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How to Add Custom Filters in VN App: 2024 Quick Guide

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Originally published Oct 19, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

In the colorful world of video editing, the ability to personalize and enhance your clips with unique looks is what stands your work out. Enter the VN app, the game-changer in mobile video editing, bursting with user-friendly features.

If you've been searching for a simple way to dive into the realm of video filters, you're in luck. Today, we'll decode how to jazz up your videos using the VN app's built-in and custom video filter features. Ready to elevate your video content game? Let's get started!

In this article
  1. Step 2: Save the Filter Preset and Use It Directly Next Time
  2. Part 3: Best Alternatives
  3. Part 4: Summary

Part 1: Use VN App Built-in Video Filters (LUTs)

Step 1: Locate the Filters Feature

You must know where the magic happens before you go Spielberg on your videos. Upon launching the VN app, you'll see a range of editing tools. Look for an icon resembling a magic wand or palette – your gateway to the wonderful world of video filters.

Step 2: Preview and Apply Effects

This step is all about experimenting and having fun. Tap on the filter icon, and voilà! You're greeted with various preset looks, waiting for your videos to don them. Glide through the options; VN has got it all from vintage vibes to futuristic glow. Found one that catches your eye?

Tap on it and watch your video transform instantly. Not sure about your pick? No worries; simply swipe left or right to preview other effects. Once you're satisfied, tap 'apply.'

Step 3: Adjust Details with Color Settings

Okay, young director, you've chosen your filter. But what if you want to tweak it just a bit? VN's got your back.

Once a filter is applied, you'll notice sliders or dials – these are your video filter editor tools. Play around with them! You can adjust the filter's intensity, making it as subtle or dramatic as you like. Tweak the brightness, contrast, and saturation until your video looks like you envisioned.

Part 2: Download External Filter Installation Package

Step 1: Locate the My Filters Feature

The VN app is awesome, but can you add even more flair to your videos with custom filters? Yup! These aren't just your regular video presets – they're unique styles you can download and add to your VN arsenal.

To begin, tap on the “My Filters” section within the app. If you're wondering where this is, it's usually nestled beside the built-in filter options, represented by a '+' or 'Add' icon. This personal space is ready to be filled with your downloaded filter goodies.

Step 2: Import the Downloaded VN Filter APK

Here comes the cool part! To get new custom filters:

  1. Visit the website or store where the VN filters are available for download. (Hint: Search for “vn filter download APK" or "vn iPhone filter download” based on your device.)
  2. Once downloaded, head back to the VN app and click the 'Add' or '+' icon in the “My Filters”
  3. Navigate to your device's download folder or wherever the vn filter apk is saved.
  4. Select the filter file (it should have a .apk or similar extension for Android users and a different format for iPhone users).
  5. Tap on 'Import' and wait for the magic to happen. Your brand-new filter will now be housed in “My Filters”!

Step 2: Save the Filter Preset and Use It Directly Next Time

After importing your snazzy new filter, the next step is super easy. Simply apply it to your video, and if you love how it looks, save it as a preset. This way, the next time you're editing, you can head straight to "My Filters," find your favorite custom filter and slap it onto your video without a hitch. Talk about convenience!

Part 3: Best Alternatives

Though VN offers many fantastic filter options, it's always nice to have alternatives, right? Meet Filmora, another stellar video editing tool known for its expansive video filter collection.

Filmora is more than just an editor; it's a canvas for videographers. One of its most raved-about features is its extensive range of video filters. With Filmora, you can transport your audience from a sun-kissed beach to a moody, rain-soaked alley in just a tap. Whether you’re going for a documentary feel, a Hollywood movie vibe, or something out of a dream, Filmora's filters have covered you.

Getting started is a breeze:

  1. Launch Filmora and import your video.
  2. Head to the “Effects” tab and immerse yourself in the filter options.
  3. Preview, select, and apply – it’s that simple!
  4. Like VN, Filmora allows you to tweak the filter settings for that perfect look.

While Filmora is a great tool, the best fit depends on personal preferences and specific project needs. However, it's always good to have choices in your editing toolkit. Variety is, after all, the spice of life (and video editing)!

Part 4: Summary

The beauty of video editing lies in the limitless possibilities it offers. With every video filter, editor tweak, and custom preset, you're not just editing – you're storytelling. And with tools like VN and Filmora at your fingertips, you have everything you need to tell your story your way.

Remember, whether you're a seasoned videographer or someone just starting, there's no 'right' or 'wrong' regarding creativity. Play around, experiment, and, most importantly, have fun with the process. In the vast universe of video editing, every filter is a star waiting to shine on your masterpiece.

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Jul 22, 24
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