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Frame Rates, Speed, and Wondershare Filmora: An Overview

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jul 21, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Ensuring smoother playback along with enhanced fluidity is a crucial part of boosting the engagement of videos. You also need to add the slow-motion effect at some points in videos. Along with this, syncing audio to video is also essential. Thus, you can take assistance from frame rates and speed to ensure you have these key features in the videos.

There is no need to be concerned about what video editor to choose because Wondershare Filmora can help you with this issue. In this article, you will find basic information about Filmora and the uses of frame rate and speed ramping. We will also provide the procedure for changing video frame rates with Filmora.

Part 1: What is Frame Rate and How Important It Is In Videos?

One of the most important metrics in videos is the frame rate. This term refers to the individual frames present in the video. While the frame represents a single second, this defines the frequency of the video. This is the display of consecutive frames every second, which brings up the illusion of motion for the viewers. In this way, the entire frame rate is explained as terminology to users new to video editing.

Importance of Frame Rate in Videos

We will highlight some prominent points explaining the importance of video frame rates. Continuing with these points, this will help users understand how essential video frame rate is:

01of 04Defines Smoothness in Videos

Having a higher frame rate in a video is equivalent to a smooth video. Users who consider having smoothness in their videos always consider the frame rates. Higher frame rates have better transitions and seamless motion.

02of 04The detail in the Video

If you have a low frame rate in your video, you cannot observe the details in the fast-moving objects. In such a scenario, you need to have a video with a good frame rate. This will help display the explicit details of the video, which cannot be viewed under every frame rate quality.

03of 04Realistic Effects

Old videos never had the kick that made them feel real. Videos with higher frame rates have changed the dynamics in the current system. Realism and immersive video experience are prominent getaways achieved with better frame rates.

04of 04Realistic Effects

The use of better frame rates gives the option of improving the effects of the video. Videos that did not have impressive frame rates are not able to display the mood or atmosphere. Better frame rates help display the environment better, thus explaining the importance.

Changing Video Frame Rates And Speed Editor
A wonderful video editor - Wondershare Filmora providing frame rate and speed ramping features for all creators.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2: What Are The Different Uses of Speed Ramping in Video Editing?

Speed ramping and video frame rate are one of the most known techniques which are widely used in video editing. You must be wondering why paying attention to speed ramping is so important. Nothing to worry about because this part will give you the most implementable uses of speed ramping in video editing. Have a look below to discover further information about this:

Highlighting Actions and Dramas

You can use speed ramping to emphasize the actional and dramatic sequences. It also helps you draw the audience's attention and make the essential factors more notable. Above all, the speed ramping also integrates the useable effects which can add a drastic touch of drama to your videos,

Transitions and Motion Tracking

With the good use of speed ramping, you can achieve a smooth transition in videos. It also helps you add seamless transitions in the videos to add a sense of consistency. One of the best things is adding slow-motion and motion-tracking effects in simple videos.

Syncing Audios

Syncing the audio beats with videos is crucial to enhance the user experience. Speed ramping offers capabilities through which you can easily sync the audio to the length of videos. As it never compromises the content or layout of videos, you don't have to worry about anything.

Emphasized Storytelling

If you need to induce a sense of storytelling and optimize the video quality, consider speed ramping. You can control the overall speed of actions and dramas and convey a particular narrative to add depth to videos. It also helps to increase the frame rate of video.

Part 3: Perform Basic Speed Adjustments and Speed Ramping on Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a great video editor providing exquisite features and details to users. It embeds simple video editing tools and AI functionalities to provide a quick editing experience. However, the focus on the details is not lacking in this tool. Filmora provides a comprehensive set of effects, transitions, and elements to induce in videos.

Free Download
Free Download

Along with that, it also includes multiple functionalities which cannot be observed in many video editors. However, since we are putting our focus on discussing the speed adjustments in Filmora, let's look at the comprehensive steps explained below:

Method 1: Uniform Speed Adjustments in Videos

Step 1Import Video on Filmora for Speed Adjustments

Firstly, launch Wondershare Filmora on your computer and continue to open a new project. Once a window enters the display, lead into the "Import" section for importing the media files that need adjustment.

import video to filmora
Step 2Select the Speed Option

After adding the videos and dragging them to the timeline, continue to locate the "Speed" option in the bar above the timeline. This opens a drop-down menu where you have to select “Uniform Speed” or use “Ctrl + R.”

select uniform speed option
Step 3Manage Speed Uniformly

A new section opens on the video editor where you can define the speed using the slider. Also, you can activate options like “Reverse Speed,” “Ripple Edit,” and “Maintain Pitch,” if needed.

change speed parameters

Method 2: Utilize the Option of Speed Ramping

Step 1Access Speed Ramping Option

Once you have opened Filmora and imported a video on the timeline, lead to the “Speed” button again. Select the option of “Speed Ramping” in the drop-down to continue.

select speed ramping
Step 2Manage Speed Ramping of Video

As you find a new screen on your front, select the type of Speed Ramping you want to perform. Adjust the speed ramp on the line graph that comes in display and click “OK” to conclude.

change speed ramping parameters
Step 3Export the Final Video

Once you are done editing your videos, lead to the “Export” button to save the videos on the device.

export final video

Part 4: [Basic] How to Change The Frame Rate in Wondershare Filmora?

While you find out the ways to change the speed of your videos, you can also change their frame rate. Filmora offers dedicated options on its platform to its users, which can be understood in the steps below:

Free Download
Free Download
Step 1Open Settings For Changing Frame Rate

As you open Filmora and import a video, drag it to the timeline. Once the video is imported, lead to the "Preview quality and display settings" button on the right side of the screen.

open preview settings
Step 2Manage Speed Ramping of Video

This opens a drop-down menu where you have to select the option “Change Project Aspect Ratio.”

continue to change aspect ratio
Step 3Change Frame Rate Successfully

You will be led to a new screen where you can find the option of “Frame Rate” in the list. Change the frame rate according to the requirements and options available and click “OK.” The frame rate of your video will be changed using Filmora.

change frame rate successfully


This article has displayed a conspicuous detail of what the frame rate in the video is and how it implicates video editing. Wondershare Filmora has been observed as the perfect way to manage the speeds of videos. Video frame rates can also be managed using the exquisite video editor. Those who wish to manage such features of the videos should consider using this tool.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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