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Best Ways to Convert Video Frame Rate to 60FPS [Software and Online Choices]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

One of the primary things that differentiate a good video from a low-quality one is its frame rate or burst rate. This refers to the frequency of a series of images or frames consecutively appearing during display. A low frame rate per second or FPS causes issues in most display screens, so you will need a 60 FPS video converter to update it.

You need to convert or make video 60FPS online through tools and software to improve the sharpness of frame speed and make it suitable for streaming sites like YouTube that play 60FPS only or create UHD/4K videos. Plus, most high-definition screens for gaming, computers, tablets, and smartphones require high FPS.

This article will teach you the best solutions to make the conversion possible. Choose your option after a full evaluation.

30 fps vs 60 fps
In this article
  1. Part I. What does 60 FPS mean?
  2. Part II. How to convert A Video to 60fps?
  3. Bonus Tip. Use Wondershare Filmora to Create High-Quality Videos with 60FPS Support

Part I. What does 60 FPS mean?

Before discussing the best tools available for frame rate conversion, you should know what frame rate is. Also known as update rate, this signifies the frequency of the display of consecutive series of frames or images. The speed of how they appear determines the fluid play of the video with no interruption or lag.

In the context of video and film cameras, motion capture systems, and computer graphics, you should try to convert video to 60FPS. There are multiple types available, like the low 24FPS or 30FPS or the higher 60FPS or 120FPS. 60FPS is the most accepted option for diverse operating systems, screens, and graphics.

Differences between 24FPS, 30FPS, and 60FPS:

Here are the differences you will note between the three common frame rates per second in videos. For a simple overview, these differences are expressed in tabular form.

Description This universally acceptable frame rate choice is used for transferring video signals to film. 30FPS is a slightly higher frame rate choice for animations and show videos that are suitable for television viewing and online platforms. Videos at 60FPS have better fluency and smoother definition, with sharp videos that work during gaming, high-definition streaming, and UHD/4K video editing. 
Types of videos Older videos and films. Online videos, TV shows, and news. HD-quality movies, online videos, and games.
Users Movie suppliers Entertainment and Media professionals. Movie producers, video editors, gaming software developers, etc.

Why Should You Convert Videos into 60FPS?

In the context of video FPS, the three variations- 30FPS, 60FPS, and 24FPS are the most common. However, there are specific reasons why 60FPS is the best option you should use, and take the time to convert your files with this frame rate.

  • Playing 24FPS or 30FPS videos on LCD screens have more prominent motion blur, the sharpness of transition is low and rough, etc.
  • Well-known streaming sites like YouTube set their standard for videos at 60FPS. If you use a file with a higher FPS, it will compress to 60FPS automatically. Anything lower than that is unacceptable since it creates a laggy video transition.
  • Creating high-quality movies in UHD or 4K resolution requires a high FPS like 60FPS. Movies shot with 24FPS do not assure the best display in the native frame rate and need pulldown conversion. This causes judder, which affects video quality. Converting the video to 60fps ai online is a better choice.
  • Modern devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets have a high refresh rate. So, these, including some gaming monitors and television varieties, accept videos with 60FPS best.
  • In animation, most creators run 3-4 images per drawing, which means 6 or 8 drawings per second. For the best transition between shorts and images, converting the animation videos to 60FPS is useful.

If you want to know more about these FPS options and which one to select for long-term usage, read through the comprehensive review.

Part II. How to convert A Video to 60fps?

If you plan to use a 60fps video converter, luckily, multiple capable choices are available in the market. Here, we present the top options you can use with an accurate conversion that occurs quickly and with limited errors.

1. Best Software Converters

The following are the best software-based platforms that you can try out.

1) Wondershare UniConverter

One notable ai 60fps converter that users find extremely useful all around for optimized video editing is Wondershare UniConverter. The tool comes with varying AI-powered tools you can try to change.

With this software, you can easily make changes to the file during the conversion, like upgrading the FPS and bitrate of various video codecs, adjusting the contrast, contrast, etc., for output. Plus, it is possible to change the speed of the videos you are editing through the Editing timeline, between 0.25X - 3X speed options.

wondershare uniconverter interface
  • User Base: Professional video editors, social media vloggers, businesses, students, beginner-level users, etc.

Watch this video to get a visual representation of how the tool works for FPS conversion and other editing functions.

How to use Wondershare UniConverter for converting FPS?

Step1 Download and launch the Wondershare UniConverter software on your device after completing all installation steps.

Step2 Click or drag and drop the video file of which you will change the frame rate.

drag and drop video file

Step3 To make changes to the video, click the Edit button and do them- like speed change, cutting sections, etc.

Step4 Then press the Settings button. Choose the Video option and then select the format like MP4.

Step5 Tap the setting icon beside the format choice and set the frame rate option as 60FPS. Then, press the Create button.

set the frame rate

Step6 To convert the file further, click the Convert button and choose the destination file format. Press Convert.

press convert


  • Convert between different file formats.
  • Edit or split the files.
  • Change the speed of the video between various speed modes.
  • Download files at high resolution as per customization.
  • Easy to use for non-technical users.
  • The free software includes most of the conversion functions.
  • Zero quality loss or lagging FPS playthrough in the converted file.
  • GPU acceleration and High-Speed Conversion are available for Pro users only.
  • You can resize the file for social media platforms like YouTube once using the Free Trial version.

2) Format Factory

Another FPS video maker and converter tool that you must try is Format Factory. This professional-quality video and audio converter tool are useful for various levels of video editing, including specifications like the frame rate per second.

You can clip and join your video section and do audio mixing steps. Easily adjust your video frame speed to ensure top-grade video playback with limited to no resolution loss. You can easily set the frame rate to 60FPS after downloading YouTube videos and making adjustments.

format factory interface
  • Compress file size with settings changes for frame rate.
  • Supports different video formats.
  • Compatible with HEIC and WEBP formats for conversion.
  • Only suitable for Windows users.
  • Slightly complex to try for beginner-level users.

3) MiniTool Video Converter

One of the best 60fps video editor options available in the market is MiniTool Video Converter. This Windows-based native software can make multiple advanced changes to your video file during conversion. Not to mention, it supports quick batch processing, with zero drop in quality after the process.

You can easily change the frame rate speed to 60FPS or other speed options during the exporting process. Adding effects will maintain a strong frame rate frequency that you can also preview.

minitool video converter interface
  • Supports a variety of video formats for conversion.
  • Batch conversion is supported here.
  • No loss of quality when you change the frame rate or bitrate.
  • The process will lag if there is not at least 1 GB of free storage space in your device.
  • Only works on Windows devices.

2. Best Online Converters

If you want to use a 60fps video converter online, there are tools available for that as well. These converters come with limited advanced mechanisms or features. However, in terms of changing the FPS of videos, web-based tools are easier to operate and do straightforward tasks.

Plus, you will not need to register or download third-party software here- the tools are accessible through any browser or device.

1) AI Video Frame Rate Converter

One of the best tools for online video frame rate conversion is the AI Video Frame Rate Converter. With this online tool, you can easily insert your file into the tool you access on any browser of your choice.

Then, choose the conversion FPS like 60FPS for your video and get high-resolution video quality in the final file. The software does not keep the file on the server, which assures good privacy protection for users with their files and data.

ai video frame rate converter interface
  • No need to install the software.
  • Easily choose the FPS option to convert the file.
  • The quick conversion process.
  • The free version only allows 5 credits for users to try.
  • No tools to enhance video quality with the free tool.

2) Video2Edit

Another top 60fps converter online that users should give a chance is Video2Edit. This tool is accessible through any web browser and allows one to change various aspects of the video they are converting, including the frame rate.

You can choose 60FPS as the target frame rate choice for the video that you add to your device's tool. It also supports 120FPS and other options lower than 60FPS- the final converter file is still a high definition.

video2edit interface
  • Choose the frame rate per second for your video.
  • Make settings changes for your video audio additionally.
  • The tool is easily accessible and free to use.
  • You have to take more steps for customization instead of directly getting the FPS changing option.
  • Cannot convert multiple files simultaneously.

3) Aconvert

Users can try out this online video to 60fps converter to change elements of videos quickly during conversion. You can insert your file from a cloud account, device, or URL and choose the video format to convert.

Plus, it is much easier to directly set the frame rate you want to change in the video. This tool supports up to 60FPS for the change, and you can choose a custom FPS if necessary.

aconvert interface
  • Can convert video codec settings like bitrate, etc., for different file formats.
  • Easily add a file from the device, URL, or cloud.
  • Quick processing speed for the conversion.
  • No batch conversion for multiple files.
  • Big files can get slow to convert.

Bonus Tip. Use Wondershare Filmora to Create High-Quality Videos with 60FPS Support

If you plan to make further edits to your video clips and directly create a project with 60FPS support, using a capable 60fps maker software is necessary. Wondershare Filmora is suitable software for video editing professionals and regular users to try to make videos easily.

Free Download
Free Download

You can use the different features available for quick and customized video projects. Here, you can try the Instant Mode feature for instantaneous video edits or directly try out the editor timeline with diverse features like Edit icon or Speed Ramping to make changes. As for adjusting the frame rate, you can make those changes during export.

Watch this video to know how to use Filmora for further video editing.

How to Change Frame Rate to 60FPS in Filmora?

Step1 After you have completed all of the edits, click on the Export button in the editor timeline of Filmora.

Step2 Choose the output format you will download the video file, e.g., MP4, from the Local tab.

choose the output format

Step3 Click on the Settings button. Adjust the specification of the video, like frame rate, and change to 60FPS. Make other changes if needed, and press OK.

adjust specifications like frame rate

Step4 Click on Export to download the file or directly upload it via Vimeo or YouTube through those tabs.


Indeed, adjusting the frame rate of your video will help you create high-quality videos with a fluid and lag-less transition. You should convert your file to 60FPS if it is a lower version at the time to improve sharpness and make it compatible with most screen types, 4K movie playing, and streaming.

Use the available online and native software options to make these changes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, if you want to create a file directly at 60FPS, you can do so using Filmora.

Give these tools a try first to get a better experience with the features and process.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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