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Replacing Sky in Your Pictures Using Online and Offline Tools

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 27, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

An image's background is essential because it provides context for your shot. Your main subject's interaction with the background gives the picture more narrative and reinforces its story. If your background isn’t captivating, it can ruin everything. To make a photo appear more appealing or professional, you must know how to eliminate backgrounds effectively and edit photos with backgrounds.

This article aims to provide you with all the necessary information on how you can edit the sky and background. The article will emphasize some leading software for photo editing sky. You can gain knowledge about these tools and their key functionalities. In addition, you’ll read about an offline alternative to changing the sky in a photo.

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Sky Replacement
A cross-platform works like magic for background removal or sky replacement photos!
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Part 1: Top 8 Photo Sky Editor and Replacers Online [Must View]

Photo editing sky can be very beneficial as it makes your picture more focused and removes undesired objects. This part will take you through the top 8 sky-replacing apps. So, start exploring and choose the one you want:

1. SnapEdit

SnapEdit is one of the most incredible online tools with an AI sky replacement image option. With this function, users can add a more eye-catching sky background to their images instead of the default one. The tool modifies the sky background's colors, textures, and gradients using artificial intelligence. Additionally, it offers a selection from a library of more attractive, lifelike replacement possibilities.

snapedit replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • The tool can remove the grey sky with just a single click and give life to your background.
  • If your outfit or tone doesn’t match the sky, you can change its hue according to your liking.
  • SnapEdit lets you add and remove objects from the sky so your aesthetic picture is not ruined.


Pricing Plan




2. Fotor

With this sky replacement photo tool, you can add artistic skies to your images in place of boring ones. A single click can add breathtaking sunny, gloomy, or starry skies to your photos. You can utilize a variety of sky shots, like starry skies, blue skies, and night skies over Hawaii. This adds creativity and beauty to your images. You can also create a custom sky background for any uploaded photos.

fotor replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • You can replace the sky with any other background image. It doesn’t have to be just the sky.
  • The tool offers professional Photoshop-like services without going through the complexities.
  • AI sky replacement and automated editing give your sky a changed and improved look within seconds.


Pricing Plans


Fotor Pro


Fotor Pro+


3. Wondershare AI Lab

With this tool’s photo editing sky function, you can add a new sky to your images using AI technology. You can alter the sky in your pictures to a bright blue, pink, purple, and grey sky to add drama and interest. The tool can instantly replace the sky in your photo with the desired one and add a unique touch to your horizon. You can upload images up to 5MB, and the application supports most file formats.

ai lab replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • The customized graphics will give you control over your photos and make them more beautiful.
  • You can change the weather in your photos by replacing and editing the sky to make it better with your picture.
  • You can increase sales and boost your post by adding a solid and clear background to the pictures.



4. Pixlr 

Pixlr can easily swap out the sky in your images for a more visually stimulating background. In a split second, Pixlr's AI-powered background remover can replace the backdrop image with an image of the sky and erase the original image. The creative and smart functions of the tool make it easy for everyone to change the sky in a photo.

pixlr replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • Pixlr allows you to add different kinds of backgrounds to your photos. You can even add pictures directly from your system.
  • The customization options help you to blend the background with your photos perfectly.
  • The lasso tool will remove the original sky image clearly and precisely, even from the challenging edges.


Pricing Plans

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5. can identify the sky in your photos and replace it with one from their large collection of excellent sky photos that is more aesthetically pleasing. The tool enhances the overall effect of the picture by using AI technology to replace the sky in your picture subtly. Its sky replacement function can help replace the dreary sky with a sunny one, giving the photos a cheery and inviting appearance.

autoenhance ai replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • The photo enhancer can automatically enhance the color of the sky and upscale the quality of the image.
  • You can efficiently replace or add sky to a photo with the help of AI.
  • The AI can efficiently crop complex backgrounds such as trees or a flying or walking object.


Pricing Plans

Billing Per Month

Pay as you go

Minimum: $1.50/1 image

Maximum: $309.99/1000 images


Minimum: $49.99/75 images

Maximum: $1249.99/10,000 images


Minimum: $2189.99/20,000 images

Maximum: Custom/50,000+ images

6. PhotoScissors

Using the photo editing program PhotoScissors, you can change around the sky in your images. The tool's purpose is to assist you in correcting images that have incorrect exposure or white balance settings on your camera. It just takes three steps around the same number of minutes to change the sky in the photo online. All you need to do is make a few selections, and the tool will handle the rest.

photoscissors replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • You can remove the image background programmatically using the API of PhotoScissors.
  • The tool accurately separates any image from the background or the sky.
  • You can enhance the look of the sky quickly and easily by using its editing and customization options.


Number of Credits


1000 Credits


200 Credits


50 Credits


10 Credits


7. BeFunky

BeFunky's AI-powered Sky Replacer is a specialized tool that recognizes the image's sky and foreground to replace the sky precisely. The program is an all-in-one sky editor since it contains all the tools needed to alter the sky and foreground separately. This tool can edit the sky and front location so well that grey and dull photos become colorful and brighter.

befunky replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • The tool has a specialized feature for sky replacement images that can immediately change the sky.
  • The editing feature enhances the lighting, saturation, and overall look.
  • You can choose or download any sky photo and add it as your background.


Pricing Plan

Annual Billing

BeFunky Plus



With the sky replacement feature offered by the software, you can add a new sky to your pictures. When you wish to enhance depth or alter the tone of your photo, this tool comes in handy. The software automatically replaces your photo's background with a fresh sky image using artificial intelligence (AI). A range of sky photos are available for selection, including starry, dark sunny, galaxy sky, and more.

remove bg and replace sky from photo

Key Features

  • You can create impressive real estate photos by replacing the dull sky background with a fresh one.
  • The tool can do batch processing, so you can drag many photos at once and edit them.
  • You can remove any kind of background with great precision to get the perfect cutout.


Pricing Plan

Annual Billing/month

Subscription Plan

Minimum: $0.20/40 Credits

Maximum: Custom Pricing

Pay as you go

Minimum: $1.99/1

Maximum: Custom Pricing

Part 2: Wondershare Filmora: A Comprehensive Offline Solution for Background Replacement with Perfection

Background replacement can assist you in highlighting the primary topic to attract viewers while giving your products or marketing materials a polished, professional appearance. Many users look for offline background removal to edit their photos immediately. If you’re working on some projects, offline tools are a much safer option as they depend on the availability of the internet network.

When you think about an app that works offline and provides professional quality background removal, only one name comes to mind: Wondershare Filmora. The tool works like magic for background removal or sky replacement photos. You can completely rely on it for all your video editing and generating needs because of its intelligent AI features. It suits both professionals and beginners because of the ease of use and efficient AI system.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps To Do Background Replacement Using Wondershare Filmora

There are various methods of removing and replacing the background in Wondershare Filmora. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to use this function:

Step 1: Import Media Files To Filmora

Open the Wondershare Filmora tool and click on “New Project.” Now import your media file into the tool and then drag and drop it into the editing timeline. Import both the media files, i.e., the file from which you want to remove the background and the file you will use as a background.

bring media to timeline track

Step 2: Remove Background from Imported Media

Now that both files have been brought together click on the media file that needs the background replacement. On the right side of the screen, you will see the editing tools of the app. Select the media type you edit and click the "AI Tools" option. Now, toggle on the "Chroma Key."

enable chroma key option

Step 3: Preview and Export Final Results

Once you click on the chroma key option, the app automatically replaces the background of your media file. You can preview it, and if you are satisfied with the results, click “Export,” and save your new video.

export the edited video


Background removal and sky replacement images have become vital tools for content creators. The background of your images and videos is important as it sets a complete tone for the media. Many users use applications to replace the sky and background.

It’s important to do thorough research before you choose the right app for the job. This article gives you the best possible solutions for background replacement. You can professionally change the background of your media after reading the article.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 18, 24
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