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How to add filter to video in Premiere Pro?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

When it comes to editing recorded videos like professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most preferred video editor. Editing a video consists of trimming video clips, merging them, adding transitions and video effects, as well as inserting texts and overlays. Another important aspect of video editing is adding filters to your video to enhance the video quality.

Video filters are widely used in the editing phase to correct the color and light imbalances and set the mood for a particular scene so that the audience can reach the desired state of emotion. Premiere Pro has a wide range of preset filters that you can add to your videos to enhance them like never before. We will illustrate how to add filters on Premiere Pro and suggest an alternative way to add video filters for Windows and Mac users.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Steps to Add Filter in Premiere Pro?
  2. Part 2. Alternative Way to Add Video Filters
  3. Part 3. Free Premiere Filter Presets to Use

Part 1. Steps to Add Filter in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro comes with a wide range of present filters so that you can adjust the color grading for different scenes in your video. If you are new to using Premiere Pro and you are not a professional video editor, you could find its learning curve on the steeper side. However, you can add video filters in Premiere Pro instantly. Here are the steps on how to add a filter in Premiere Pro.

Step1Launch Premiere Pro on your computer. Go to File> Import to bring in the video clip that you want to edit. Move the video clip from Project panel into Timeline.

import video ito premiere pro.jpg

Step2Go to Effects tab from the top and open Lumetri Presets folder. You will find different categories of filters and effects such Cinematic, Desaturation, Style, Temperature and much more. Open up these categories and drag and drop any desired filter into the Timeline. The video filter will get applied to your video automatically.

preview filters and effects premiere

Step3If you are looking for color grading, go to Color tab from the top. Go to Lumetri Color on the right side, go to Creative> Look > select any Preset filter present.

add filters to video premiere

Step4Thereafter, you can adjust certain parameters like intensity, saturation, sharpen as per requirements. You can also go for Basic correction which acts like applying a filter to your videos.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Add Video Filters

If you find the steps on how to add colour filter in Premiere Pro difficult or the filters are not appealing to you, you can opt for an alternative. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best alternative to Premiere Pro to add video filters. Filmora comes with a super easy and intuitive and applying filter to your videos cannot get any easier.

The wide range of filters available on Filmora outshines Premiere Pro. Most importantly, trending filters are also available to make your videos follow the current trend on social media and video streaming sites. You can add multiple video filters to one video clip as per your preference. Here are the steps on how to add video filters on Filmora.

Step1Download and install Wondershare Filmora which is available for Windows and Mac users. Launch Filmora and click on New Project option.

download and install filmora

Step2Drag and drop your video into Project Media folder and thereafter, into Timeline.

drag and drop video into timeline

Step3Go Effects located at the top and go to Filters option from the left panel.

filters option

Step4Drag the desired filter into Timeline to apply to your video. You can set the duration of the video filter as per your preference. Play the video and click on Export button to save the edited video.

save the edited video

Part 3. Free Premiere Filter Presets to Use

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a handful of video filters. However, you can add various free Premiere Pro filter presets and apply them to your video. Here is the list of the free Premiere Pro filter presets to use on your video.

Retro Preset Pack -

There is a craze to have retro filters on the video so that the video looks different and takes the audience back to the golden old days. This is a collection of filter presets where you can get different old-school styles. Starting from VHS filter effect to RGB split, there are ample filter presets to make your video look retro.

Cinematic LUT Pack -

There is no doubt that cinematic videos always look class apart from the rest of the videos and this is the perfect collection of video filters you need. Use these filters to deepen and sharpen colors and cut down brightness so that the video becomes eye-catching and eye-soothing. This is a must-have video filter you should have in Premiere Pro so that you can make regular videos look extraordinary.

Panoramic Transitions Pack -

Transitions are a part of video filters in Premiere Pro and if you want something different in transition effects, you should opt for Panoramic transitions. Starting from fish-eye effect to spinning effect, you can apply them when you move from one scene to another or one clip to another.

Free Animated Text Preset Pack -

Text is an important part of any video and you need video filter presets to apply to the textual part. Instead of the regular text filters, the animated text presets are extremely eye-catching. Starting from shake animations to bounce animations, 13 free animation titles can transform your video especially the part where texts are the main highlights.

Glitch Effects Pack -

If you make videos for social media or you make informational videos, glitch effects must be in your videos. You can get quick attention of your audience with glitch effects, make scene transitions, and add some comedy scenes. Your video will have some extra kick and look more interesting to watch.


If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit your videos, adding filters to your videos could be quite common. We have illustrated how to add filter to video in Premiere Pro to enhance your video quality and outlook. We have also listed the must-have free Premiere Pro filter presents. If you are looking for an alternative to add video filters, we recommend Wondershare Filmora.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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