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The Right Ways to Slow Down a Video on iPhone

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Dec 18, 23, updated Apr 19, 24

Slow-motion videos are widely used for various purposes in videography or filmmaking. They not only underline the significance of a shot but also elevate creativity. The frame rate is remarkably higher in slow-motion videos than in normal videos. There are two methods included in the process of how to slow down a video on an iPhone.

The first method involves increasing the frame rate; meanwhile, the other is playback speed adjustment. This article will enfold apps to teach how to slow a video down on iPhone. All these applications will be available in the iPhone's official App Store. However, check the compatibility of these apps with the iOS version you're using. Ultimately, we'll share a desktop alternative on how to slow down a video iPhone.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Pre-Recorded A Video? Adjust Slow Motion Parameters Right Away!
  2. Part 2: Some Top-Notch Solutions to Slow Down Any Video on iPhone
  3. Part 3: Failed to Slow Down Video Properly? Try Wondershare Filmora as a Remedy
  4. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Pre-Recorded A Video? Adjust Slow Motion Parameters Right Away!

One of the major reasons Gen Z and Gen Alpha opt for iPhones is their high-quality camera. It is ideal for capturing and editing videos in high resolution is ideal. In 2013, iPhones were integrated with the Slow-mo feature for creative purposes. Where first users needed third-party applications, they could use the built-in feature. Here is how do you slow down a video on iPhone officially:

Step 1

Locate the "Photos" application on your iPhone and launch it by simply clicking. Upon accessing the app, go to the bottom and click on “Albums.” Afterward, click the “Slo-mo” option from the expanding menu. Formerly, select a video from your device media library import.

open slo mo section
Step 2

Once the video has been selected, navigate to the top right corner and select "Edit."

edit video for slo mo
Step 3

When the editing panel appears, navigate towards the bottom of the timeline bar. Drag the slider's position to adjust the speed to create a slow motion. As the slow-motion effect has been created, click the “Done” button. Commencing this action will finalize your slow-motion video.

change speed from slider

Part 2: Some Top-Notch Solutions to Slow Down Any Video on iPhone

The iPhone does offer a built-in feature to help you curate a perfect slow-mo. Nonetheless, a third-party application can offer additional and upgraded features. They offer specialized effects and filters, multiplatform support, and more. This section discusses 4 applications and how to make video slow motion iPhone using them. Find the brief introduction, capabilities, and guides of these apps below:

1. SpeedPro Slow Speed Video Edit

This is an exclusive application to answer your question about how to put a video in slow motion on an iPhone. This application offers a -2x to -6x playback speed option for a slow-mo. Its intuitive feature enables speed alteration from a specific video section. This option is ideal for creatively editing your Instagram reels. Along with slowing down the speed, you can also enhance it for fast motion generation.

speedpro slow speed video

Key Features

  • The application offers a timeline editing interface that enhances precision and accuracy.
  • It possesses the ability to incorporate music in your videos using its Music feature.
  • The application collaborates with social platforms like Instagram and Facebook for

Steps to Add Slow Motion in Video Using SpeedPro Slow Speed Video Edit

When you embark on a new experience, using something for the first time can be tricky. The unfamiliarity makes it harder, and one doubts its abilities. Hence, consider us your partner in guiding you on how to edit slow motion on your iPhone. We have curated a step-by-step guide to help you in creating a slow-mo:

Step 1: After downloading and accessing the application’s main menu, click the “Speed Pro” option. Then, select a video clip from your device that you desire to apply this effect to.

add video on speedpro

Step 2: Once the video clip has been selected, click the “Done” button to import.

select video and continue

Step 3: Afterward, you'll be redirected to its editing interface for speed change. Navigate toward the speed slider at the bottom of the video display. Drag the slider towards the left to select a suitable playback speed option. You can also apply the slow-mo to a specific area by dragging the timeline slider.

change speed from slider and finalize

2. Slow Fast Slow - Control the Speed of Your Videos

Use this application to record a slow-motion video or add the effect in post-production editing. This application offers a high frame rate of 240 fps for a high-grade slow-mo effect. This means you can now slow a video up to 1/16th of its original speed. It wins at creating slow motion with the iPhone’s built-in speed manipulation feature.

slow fast slow app

Key Features

  • Provides audio pitch maintenance feature during speed alteration.
  • Gives the option to adjust the screen ratio before editing, like square or more.
  • The application is compatible with all your iOS 10.0 devices and higher versions.

Steps to Add Slow Motion in Video Using Slow Fast Slow

The encounter with an advanced tool or application is often stressful as you are unfamiliar with it. You do not want to mess up the video, so you must master an app. Following is how to slow down a video on an iPhone using the Slow Fast Slow app:

Step 1: After launching the application, give it access to your files for editing. Then, click on the “Other Videos” option to select a video from a device for slow-mo.

select from other videos

Step 2: Once the video has been imported, you will reach the editing interface. You’ll notice a slider with different points. These points indicate the time frames of your video. The slider is positioned downward to add a slow-mo effect at specific durations.

manage slider graph

Step 3: Once you are done with the editing, click the play button to preview. Next, navigate towards the right-side bottom of the preview screen and hit “Export.” Select any particular resolution to save the slowed-down video on your device.

export after selecting resolution

3. Slo Mo – Speed Up Video Editor

Are you looking for a versatile application about how to make a normal video slow-motion iPhone 13? Fashioned to modify a video’s speed, this app can help you. It allows users to adjust the video speed up to 12x for slow and fast motion. In addition, you can alter the video frame rate up to 240 fps at precise frames.

slo mo speed up video editor

Key Feature

  • With an additional freeze frame feature, infuse an innovative touch to videos.
  • Experience a more productive workflow with its quick processing feature.
  • Keeping up an accessible to all approach, the user interface is straightforward and minimal.

Steps to Add Slow Motion in Video Using Slo Mo – Speed Up Video Editor

Those initial stages of operating a new app and getting your hands on its UI are difficult. However, this article prioritizes your ease more than anything. Find our guide on how to make a video in slow motion on iPhone here:

Step 1: Upon launching the application, it will ask you for storage access. After that, you’ll have to import a video to add slow motion. Just select any normal video on your device and click on the “Next” option.

choose video and proceed

Step 2: Navigate toward the bar at the bottom of the timeline panel and select "Adjust."

continue to adjust section

Step 3: This will feature the speed control options on your screen; go to "Advance." Further, change the speed change slider towards the left to manipulate it. Afterward, preview the video and click on the “tick” icon.

change slider speed from advanced

Step 4: Further, select the “Export” icon appearing in the expanded menu.

export video or share

4. Video Speed Editor Slow & Fast

How do you slow down a video on an iPhone after recording in a minimalistic way? This iPhone application is designed for such contexts to create slow-motion videos. Users can slow down a clip's playback speed up to 8x at specific durations. Simply trim the video parts to apply the speed setting at specific sections and merge them later.

video speed editor slow and fast

Key Features

  • After slow motion, you have the option to keep the original sound or insert music offered by it.
  • The timeline editing method helps you to trim the video at the right time.
  • The application is compatible with iOS 12.0, iPadOS 12.0, macOS 11.0, and newer versions.

Steps to Add Slow Motion in Video Using Video Speed Editor Slow & Fast

This application has an innovative user interface with a simple operational menu. To add a slow-motion effect to a video, buy its Pro subscription first. To assist you further, here is how to slow down an iPhone video in it:

Step 1: Create a new project after launching the application and giving access to storage. Do this by clicking on the screen saying, "Tap to create a new project."

create new project in app

Step 2: From the Videos section of your media, select a video and hit “Choose.”

choose video for speed adjustment

Step 3: In the editing interface, simply select a speed option from -2x to -8x for slowing. Once the video is slowed down according to your preferences, export it.

change video speed and export

Part 3: Failed to Slow Down Video Properly? Try Wondershare Filmora as a Remedy

Have you tried all the given solutions on how to slow-mo a video on an iPhone and are still clueless? Not getting the desired results can be frustrating, but we have brought the best answer. Wondershare Filmora helps you achieve slow motion on a computer or laptop. The software is compatible with all Windows and macOS devices. You can just connect your iPhone with the source using a cable and import media.

Being a versatile software, Filmora introduces you to two advanced methods. Uniform speed emerges as a simple method of creating a slow-motion effect. On the other hand, Speed Ramping allows you to edit speed for professional purposes. Amongst speed alteration, users can also use the frame interpolation technique. It increases video frames to ensure a smooth playback during slow-mo.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Slow-Motion in Filmora

If you are using Filmora for the first time, the user interface might initially seem confusing. However, in comparison to other post-production software, it possesses a minimal interface. In this section, learn about how to slo-mo a video iPhone using Filmora:

Free Download
Free Download
Step 1Connect iPhone and Import Clip

Once you have created a new project on Filmora, import media. First, to import media from your iPhone, connect it to your computer or related device. Then, go to "Import" > "Import from a Camera or Phone" option. Further, select the device name and import data.

import media from iphone to filmora
Step 2Access Speed Ramping Option

Use your cursor to bring the edited media to the timeline and select it. From the appearing settings panel, access the "Speed" > "Speed Ramping" tabs. Here, either choose any of the predesigned templates or customize one.

decrease the video speed
Step 3Enable Optical Flow for Additional Touch

If the slow motion seems rough or abrupt, Filmora has a solution to that as well. Go to the "AI Frame Interpolation" section and expand it. From the expanding menu, click the "Optical Flow" option for a high-quality slow-mo.

enable the super slow motion effect
Step 4Rendering for Final Preview

To observe the overall results, navigate towards the top toolbar. Select the "File" tab and "Render Preview" from the dropdown menu. After reviewing the final video, use your cursor to click the "Export" button.

enable the render preview function

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora provides a wide range of features for a full-fledged editing experience. Some of these features are for video, some are for audio, and others are for visuals. Here is a list of some of Filmora’s key features that you must give a try to:

1. Instant Mode

Once you have recorded a video, the post-production process cannot be neglected. However, when you start editing a video, the process might be confusing at first. With Filmora's Instant Mode, use AI's assistance to edit any video without effort. There are 115 built-in templates to integrate according to context and highlights it.

2. Green Screen

Integrate attractive backgrounds in your videos, like mountains, beaches, or more. With Filmora's Green Screen feature, remove the video backgrounds with accuracy. After removing the background, you can insert multiple backgrounds, like solid colors. If there are backgrounds that you have previously saved, import them to the timeline. They will automatically show in the video, and you can customize them further.

3. Color Correction

Filmora offers an extensive range of color correction elements to enhance visibility. There are 40+ free presets in Filmora that you can download and apply within the app. In addition, you can do custom color settings and save them as custom presets. You can also use the 3D LUT feature to set preferences for specific factors.

4. Text-to-Speech

Another important feature that helps with interactive video creation is text-to-speech. It allows users to transform text into speech with voice selection options. The software has been trained on NLP and integrates realistic voices in videos. Being closer to the human voice helps with better audience interaction and understanding.


The main theme of this article was how to slow down a video on iPhone and the tools to do it. We mentioned 4 applications that are compatible with higher versions of the iPhone. In addition, the article provided detailed guides on all these applications.

Among them, Wondershare Filmora has been integrated with an advanced slow-mo feature. It allows a seamless and professional user interface to import, edit, and customize. The AI Optical Flow in it adds a remarkable fine touch to your slow-mo video.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Apr 19, 24
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