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Step by Step to Cut Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 08, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Video editing is an essential skill in a world that has a growing focus on creative fields. And if you work with videos, knowing which clips to use and where to cut is essential in conveying your story and increasing its impact. So, if you are a beginner and want to familiarise yourself with steps and terms used in video editing, in this article, we will go through the steps you will need to cut your video file in Adobe Premiere Pro and Wondershare Filmora.

This guide uses Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 and Wondershare Filmora X.

How to cut video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Once you have Adobe Premiere Pro open on your computer, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Create a new project in Premiere Pro.


During project creation, we recommend keeping an eye on the file name set and the storage location; this can help reduce the time spent in locating the Premiere Project.


Step 2: Import a video file into Premiere Pro with a double click in the marked area and choose the file from its stored location.


Step 3: Double click on any imported media to activate it and send it to the Source Window.


You can continue to import more media by double-clicking within the marked area. For better organization, users can also create Bins, which are folders within a Premiere Pro File that are often in use to sort out imported media.

Users can create Bins with a right-click in the red box marked area (refer to image above).

Step 4: Select either the whole clip or a part of it from the Source Window and drag it onto the Timeline.


Step 5: Select the Razor Tool from the Tools Window. Now, pick the point where you want to introduce a cut and confirm with your left mouse button; this will split your video track into two parts. 

Make a second cut where desired, following which you can move around the newly generated clip or delete it.


Tip:You can also select the Razor Tool by pressing C on the keyboard.

We also recommend using the Snap in Timeline feature (activated with (S) on your keyboard or by choosing the magnet option), which will match your mouse pointer with the Playhead to ensure your cut will match the exact frame shown on your screen.


Some more tips for Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Using the I and O keys on your keyboard while playing a video in the Source Window will allow you to set an In Pointand an Out Point. These markers will allow you to move a specific part of your video file into the Timeline, thus, reducing the amount of time spent making the right cut.

We have tagged the Mark In and Mark Out buttons with a Green Box in the image below.

  1. Clicking on the Step Frame Buttons [marked in Yellow] will also help increase the accuracy of your cut by allowing you to select the exact moment you desire.
  1. You can also mark a Point of Interest in your video file with the help of Markers in Premiere Pro. These afford you the ability to come back to the moment at a later time and see why it interested you in the first place, as editing sessions can often take hours at an end.

An alternative way to cut video with Wondershare Filmora

In Wondershare Filmora Video Editor , the steps to cut a video are simplified and don’t require as many steps as seen earlier. Opening the application throws you straight into a project, and following this, you can import a video file and begin editing. From the process you will learn below, it is easy to assume that Wondershare Filmora is more convenient for beginners and provides software features that match paid professional software.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Note: If you don’t have Wondershare Filmora installed, you can get the video editor by visiting its official website. Once the setup program download completes, execute it and begin the installation process.

Once you have the editing software open, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Import a video file by clicking on the import window.

The default project setting for Filmora X is 1920x1080 at 25 frames per second. Users can change this to match their video file by going into Project Settings under the File tab or by accepting the automatic prompt that appears when dragging the video file onto the Timeline.


Note: If you have a PC with weak hardware, Wondershare Filmora gives you the option to create Video Proxies that will reduce the load on your computer by creating smaller clips that are lower in size, resulting in a smoother and faster experience. You can also do this in Premiere Pro, but Filmora does it for you automatically once given permission.

Step 2: Drag the video file onto the Timeline to begin previewing it in the Playback Window and commence editing operations.


Step 3: Locate where you want to cut in the video file and click on the orange scissors option to split the video file.


Tip: You can also use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+B) to cut without using a mouse click, in case you make use of a trackpad while editing.

The Bottom Line

As said earlier, knowing where to cut is essential in improving the feel of your video, and we hope this guide showed you exactly how to perform the actions to create your best project. If you are a beginner, the simplistic approach of Wondershare Filmora will be more welcoming and easier to navigate. In addition, the software is also free to download, with added features that you can activate by paying a monthly, yearly, or one-time fee. Adobe Premiere Pro is an option worth considering if you plan on using third-party plugins and other applications from the Creative Cloud Suite.

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