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10 Best Vloggers on YouTube in 2024

Do you wish to start vlogging? Before starting, you may need to check some popular vloggers. This article features some of the best YouTube vlogs you can find.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jun 12, 24

Vloggers have made a significant impact on the lives of many people worldwide. They have presented different aspects of the world that should be endured and endorsed by the people. While being influencers, these vloggers have provided a platform for people to understand what the world is actually about.

If you are new to YouTube, you need to come across some people to watch. This article presents you with some best vloggers on YouTube that you can watch to get to know more about this genre.

Part 1: 10 Best Vloggers on YouTube Channel

Being new on YouTube, you need to know which YouTube vlogs you should follow right away. This part caters to all significant influencers that use their vlog channels to make a worldwide impact.

1. Vagabrothers

Subscribers: 1.12M+

Two brothers who started their journey across Spain to teach English started their YouTube channel that has been eventually gaining traction in the digital network. People at YouTube have started following the brothers in their traveling journey, where they connect their vlogs with interactive content.

Along with that, out of their vlog videos, they also add different video tips for their users for effective traveling. To know where to go next for your trip, Vagabrothers are the best vloggers on YouTube for this.

vagabrothers youtube channel

2. Ali Abdaal

Subscribers: 2.81M+

A junior doctor and a vlogger, Ali Abdaal has been across YouTube since 2007. His journey across YouTube started as a medical graduate from Cambridge University; however, he built his image and career across the professional field. As a sidekick, he always kept vlogging a must-do in his life.

With various videos, from informational to recreational, Ali Abdaal has a unique form of YouTube vlogs in his package. An influencer that you should indeed watch!

ali abdaal vlogger

3. Mr. Ben Brown

Subscribers: 653K+

If you are a fan of storytelling, this YouTube vlogger will offer you one of the best experiences in displaying travel diaries. Mr. Ben Brown, known for his storytelling and cinematography, has been making exceptional cases in the digital industry with his vlogs.

Undoubtedly one of the top YouTube vloggers you can find for experiencing travel vlogs. This YouTube vlogger posts exceptional stories and videos of his travel, making the viewers feel connected.

ben brown vlogger

4. Nayna Florence

Subscribers: 269K+

Nayna Florence is a quite different kind of YouTube vlogger you’d find in the digital community. She has been connected with her viewers through videos that present her with a touch of her life. While she goes through different aspects of life which influence her, she believes in inspiring people at most.

Her motive of working for animal rights, veganism, and sustainability in life are some admirable things. You should surely look into her YouTube vlogs to get to know more about her and inspire your life with her views.

nayna florence youtube vlogger

5. Casey Neistat

Subscribers: 12.4M+

This vlogger has been part of the YouTube community for years. While influencing millions of viewers, he is believed to be one of the pioneers of the vlogging community. His work ethic is quite inspiring, which has been called extremely professional at many scales. Casey works extremely hard on his videos, and his cinematography has made many people move into this profession.

Casey has kept a diverse selection of topics for his vlogs. His lifeguard training with Kevin Hart is one of the most renowned videos in the vlog section.

caesy neistat youtuber

6. Hey Nadine

Subscribers: 469K+

She has been the leading female travel vlogger of all time. While she offers a unique set of YouTube vlogs for her viewers, she has provided an in-depth overview of her lifestyle. This has inspired many people to adopt her lifestyle and enjoy the creativity in life with fun, food, and entertainment.

‘Hey Nadine’ has collaborated with many channels throughout her vlogs, and she continues to do so every other week. This is why she has gained a lot of following across YouTube.

hey nadine vlogger

7. Roman Atwood Vlogs

Subscribers: 15.5M+

This vlogger started his channel as a prankster; however, he changed his genre into vlogging after a while. Although his journey is now going up to a decade as a YouTube vlogger, he has presented a family-friendly video journey for his viewers. Roman Atwood is being liked as a person who has catered to all sorts of the target audience.

Since 2018, he has changed his version of vlogs; however, he tends to continue this journey in providing people with influential content.

roman atwood vlogs

8. Jay Alvarrez

Subscribers: 1.25M+

Few people work with YouTube vlogs like Jay Alvarrez. He has not been an active member; however, his content is believed to be much better than most vloggers found on YouTube. Jay Alvarrez has been extremely focused on providing good content, so his viewership has been loyal to him throughout the years, regardless of him being absent for months between videos.

jay alvarrez youtuber

9. Alfie Deyes Vlogs

Subscribers: 3.66M+

This YouTuber has been quite interactable across the digital community. With three different channels, Alfie Deyes, the operator of this channel, is consistent in his vlogging work. While he is referred to among the best vloggers on YouTube, Alfie has been working on different platforms for his channel.

While working for his vlogs, he has continued the branding of his channel across offline platforms. That is why people following Pointless Blog Vlogs are truly inspired by his journey.

alfie deves vlogs

10. Kold

Subscribers: 1.25M+

Kold is a YouTuber who is also focused on his content rather than the frequency of the work. He has been working as a vlogger for quite a while; however, his videos are truly inspiring. Combined with effects, transitions, and shots that are alluring to the eye, Kold fulfills his responsibility as a vlogger.

He holds a place among the top YouTube vloggers and provides a very intuitive experience to his viewers across the videos.

kold youtube vlogger

Part 2: Tips to Become A Popular Vlogger on YouTube

With a list of people on your front, you would surely feel the privilege of becoming a popular vlogger on YouTube. As you see across these channels, there is a certain motive that makes them a successful person in this field. However, if you really want to know the secret to success, look across these tips to better understand setting up a YouTube vlog.

Set Up A Niche

As you have seen above, every vlogger starts with a certain niche in their mind. If you are good at comedy, you understand how to present your content. If you are good at cinematography and videography, you should be aware of the tools and tricks to make a perfect vlog.

Address to the Right Community

You need to make sure that you address to right target audience across your vlog. This can only be identified if you are focused across your niche. With a clear understanding of your niche, you would know to target the right age, community, and platform.

Provide Diversity in Ideas

Copying ideas of other vloggers will never bring you the community you wish for. You need to be distinct in your content, with a virtually different idea of bringing something new for the viewers. Only then would people like to hear you out.

Select the Best Video Editor

It is particularly important that you are focused on creating the best vlog for your videos. For this, you should have the perfect video editor for designing the vlogs. Wondershare Filmora provides you with the perfect platform for editing a video. Not only do you do basic editing, but you can also add effects, transitions, and different elements to make your vlogs interesting.

Closing Words

Are you ready to become one of the best vloggers on YouTube? Do you have a list you can enjoy in your free time? We hope that this article has been quite encouraging to you in offering a good list of YouTube vloggers. Not only this, but our focus across the tips may also present you with a clear ground on how to work in YouTube as a vlogger.

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