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15 Best LUTS to Buy in 2023

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published May 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

The LUTs application improves the quality factors of the media files. It works on the color gradients and performs corrections with the existing images to bring out the best in the captures. Some details become visible only after making innovative corrections using the best LUTs program.

Using this tool, you can create filters and apply them to the photos in no time. Choose reliable applications to obtain the desired outcomes. Select the programs that carry in-built elements and a user-friendly interface for optimal tool usage. In this article, you will explore the top 15 best LUTs you can buy in 2022 to increase the overall view of the photos and videos.

best luts to buy in 2022
In this article
  1. Top 15 best LUTs to buy in 2022
  2. Bonus! Use your LUTs in Filmora.

Here, quickly surf the wide range of the LUTs app and its related details. Connect with the right ones that match your needs.

1. Urban Dark LUTs

The Urban dark LUTs are exclusively designed to display the city environment. You can use these LUTs to enhance your shot with urban effects. The relevant color gradients are applied to this file.

Price: $37.

best luts to buy in 2022 - Urban Dark LUTs
Urban Dark LUTs

2. Osiris Cinematic LUT

The Osiris Cinematic LUT hails from a reputed developer Vision Color. This pack contains 3 different LUT effects with processed films to provide cinematic looks to the media content. Many filmmakers use this LUT effect frequently to reveal the realistic shots in their movies.

Price: $57

best luts to buy in 2022 - Osiris Cinematic LUT
Osiris Cinematic LUT

3. Black Magic LUT

The Black magic LUT corrects the color shifts and brings out the natural flavors in the shots. This LUT effect includes the skin tone and displays the realistic colors on the captured content.

Price: $22.

best luts to buy in 2022 - Black Magic LUT
Black Magic LUT

4. Filmic Tone LUT

In this LUT, you can rectify the color gradients and match the skin tone perfectly. It contains dark vibes and it is enough if you import this LUT to the editing interface without any complex installation process. The Filmic Tone LUT seems to be compatible with different video editing platforms.

Price: $28.

best luts to buy in 2022 - Filmic Tone LUT
Filmic Tone LUT

5. Moody Bundles

Here, you can find seven types of LUT effects available in this pack. It displays the atmospheric vibes and specializes in the moods related to the landscapes, weather, fashion, and sports. Choose the LUTs as per the genre of the video clippings.

Price: $91

best luts to buy in 2022 - Moody Bundles
Moody Bundles

6. Filippo Cinotti

The film lovers use these LUT effects to adjust the shadows and highlights on the captured content. There are options to customize this LUT using the in-built color panel available with the video editing environment like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and many more adds to the list.

Price: $29

best luts to buy in 2022 - Filippo Cinotti
Filippo Cinotti

7. Winter Lifestyle LUT pack

This LUTs pack is specially built to apply winter effects to the media content. It helps to include the snow, and white environment in the background to add flavor to the capture. There are more than 30 winter lifestyle LUTs effects available to include in the videos and photos effortlessly.

Price: $55

best luts to buy in 2022 - Winter Lifestyle LUT pack
Winter Lifestyle LUT pack

8. Autumn LUTs pack

There are 20 autumn LUTs packs available in this product to edit the videos and photos with unique effects. Instead of applying similar filters to the media content, try this autumn collection LUTs to view different looks of your photos and videos.

Price: $35

best luts to buy in 2022 - Autumn LUTs pack
Autumn LUTs pack

9. Sports LUTs

It is a pack of 20 unique sports LUTs exclusively available to insert into your videos and images. Customize the LUTs by adjusting the brightness, contrast, color grading and intensity values to add value to the captured content.

Price: $36

best luts to buy in 2022 - Sports LUTs
Sports LUTs

10. Christmas LUTs

Use these LUTs during the festival season and create an impact on the viewers. You can impress the audience by playing the videos edited using the Christmas LUTs at the time of family and friend get together. Here the effects are highly professional and no compromises with the quality factors.

Price: $36

best luts to buy in 2022 - Christmas LUTs
Christmas LUTs

11. Beach LUTs

When you shoot the memorable moments on the beach, edit the content using 20 different types of beach LUTs. They are highly professional and work on the blue color with intense gradients to provide natural looks overall.

Price: $36

best luts to buy in 2022 - Beach LUTs
Beach LUTs

12. Black and White LUTs

To add the black and white color gradients to the imported videos or photos, this LUT gives you great effects. Brush the media file with black and white shades to obtain a new look at the existing content.

Price: $17

best luts to buy in 2022 - Black and White LUTs
Black and White LUTs

13. Creamy LUTs

In these LUTs, you can add the skin tone effects realistically on the characters in the video content. The skin color is quickly matched by adjusting the color gradients. The creamy nature of the skin tone is retained using these LUTs.

Price: $36

best luts to buy in 2022 - Creamy LUTs
Creamy LUTs

14. Retro LUTs

The retro effects are assured when you apply these LUTs in your video. Convert your latest images and videos into a retro mood by using the Retro LUTs while editing the media content on any platform. There are 20 different retro LUTs to add flavors to the videos.

Price: $36

best luts to buy in 2022 - Retro LUTs
Retro LUTs

15. Epic LUTs

When you narrate a story with the photos and videos, then insert the epic LUTs in the content to convey the tracks as a history. Resemble any epic events in your shots and use these LUTs to maintain the realistic looks overall.

Price: $36

best luts to buy in 2022 - Epic LUTs
Epic LUTs

Bonus! Use your LUTs in Filmora.

Now, it is high time to study the usage of LUTs effects in Filmora and build a media file outstanding. The Filmora is a video editor tool that edits the video content beyond imagination. It allows you to perform limitless edits in your content hassle-free. You can easily upload the content from any storage space and quickly add desired effects to the videos. Apart from effects, you can insert transitions, animations, and icons to create an impact on the audience who watches the final edited video content. The Filmora video editor satisfies both the professionals and newbies giving satisfactory results.

Follow the below steps to insert the LUT effects on the imported video or photos using the Filmora editor application.

Step 1Install the LUTs app

Go to the official webpage of Filmora and download the tool according to the system OS. Install it and launch the application. Then, upload the desired video or photo that requires further edits.

Step 2Choose Effects

Now, tap the Effects option in the menu and select the LUTs option in the left panel of the screen. Next, select your favorite LUT effect displayed on the right side of the screen. Here, you can find a wide range of LUTs to include in the loaded videos or photos.

how to use luts in Filmora
Choose Effects
Step 3Apply Now

Finally, hit the Apply button to insert the chosen LUT effect into the imported video or photo. There are options to expand the Effects library by loading LUTs from external sources. Click the Custom LUT tab and tap the drop-down menu nearby the 3D LUT label. Then, choose the Load New LUTs option to include extra LUTs in the list. You can include them in further video edits on the Filmora interface.

how to use luts in Filmora - Load LUTs
Load New LUTs

You can also customize the available LUT effects in the Filmora library according to the video or photo content. Use the Filmora video editor program optimally to bring the best in the content and entertain the audience for better reach. Every edit reveals the expected displays of the media content. Choose the editing features in the Filmora Video Editor app precisely for satisfactory results.

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Thus, you are the last lines in the discussion of the best LUTs you can purchase in 2022. Quickly rush up to the stores before the above discussed LUTs becomes out of stock. You can wait for a few days if your favorite LUTs go unavailable. Choose the LUTs professionally and use the Filmora Video Editor to insert the LUTs optimally in the video content. Connect with this article to gather exciting facts about LUTs.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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