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Mastering the Technique: Playing Videos in Slow Motion on Your iPhone like a Pro

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 12, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Before we dive into how to play a video in slow motion on iPhone, let's see what they are. In slow motion, the video frame rate is usually manipulated. In manual or automated editing, frame rates increase to add extra seconds to the video. For instance, in normal videos, playback speed is 24, 30, or 60 fps. However, this frame rate can be increased up to 124 or 240 fps in slow motions.

These are the standard values and help achieve accurate and precise slow-motion effects. In this article, the discussion leans toward the making and playing slow-mo. Users will learn how to play videos in slow motion on iPhone. It will introduce tools to create a slow-mo effect and a guide to achieve it.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Adding Slow Motion to Video on iPhone (Before & After)
  2. Part 2: Some Prominent Third-party Apps Available to Play Video in Slow-Motion
  3. Bonus Part: Make and Play Your Video in Slow Motion: Use Wondershare Filmora!
  4. Conclusion

Part 1:Adding Slow Motion to Video on iPhone (Before & After)

Now that you have an insight into the significance of slow-motion videos, let's move forward. This section involves a guide on how to play a video in slow motion on iPhone. Here is a guide to adding slow motion in your video before and after recording:

1. Making a Slow Motion Before Recording

This method involves recording a video in slow-motion mode from the start. Apple has already launched this feature in its iPhones and iPads. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating such videos:

Step 1

Open your iPhone and click on the "Camera" application. Once you access it, select "SLO-MO" mode from the bottom.

open camera app
Step 2

Go back and open the “Settings” and select the “Camera” section. In camera settings, select the “Record Slo-mo 1080p at 240 fps.”

change camera settings

2. Making a Slow Motion After Recording

The first method will record your overall video in slow motion. However, you can use the other method to add a slow-mo effect to a specific part. Follow the given instructions to learn how to operate it:

Step 1

Open the "Photos" application from your home screen and click "Albums." From the featured slider, select the "Slow-mo" option.

access slow mo album
Step 2

Choose a video from this album and go to the “Edit” option at the top right corner.

start editing video
Step 3

Navigate towards the bottom and access the timeline. Choose the specific area for adding the effect and drag the sliders on the vertical lines below. Once satisfied with the slow-motion effect, click the "Done" button.

slow down with slider

Part 2: Some Prominent Third-party Apps Available to Play Video in Slow-Motion

Slow-mo effects enhance the creativity of your videos and let the audience experience new things. Do you still want to learn how to play a video in slow motion on iPhone? Here is a comprehensive guide to creating slow motions:

1. Video Speed: Fast, Slow Motion

This is it if you are looking for an application with advanced features and manual editing. The application offers many video playback options for a suitable slow motion. You can add slow motion to a whole video or a part through timeline editing. The application offers multiple subscriptions with a trial period before use.

video speed fast slow motion

Key Features

  • After editing a video in this application, you can integrate music and text.
  • The speed manipulation doesn’t result in slow-mo but also offers fast speed options.
  • It has an insightful and easy user interface; you can apply color filters after editing.

2. Slo Mo – Speed Up Video Editor

Finding answers about how to play videos in slow motion on iPhone? This is an intuitive application to create slow-mo with a high processing rate. To slow down a video using this application, you can manipulate the video frame to 240 fps. The speed modification is available to apply on specific video parts.

slo mo speed up video editor

Key Features

  • Direct video share options to Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • The premium version has 170+ music tracks to insert in your edited video.
  • Users can record a live video using this application and apply speed options.

3. Slow Mo & Fast Motion

This video editor is specifically designed for those looking to modify video speed. It enables you to change the whole video speed or the marked area. Whether you want to slow an existing video or record a new one through it, the choice is yours. The video control options are not technical, and anyone can understand them.

slow mo and fast motion

Key Features

  • The tool offers cutting options, and the timeline editing makes it more precise.
  • You can use this application's built-in features to enhance the visual outlook of video.
  • The application shows support for multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and more.

4. Video Speed Changer – Editor

Whether it's about changing speed or doing other types of speed edits, this app fits the best. It resolves your how to play videos in slow motion on iPhone problems. It allows you to change the video playback speed via a simple process. Just upload your video and drag the speed slider backward to create a slow-mo.

video speech changer editor

Key Features

  • The tool offers to import or record media through its built-in recorder option.
  • You can also add fast-motion elements like time-lapse, time warp, or hyper-lapse.
  • The user interface is straightforward and leaves no room for confusion.

Bonus Part: Make and Play Your Video in Slow Motion: Use Wondershare Filmora!

You might wonder if something is missing if you see a slow-motion video using these applications. This is where you need a professional editor for a smooth slow-mo. Wondershare Filmora is one of the editors that offers frame interpolation. With its optical flow option and high-resolution export settings, you can rely on it.

This AI video editor has two methods of creating a low-motion effect. One method involves uniform speed, and the other is speed ramping. The uniform speed option allows you to manipulate video playback speed using a slider. Meanwhile, speed ramping is a more precise method of modifying video parts.

Free Download
Free Download

Playing and Adding Slow Motion Effect to Video Using Filmora

After hearing about this amazing software, you might want to create a slow-mo. You might wonder how to play videos in slow motion on iPhone using Filmora. Read the step-by-step guide to find your answer:

Step 1Create a New Project and Access Speed Options

Once you have downloaded this software, access the "New Project" button. Then, use the "Command + I" keys to import media and bring it to the timeline. Select the media clip in the timeline and go to the settings panel. Under the "Speed" tab, choose "Uniform Speed" and drag the slider for speed change.

place media to timeline for slomo
Step 2Activate AI Frame Interpolation Option

Once you finish the speed settings, there is a tip to enhance the slow-mo effect. Find the "AI Frame Interpolation" option in the same section and expand it. Select the "Optical Flow" option at the third to smoothen the video.

enable ai frame interpolation option
Step 3Rendering and Exporting

Once you have activated the optical flow, render it to see the results. For this, navigate towards the timeline toolbar and select the "Render Preview" option. It looks like a player with a doted circle around it. Preview the results, readjust if needed, and select the "Export" option to save the video.

do rendering and save video

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora

Along with speed modification, Filmora features unlimited features in its interface. The methods of accessing them are easy as accessibility is the concept it was built on. Here are some of the game-changing features for amateurs and professionals:

1. Compound Clip

We need to add a similar effect or filter to all videos in multiple situations. Instead of applying effects one by one, you can do it at once. This feature merges all videos into one and speeds up the workflow. It simplifies the complex sequences between clips and gives smooth results.

2. Green Screen

Running low on a budget for a film but want to shoot at beautiful locations. Use Filmora’s green screen or Chroma Key feature to replace backgrounds in an accurate manner. You can do this by shooting before a green screen and applying the chroma key later. Afterward, import the clip or picture you want in the background to add.

3. Motion Tracking

Do you want to blur out a whole person or apply an effect throughout the video? With Filmora's motion tracking option, you can do these types of edits. You can insert motion graphics, animations, filters, and effects via it. Just select the object or person you want to track and activate the motion track.

4. Screen Recorder

Screen recording is important to content creation, especially in tutorial channels. In addition, the reaction or roasting channels and their owners also use this. Filmora offers an extensive screen recording option, including microphone and camera recording. You can manipulate the screen resolution, system settings, and more.


This article aimed to increase readers' knowledge to effectively add slow-mo effect. Not only did we answer how to play videos in slow motion on iPhone, but we also guided to it. The article discussed some of the leading applications for slowing down video on iPhone. For precise and flawless slow-mo creation, we recommended Wondershare Filmora.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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