show. For example, if I want to take a ghost video about a ghost sitting next to me, I can choose a 2-screen frame. Then I need to shoot 2 different scenes separately in different position and then add the fade in/out effects with different seconds. Halloween is coming and you can add some scary Halloween songs. But it seems all music can be only imported from iTunes Library. What’s more, you can move the split bars where you want them and add video filters before saving/sharing. What impresses me deeply is the guideline in different functions, which makes it easier for greenhands.

6. VivaVideo


I love VivaVideo much because of several reasons. Let’s start from import videos. You can import local video in your mobile phone directly by click Quick Edit or Pro Edit. If you want to record video with camera, you can click Capture. There are no many features when using Quick Edit, which much likes Photos app, only providing trim function. While if you want to capture a video to edit directly or capture a video after opened Pro Edit, I have more features share with you.

Capture – there are 3 different modes to shoot videos. Basic is for normal shooting, FX for special shooting with stickers and Funny is for special shooting with different effects like small jaw with huge head. You can find some instant video filters in Basic mode.

Pro Edit – after captured a clip, you can activate this Pro Edit function. It can merge, split, copy pan & zoom off and speed up/down video clips. What’s more, numerous titles, FXs, themes, filters, music songs, transitions and dubs are provided.

More free video editing apps are waiting to be reviewed.

Check more iPhone video editors with main features here.

  • iMovie (Only free on iOS8)
  • Insta2
  • Perfect Video
  • Magisto
  • Replay

3. Pro – Edit iPhone Videos with Video Editing Programs (PC)

However, if you want to edit your iPhone videos to movie-like films, you can move the panel to desktop. Some special effects like Greenscreen, Scene Detection, Faceoff, Close-up can be only available on video editing program for PC. Consider Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor), which can meet almost all your needs and wants. Download the free trial version below.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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