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How to Make Flying Objects in Wondershare Filmora

This article will help you understand how to create flying objects using editing tools such as Wondershare Filmora.
Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Originally published Apr 10, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Let us be honest here, you want to create fly objects in the air but don't want to get into the witchcraft school. In that case, we have got your back!

In this article, you can learn how to make objects fly in the air! Technically you will not do that in real-time, but with the latest technology and editing tools at your disposal, you will exactly do that.

Use Wondershare Filmora to create the flying object effect. Scroll below to get the guide to the whole process of creation.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What will you need to make a flying object?
  2. Part 2. How to capture the footage?
  3. Part 3. Stepwise guide to making flying objects in Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. What will you need to make a flying object?

This is not witchcraft, so we will abstain from using potions and herbs. Instead, to fly objects in our videos, we will use simple techniques that you may also be familiar with.

Video Cameras

The camera, in this scenario, will be the essential accessory as it will capture your video with the proper aspect ratio. This video camera can now be from a mobile phone or a high-quality DSLR. It will all depend upon your preference for quality and frame rate.

dslr camera

Tri-Pod or camera stands

Selecting the Tri-Pod is also crucial to your quality of video taking as it will ensure stability while capturing the video from the camera.

tri pod stand

Stability is the key here, as the captured videos will be masked and combined in the later stages of the steps. To do so, consistently capturing the video in the same ratio is necessary. You can stabilize the video with a simple gorilla pod that you can get of good quality or a simple tripod.

The prop

The prop will be the object that we will be flying in the video. It could be a fluffy toy, a ball, a box, or anything you desire to be flying in your video.

Note: In this article, we are going to use a ball as a prop.
the prop ball

Wondershare Filmora

Now that we have all the physical requirements for the video, our next goal is to ensure that we have the correct video editing software. And what's best than Wondershare Filmora? Obviously, there's nothing!

Filmora allows you to edit your videos with ease and comfort. With its interactive UI, even a beginner feels easy to edit a video. With skills on hand, an expert can edit videos ranging from green screen effects to flying objects.

Free Download
Free Download
wondershare filmora logo

Good presentation

Now, if you want your video to shine like the good ones, you will need to know how to present it. In this section, the requirement will be yourself. As you are not flying an object, you must act the part.

A good presentation will allow you to make the video more natural. Because no matter how skilled you are with video editing, a video with props will only be of quality until the subject acts their part with quality.

Part 2. How to capture the footage?

Before we get into how we edit our footage, we need to know how to shoot the video to edit. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Set up your camera on a tripod or a gorilla pod.
  • After setting up the camera, record an empty frame.
Note: An empty frame video will be the one you will use to mask the original clip.

Reference video

Start recording a five-second clip of the sofa where you will be sitting without yourself or the prop. Here you don't need to add anything except the reference. Follow the guidelines below when making the reference video:

  • The video should be plain.
  • It should be simple.
  • There should be no moving object or subject.
reference video

Main video

After shooting the empty frame video, move on to shooting the video with yourself in it. Follow the below to achieve something unique:

  • Your focus should be on the prop.
  • Use a thread or a rope to attach the prop to it. (In this case, we are using a ball.)
  • Attach the ball to the thread and hand it on the roof.
  • Record yourself now with the prop with your desired content or script.
main video

After completing the video, simply stop recording. Now you will end up with two video clips.

Adding these two clips in the Wondershare Filmora, you can easily create the flying object effect. To do so, follow the steps explained in the section ahead.

Part 3. Stepwise guide to making flying objects in Wondershare Filmora

Now that we have looked into our requirements, let us dive into how we will apply our skills to achieve an object to fly in Wondershare Filmora.

Of course, without the software, our editing will not be possible, so download Wondershare Filmora from the steps explained below.

Free Download
Free Download
Step1Open the Wondershare Filmora software
  • Open the Wondershare Filmora software and Click on the New Project icon on the window.
  • After you have clicked on the New Project icon, our main workplace will be launched.
  • Here you can see various options.
  • To get started, we need to import our video clips to edit them.
steps explaining how to import media
  • Here, you can see two ways to import your clips in Wondershare Filmora.
  1. Shows you how to import by Right-Clicking on File and selecting the import media option.
  2. Shows you to drag and drop the file from your main directory simply.

You can choose whatever suits you the best!

Step2Add your clips to your timeline

Now that we have imported our videos into the timeline, our next step will be to add our videos to the timeline.

  • Simply click on the imported clips on the import window.
  • Then drag it to the timeline below.
  • Doing so will create a working timeline you can view and edit as you go along the editing process.
dragging video clips to the timeline
Step3Size the reference video to the original video

Now, remember that we recorded a five-second clip that we will use to create the masking effect. You will need to size it to the original video for that to work. Doing so is simple and will require you to take some easy steps.

  • First, click on the clip.
  • Then, when it is selected, move on to the tab above to choose the speed option from the bar.
  • Here, you will also see options such as cropping, Green screen, and color.
  • Choose the option of speed.
  • Then, a drop-down tile will pop up. Here you can see different options available to speed up your video.
adjust the speed of the video
  • You can speed up your video and slow it down.
  • For now, we will have to slow it down.
Note: Slowing it down will increase the time of the video clip and allow you to match it with the original video clip.

Don't worry about the speed, as the video is already empty, and there will be no distractions to disturb our editing.

Step4Add the masking effect

Now that we have our video aligned with the reference video we are using. Let's move to the next step.

This step will try to remove the thread attached to the ball; otherwise, it will show in the video, and our effect will be ruined. However, before we do that, we will need to know what masking is.

What is the Masking effect in Wondershare Filmora?

Have you ever seen the behind-the-scenes of those big-budget movies? Then you might have seen the actors and the stunt workers hanging from big ropes performing stunts in front of green screens.

Well, the directors capture the video in real-time. But they can do those big stunts on TV with editing and CGI, and one of the effects is "Masking."

The masking effect allows you to mask the object on the screen with a reference video. So that's how the ropes attached to the stuntmen get removed in the original videos.

How to add a masking effect?

Although there are numerous ways to do that, the one we will use in this video is to remove the thread. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Simply go to the effect icon that you can see in the bar above.
  • In the effects bar, move to the utility tab.
  • You will see a window showing you the many effects Wondershare Filmora provides you from default.
  • Select the shape mask tile.
  • Now drag and drop it on the timeline below.
adding the shape mask effect
Note: You must ensure the effect is applied to the main video, not the reference video.
  • When you drag the effect into the main video, you will notice a transparent shape added to the video. This is your Mask.
Step5Edit the masking effect

You must hide the thread attached to the ball with the masking effect. To do this, follow the below guidelines:

  • Double-click on the effect added to the main video.
  • You will notice another window pop up on the import library.
Note: In the pop-up window, you will see the multiple options and edits you can apply to the masking effect, such as Transform, Compositing, Motion tracking, and stabilization.
wondershare filmora effect editing panel
  • Scroll down on the window and notice a video effect tab.

In the effect tab, you will have multiple options, such as the shape mask, X, Y, and scale and blur strength options, as shown below.

  • Now adjust the mask to hide the string. It may be easy to invert the mask.
Note: That the borders of the mask are blurred. But you can also change them by inverting the mask, which turns the borders and the space between them.

Remember the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter? It works just like that, only with a solid shape.

  • Now use the X and Y options to move the mask anywhere in the video.
inverting the mask
Step6Hide the sharp borders

You may notice the shape of borders that do not blend with the background. To blend the borders with the background, follow the steps below:

  • Simply Double-click on the effect in the timeline.
  • Then, in the editing tab, find out the blur strength option.
blending or fading the border of the mask
  • Simply drag the bar to increase the blur strength.
Note: Please keep looking in the window on the right. Check and increase the blur strength until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Lastly, click on OK when you are done.
Step7Creating the popup effect

Now, if you want your object to appear out of thin air, you must create that pop-up effect. You can create the pop-up effect in simple and easy steps, as shown below:

  • First, drag the timeline dragger to the point where you want the prop or the ball to pop up.

Your presentation should be accurate and precise!

Imagine you were doing a "swoosh" action, similar to swinging a wand. Now you want your object to appear at that time.

Split the Video:

  • Drag the timeline dragger to that point.
  • Now press Ctrl+B to split both videos.

Add Popup Effect:

The masking effect will be applied from the start. Our goal is to hide the masking effect before the ball pop-ups. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Go into the setting by Double-Clicking the masking effect on the original video.
  • Then move the mask over the ball instead of on the thread. Doing so would make the ball disappear.
moving the mask to hide the ball

Final Results:

  • Lastly, click on Ok when done.

Play the clip from the start, and you will notice the ball popping up according to your action.

final preview

Congratulations! You did it. You are now able to fly objects with the power of your mind.

Following the abovementioned steps, you can control objects and make them fly in the air. The catch is that you will have to use Wondershare Filmora. But, of course, this is not a witchcraft school now.

Free Download
Free Download


Well, there comes a time when one needs to make flying objects. Wondershare Filmora is an excellent tool that will allow you to add the masking effect to create the illusion of flying objects in the air.

The video quality at the end will only depend upon how clearly you show during the editing process. Try the above steps and enjoy the results!

Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Jul 22, 24
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