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Little Tricks to Create Canva Slideshow No One is Telling You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Little Tricks to Create Canva Slideshow No One is Telling You

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You can make slideshows in innumerable ways. And we all are aware of how important it is to present slideshows, no matter what our profession or purpose is. And one of the ways of making slideshows is by using the canvas slideshow.

You can make the best type of slideshows on any device you prefer with Canva. So, in the following discussion, we will be talking about how you can make a slideshow on a PC or Mac with Canvas. Then, we will point out the steps for adding music to your slideshow in Canva. We will also mention how you can turn a slideshow into a video with Canva.

Lastly, we will discuss the answers and solutions to some common questions regarding converting slides to digital, following with the discussion of the best video editing tool for slideshow videos. So, without o further ado, let us get started with our discussion.

Part 1 How to Make a Slideshow on a PC or Mac with Canva?

You can make the best Canva slide show in just five simple steps. You can choose any device for making a slideshow with canva. The best choice is to use a PC or Mac to get the entire display, thereby helping you make better edits, changes and integrations in your slideshows. 

So, let us start the discussion with the five simple steps for making a slideshow on PC or Mac with Canva. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Launch the application 

The first step is to download, launch and install the application of Canva on your preferred device, that is, either your PC or your Mac. The application is available for free, and you need not pay any charges for downloading and installing Canva on your Mac or PC. 

canva launch

Step 2: Choose the template

The next step is to choose the template you want for your sideshow. Choose from among the many canva slideshow templates that are available. 

canva templates

Step 3: Make the required edits with the features of Canva.

There are numerous features available at Canva. Use them to make the necessary edits and integrations in your slideshow. Use the different features and make your slideshow the way you want. You can add images, texts and designs to your slideshow at Canva. 

canva editing features

Step 4: Customize accordingly 

You can add your images and change the templates and designs at Canva. It helps in bringing more uniqueness, creativity and originality, as you can integrate your imagination, skills and creativity in the slideshow you are making at Canva. 

Step 5: Save your work and export 

All the hard work is finfish by now. Now you have to have the slideshow that you have made so far. And then, share it in whichever file format you prefer on any social media platform or other places you want. 

canva to powerpoint export

Part 2 How to Add Music to Your Slideshow in This Canva?

You can customize your slideshow at Canva in numerous ways. And one of the ways is by adding music to your slideshow in Canva. A slideshow in canva can have music in it, which can be any music. You can record yourself or even integrate any readymade music file. 

You need only a single step to add music to your slideshow at Canva. The steps for making the slideshow remain the same, and you can refer to the steps mentioned above for reference. In the above steps, pause at Step 3. 

You can add the required music file or media file at that step. In the next step, that is, in Step 4, you can customize that media file. You can integrate any audio file that you record for your slideshow. 

canva add music

Part 3 How to Turn Your Slideshows into Videos with Canva?

We have discussed the steps for making canva photo slideshow. The steps are simple to perform and easy to follow. But what if you need or want to turn that slideshow into a video? You definitely can do so! The steps for this, too, are straightforward and effortless. 

So, now we will discuss the steps for turning slideshows at Canva into videos. There are four simple steps for this, and they are as follows. 

Step 1: Choose your preferred presentation type 

By this, we mean that you must decide the size of your presentation. It is better to determine the type of presentation, for it helps in better and faster making of your presentation. 

Step 2: Integrate all the components you want in your presentation 

Then, integrate all the images, soundtracks, texts, designs and templates and all the other necessary components you want to be present in your presentation. You can use numerous features in your presentation at Canva. 

Step 3: Customize the presentation based on your choice and needs 

You can change the components of your presentation according to your needs and choice, and you can bring about as much customization as you want. So, customize according to and as much you want. 

Step 4: Download and share 

Lastly, save the presentation. Then go to the blue bar, and in the options present in the top right corner, you will find "presenting". You can save your file from there, and then the "Download" option will help you download the file to your device. 

Part 4 FAQ of Converting Slides to Digital

Now, we will discuss solutions or answers to the common questions relating to converting slides into digital format. Here are the frequently asked issues or questions regarding this aspect. 

01How do I convert my slides to digital? 

We can recommend a few ways in which you can digitise your old slides. The methods are as follows. 

Hiring a proficient professional at this work is the easiest and the most effective method. 

A slide copier tool or application can also effectively serve this purpose. 

Use a device that converts the images or slides digitally. 

Use a flatbed scanner to scan your slides. 

Photographing your slides is an intelligent way to digitise your old slides. 

02Can I use Filmora to turn my slides to digital? 

You can readily use Filmora to transform your slideshows into slideshow videos, digitising your slides effectively. You have to make your slideshow at Filmora, edit and customise it according to your preference and then save, share or download the file. It will automatically turn your slide into digital format or help you make a successful slideshow video. 

03What is the best method for turning slides into digital?

The most effortless method is to hire a professional, and it will guarantee saucerful results. But, if you want to do it yourself, you can readily opt for Filmora. It is the best video editing application that can readily help you digitise your slides. 

04Can I turn my slideshow into videos?

Yes, you can effortlessly turn your slideshows into videos. You need a video editing tool that enables you to share and download your slideshow in a video format. And the best tool for it is Filmora. You can unhesitant opt for Filmora if you want to turn your slideshows into videos and share them effortlessly on any platform.

Now, we will discuss the best video editing tool or application, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. You can use this tool to make the best slideshows and convert them into videos. You have the liberty f using any device for editing and making slideshow videos. You can customise as much you want and use the tons of features for editing available in the tool.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

You can opt for the free version. It has tools and features that are more than sufficient for making the most incredible slideshow videos. And when you choose its paid version, you are bestowed with the most advanced professional tools and features for editing. You can use the 800+ filters available, the texts, designs, templates, and other components for editing at Filmora.

So, if you want to make the best and the most incredible slideshows videos, you can readily opt for Filmora!

Ending Thoughts

So, this was all about the different aspects and factors of a slideshow at Canva. Let us have a quick recap of the topic and discussions we have touched on in the above discussion. 

The five steps for making A slideshow in canva on your PC or Mac. 

The steps for adding music to your slideshow at Canva, also, how can you turn your slideshows into videos in Canva in four simple steps

Lastly, we have discussed the answers or solutions to the common questions relating to converting slides to digital. And we have ended our discussion by introducing the best video editing tool, Filmora, that can help you make the most fantastic slideshows on any device, be it a PC or Mac.

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