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Add Stylish Text to Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Create your style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others – Anna Wintour. Adding Stylish Text to your video helps to communicate the clarity of the story's message, tone, and sentiment. But how much text on video is enough? This article will teach you how and when to add stylish text to your video and its importance.

In this article
  1. What is Stylish Text
  2. How to use Stylish Text
  3. What is the importance of Adding Stylish Text

What is Stylish Text

In general, Stylish text is preset animations that you can use to the text in your video with just one click, adding an efficient plan to grab your viewers' attentiveness. From bold to essential, stylish text can help give your video a clear look while also increasing the accessibility of your videos. Text styles offer a monochrome highlight on your text and added movement to make your videos more engaging to the audience.

Most of the video editing software released offers different text style presets that you can use to accomplish the look you're aiming. In Wondershare Filmora 11, browsing the Title menu, there are a lot of Text categories available that you can use depending on the type of video you are working with, whether it's all about events like Mother's Day, Valentine's day, or gaming text style, travel, sports, everything in one total package.

filmora title text style
Free Download
Free Download

How to use Stylish Text

As mentioned, Styles help you add dynamic effects that make your videos exceptional, whether you use a template or start from scratch.

For this example, we'll walk you through using text styles on the Short video clip that I made using Wondershare Filmora 11.

Step1 Open your Wondershare Filmora 11 Video editing software
  1. Launch Wondershare Filmora 11 from your system and select New Project.
  2. Import the selected videos and open them in the program to enhance the speed and duration of the video. The video can also be dragged and dropped to the interface.
drag and import video filmora
Step2 Imported Video Clips
imported video clips

In using the Title or the Stylish Text, you can add your video clip on Timeline Panel, or you can first add the Title text.

Step3 Add Stylish Text

Let's first add our selected Stylish text/title, or you can search in the Search box above for any related text you want.

  1. Go to Title Menu above, click the Title category that you want, and drag it to the Timeline Panel below. Once added, you can check if this will fit the story of your video.
select desired titile travle video
Step4 Change Stylish Text Duration and Effects

You can also modify or change the Duration of the Title you've added in the Timeline panel. The default length of a text effect is 5 seconds. There are two ways to change the course of a text effect.

  1. Drag the text on the timeline directly and adjust the duration either on the left or right side.
  2. Or you can select the text in the timeline panel and click the duration icon to set a new duration. The duration setting will pop out then you can input your desired period.
set new duration
Step5 Edit Text Effects
  1. In Editing the Added Stylish Text, you can double click on it in the timeline to open the Text editing panel. From here, you can change the style (color, font, size, alignment, transform, and compositing) and choose the Word Art type and animation of your text.

Before (Default)

default text effects filmora


edited text effects after
Step6 Advanced Text Editing

To edit your text in more ways, click the Advanced button to enter the Advanced Text Edit panel.

advanced text editing

In the Advanced Text Edit panel, you can edit and add more elements to the selected title effects, such as text boxes, shapes, or images.

You can modify your text effects in the Advanced Text Edit panel in the following ways: color, font, animation, fill, border, and many more.

add more text elements

You can explore each Title properties/setting to modify your text.

Note: Remove Title/Texts
There are two ways to remove Title/ Texts from your video: (In Wondershare Filmora)
Just select the text you want to remove in your Timeline Panel and hit Delete on your keyboard.
Right-click on the text in the timeline and select DELETE from the menu.

What is the importance of Adding Stylish Text?

As a Youtuber, creating thumbnails is one of the essential aspects of getting the attention of your audience. A thumbnail is a small image inserted into a video that exemplifies larger content inside the video or article. Millions of videos are produced and uploaded on the Internet every single day, so it's essential for yours to stand out. Text on videos has several different added benefits as well. In this video, we'll give four reasons why you should start adding text to your videos.

1. Content becomes easy to remember

Viewer Retention (sometimes referred to as "Audience Retention") is the average percentage of a video that people watch. Videos with high Viewer Retention scores tend to sell more. Adding some Text/Title in your video is one of the critical factors to remember because the viewers get multiple cue points (example: audio and text on video) to confirm their understanding and retain the essence of the messaging.

2. Make sense even without sound

A lot of people watch videos on mute mode. A recent study indicates that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. A lot of us consume videos while in transit and sometimes at work as well :).

Text is very expository for most of these videos since it'd help in building the proper context for the viewer.

3. It Helps Summarize Key Points

Some audiences are looking for a summary of the video in an instant to save more time. As Youtuber, it is very helpful if you will add Text/Titles as caption perse in a video. For example, one needs to remember 2-3 tips for driving. If the captions or text show up on the video when the driver talks about this and that, that's better!

4. Aesthetics

Some people don't care much about the graphics; they just go through the textual content. This is because texts are the major sources of information. Adding Styling Text/Titles can make a video engaging and attractive. The audience wants to see some color and action in the videos to grasp the storyboard easily.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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