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How to Add Multiple Videos in One Screen on Mac?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

“It is possible to add multiple videos in one screen at an ease?”

Video overlay or split screen is a popular video editing technique that is in usage in cinema history. In this digital era of filmmaking, it is the go-to technique that divides the screen into two or more parts and displays different camera point’s view at the same time. Used to depict a scene on multiple angles or to reveal the characters on a different location like a phone conversation, to add multiple videos in one screen rises in a different situation to make a direct comparison, two or more perspectives like the one in “500 Days of Summer” movie, and cloning effects.

make youtube split screen video

Epitomizing the space between analog and digital age, optical printer and re-photographed strips used to create such split screen effects in the past decades. However, at present, the scenario is entirely upside-down. Yes, with the help of third-party applications, you can also make split screen effects, like the one similar to “The Parent Trap (1961).

Need to know how to make one on your own? Then, we would like to recommend an intuitive video editor – Wondershare Filmora, which is available on both Mac and Windows. It’s the best option to help you add multiple videos in one screen.

In Wondershare Filmora for Mac, you are provided with two methods to add multiple videos in one screen. One is with the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) effect, and the other is with the inbuilt split screen templates. Let’s look at each method in detail with a step-by-step implementation below.

Part 1: Add Multiple Videos in One Screen on Mac using PiP

Here comes the first method.

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) effect is a video effect where a video clip overlaps the other. With a display of two or more videos simultaneously on the same screen, this video overlay mode is well suited for gaming videos, tutorials, and product demonstrations.

To add the PiP effect in Filmora for Mac, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Drop overlay and background clips

Open the Wondershare Filmora on your Mac device, import the video clips, and drag-and-drop the overlay & background clips onto the timeline.

two clip

Step 2: Adjust and position the overlay clip

You can now adjust the overlay clip concerning the size and position by dragging the edges and corners on the preview interface.

preview window

Step 3: Preview and export

Now, edit the video by adding effects like green screen, compositing, and once done, preview the video, and tap the Export button.

Part 2: Easily Make a Split Screen Video with Templates

Another method to add multiple videos in one screen is using the in-built split screen templates where the screen is split into segments.

Filmora offers 30+ ready-made split screen templates to choose from, with which you can accommodate or play two to six different videos on a single screen simultaneously.

split screen template

Moreover, in the recent Filmora for Mac V10.2, an extensive range of brand-new split screen templates were added, ideal for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can make fun with those templates and reveal the story quicker!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

You can add multiple videos in one screen with a simple drag-and-drop action without any technical knowledge required. With color correction, animated effects, motion tracking, audio ducking, auto-reframing, and keyframing, you can further enhance or personalize the split screen video on Wondershare Filmora. Using those split screen templates is easy, and here is how it’s done.

Step 1: Import video files

Click on the Try It Free button above to update your Wondershare Filmora to the latest version and launch the application. On the primary interface, drag and drop the video files or tap the “Import” option or execute “Menu > File > Import Media”.

import media files

Step 2: Choose a split screen template

On the top toolbar, navigate to the Split Screen session, from where you can browse through a broad range of templates to choose from. Just double-click on it to get a preview, and drag it to the timeline to use the template.

Step 3: Add video clips to the layout

Before adding the video clips, you can alter or edit the template in terms of duration. Yes, as the default duration of a template is just five seconds, you can edit or change it based on your video requirement.

change split screen default duration

To add clips to the respective split boxes, click on the Dropbox on the preview split screen layout panel, followed by the video to be placed or added to it.

Step 4: Add effects and export the video

Once all the video clips are added, you can perform editing like motion effects, compositing, rotating, and so on with the tools on the top.

filmora mac split screen inspector

Once you are done with the editing, just hit the Export option to get the split screen video right away!

export to format mac


So, this was how to add multiple videos in one screen on Mac with Wondershare Filmora. With the above guide and especially the newly added split screen templates, your task of making the split screen video is even more accessible. So, with less effort and the discussed guide, choose a template design and get started with Filmora!

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