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[Quick Solved] How to Add Subtitles to a Video on iPhones

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Subtitles have become an integral part of the videos as they offer multiple benefits like reaching a wider audience, helpful for people with hearing disabilities, helping in watching videos by keeping audio off, and more. The high-end camera of the iPhone is capable of recording excellent quality videos, but these do not have subtitles.

So, if too you are searching for ways how to add subtitles to a video on your iPhone you have reached the right place. In this article, we will help you learn about the different tools and methods that allow adding subtitles to your iPhone videos.

In this article
  1. Solution 1: Add Subtitles to Your Video with Preinstalled iMovie
  2. Solution 2: Using a Professional Video Editing App to Make & Add Subtitles for iPhone
  3. Solution 3: Embed Closed Captions to a Video on iPhone with 3Play Media
  4. Solution 4: Add Captions/Subtitles to a Video on iPhone with Wondershare Filmora

Solution 1: Add Subtitles to Your Video with Preinstalled iMovie

For the iOS and Mac systems, iMovie is an excellent editing tool that also comes preinstalled on devices. Though iMovie does not support adding subtitles to videos on your iPhone a workaround is available where text can be added to be used as the subtitles.

Steps on how to add subtitles in iMovie on iPhone

Step1 On your, iPhone open the iMovie app and then click on the Movie option and then on the + sign to browse and add the video to which you want to add the subtitles.

imovie adding subtitles to iphone video

Step2 Next, move the video to the timeline and then stop at the video point where the subtitle has to be added.

Step3 Click on the T button and multiple styling and text options will appear.

imovie moving the video to the timeline

Step4 Choose the desired style and then the screen location – Center or Lower where you want to place the subtitle.

imovie choosing desired style

Step5 Play and check if the video is being added at the right place.

Step6 Finally, click on the Done button to save the added text as the subtitle to your video.

using imovie to add subtitles to iphone video
  • Simple and quick solution
  • No need for any third-party software installation
  • Subtitles cannot be added directly
  • No option for subtitle customization

Summary: For users who are looking for a simple and straightforward method, using iMovie to add text as subtitles are the best solution.

Solution 2: Using a Professional Video Editing App to Make & Add Subtitles for iPhone

An array of professional video editing apps for iPhone are available as well that can let you perform multiple tasks including subtitle and text editing to your videos. These apps can be simply downloaded on your device and can be used for the videos present on your phone. Shortlisted ones for your reference are enlisted below.

1. FilmoraGo- Video Editor and Maker

Developed by Wondershare, this is an excellent app that can be used for all basic as well as advanced video editing requirements. Using the app, you can creatively edit your videos by trimming, adding text, adding transitions, adding filters, and more. Though there is no direct subtitle-adding feature in the app, you can add them as text.

  • Simple to use app for all types of video editing tasks
  • Add texts to your videos quickly and easily as subtitles
  • Comes with multiple videos creating templates
  • Subtitles cannot be embedded directly
  • The advanced Pro version is paid

Summary: The app is just perfect for users are want to create interesting videos on their iPhone using multiple editing features.

2. MixCaptions

This is a widely used iOS app to get and add subtitles to your videos. Additionally, you can even edit the video captions, display captions at your desired location, customize the caption text, and more.

  • Free to use simple app
  • Allows to import SRT files, and edit the subtitle file
  • Allows to automatically transcribe in 23 languages
  • Free version processed files with a watermark
  • Longer videos can be processed through pro paid version

Summary: To add as well as edit the subtitle files on your iPhone and other iOS devices, this is an excellent app to consider.

3. Kaptioned

This is another popularly used app for auto-detecting, transcribing, and adding a subtitle to videos. The app makes use of AI for detecting the words automatically in the video and then adding subtitles to the same. An array of subtitle customization options is also supported by the app like changing the style and colors, the option to add subtitles in 2 languages, export subtitles in an SRT file, and more.

  • Use AI to generate subtitles for the videos
  • Allows editing and customizing subtitles in an array of ways
  • Support to multi-language generated subtitles
  • Videos processed through the free version have a watermark
  • Users’ complaints of not-so-efficient customer service

Summary: When you want subtitles to be generated automatically for your videos and that too in multiple languages, this is the app to look forward to.

how to add subtitles to a video in iPhone with a video editing app

Here we take FilmoraGo as an example to show you the concrete steps.

  1. Install and launch the app on your iPhone.
  2. Add the desired video to the app for which you wish to add the subtitles.
filmorago video adding
  1. Move to the video location where you want to add the subtitle.
filmorago text adding
  1. Choose the option to add the text to your videos and then enter the desired text.
filmorago text styling
  1. When done, you can tap on Export to save the video with the text on your device.
filmorago video exporting

Solution 3: Embed Closed Captions to a Video on iPhone with 3Play Media

For users who are looking for advanced features, 3Play Media is a great service to use. Using the program, subtitles to the videos can be encoded in more than 20 languages quickly and easily. The tool allows adding soft as well as hard subtitles to your video files. A wide range of additional features is supported by the software like adding real-time captions to the live streaming platforms, options for audio descriptions, features for translation and subtitling, and more.


Steps how to add subtitles to video on your iPhone using 3Play Media

First of all, using the 3Play Media to create the closed caption for the iPhone video. It is recommended to use. scc format for the subtitle file.

Step1 You need to send the video to the software for transcription and captioning.

3playmedia my file

Step2 Once the closed caption file is ready, you next need to order the caption encoding service. On your 3Play Media tool go to My Files > Caption Encoding and then choose the type of encoding for your iPhone model.

3playmedia caption encoding

Step3 Next, follow the prompts as they appear and then place your order. In some time, the process will be completed and you will get the notification of the same on your email.

Download the video with the added subtitles.

Solution 4: Add Captions/Subtitles to a Video on iPhone with Wondershare Filmora

Another professional way to add subtitles to the videos on your iPhone is by using desktop software. You can transfer your desired videos to your Windows and Mac device and then using a versatile tool add the subtitles. One software that you can rely on for the task is Wondershare Filmora which is an advanced video editing tool supporting multiple functions including subtitle adding as well as editing.

Using the software, you can quickly import and add the local SRT subtitle files to your videos in all key formats and if needed, can also customize them using functions like editing time-code, changing subtitles, adding, merging subtitle strips, changing the style, and more.

Steps to add subtitles to iPhone videos using Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Launch the installed software on your system and then using the Media resource area, add the SRT file as well as the video to which it has to be added. Drag and drop the video and the SRT file to the timeline below.

wondershare filmora

Step2 Next at the timeline, choose the Advanced Edit option or double-click on the chosen SRT file.

add srt using wondershare filmora

Step3 If needed, you can now customize the subtitle file by editing the time code, changing the subtitles, adding, merging or removing the subtitle strips, or by changing the subtitle styles as needed.

wondershare filmora subtitle editing

Step4 When done, check the preview of the video with the SRT file added and the n finally click on the Export button to save the video to your local system.

wondershare filmora add subtitles to video

Final Words

Adding subtitles to your videos on iPhone will make your videos reach a wider target audience and make them more accessible in different situations. Different methods for adding these subtitles to your videos are mentioned in the above parts of the topic. Choose the best suitable one considering its features, pros, and cons.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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