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Free Video Intro Templates for Adobe After Effects

Every person likes to edit their intro to make them perfect. Let us talk about various intro templates downloaded for free.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 09, 21, updated Dec 05, 23

We love to watch videos whenever we are exhausted or stressed. This is because some videos relax us, some motivate us. Sometimes, videos provide us with the comfort we have been looking for, and sometimes, we watch videos to entertain us. In any case, a video intro is essential.

The reason to add intros to your video gives an overview of what kind of content your video holds. Now you cannot add intros to video directly; you obviously need some editing. The best tip is to always add video intro templates. This is because templates add asymmetric beauty to your video. Your content automatically looks attractive. Let’s talk about intro templates download in this article.

Part 1. 10 Free Download Video Intro Templates for After Effects

The Adobe system has developed many motion graphics and digital visual effects, known as Adobe After Effects. They can be used to enhance the beauty of your content. These After Effects templates are used in the post-production phase of any video game, film, etc.

In this section, we will talk about various available video intro templates and could be used for free.

1. Split Text Intro

The coolest after-effect intro template that you could find is Split Text Intro. This template looks very classy. The text in the intro splits apart, and the video appears from behind the text. The template is ideal for animated and kinetic vibes.

You can download this template for free. The coolest template is available for you; without even spending a penny on it, you can still make stunning video intros.

split text intro

2. Openers

Another video intro template that must be tried is Openers. The text in this free intro template fades into the video. The template has 12 text placeholders that can completely modify and change your intro. The template offers 5 different media placeholders. If your intro consists of any logo, then the template also has 1 logo placeholder.

This template also has a color control panel from which you can customize it and edit it the way you like it. Another amazing thing about this template is that it also has 1 music placeholder.

openers intro pack

3. Free Fall Logo

As intros are essential for videos, if you want to show your logo in the intro, this is the perfect template you could find anywhere. The free fall logo intro template gradually makes your logo from small particles fall freely; isn't that crazy and cool?

The intro template is very elegant and equally clean to understand everything happening in it. You can make a bright intro with this template.

free fall logo intro

4. Bold Fitness Intro

If you are a fitness geek and you like to add fitness-related things to your videos, then let us talk about this bold, fitness-filled intro. The intro is perfect when you want to share your workout routines. The template has grid animation in it. The text is displayed in bold neon and glowing colors.

bold fitness intro

5. Parallax Opener 

Another template that needs to be tried and added to your videos is Parallax Opener. The intro video template is free to use. You can enjoy its benefits without struggling. The template has dynamic overlay animation. The video clips overlap and transition over one and other.

The template has 8 text layers, and all are customizable and editable. Also, the template has 1 placeholder for the logo.

parallax opener

6. Pixel Frame Intro 

The next stunning free intro template is Pixel Frame Intro. The pixels in this intro do the magic. With this into template, you can get animated text, and brilliant logo reveal. The pixelated transition effect is fast and seems more fun than usual transitions.

pixel frame intro

7. Drop Logo Reveal

Intros are to introduce the logo, the name, the content, etc. For intro editing, the best advice is to always use cool templates to introduce the logo. The drop and reveal feature attracts the viewer's attention. The video intro template contains 1 logo placeholder.

drop logo reveal

8. Real Estate Intro

Even real estate agents can also use these templates and make classy intros for their videos. The Real Estate Intro template has a video placeholder with text fields and with rolling frame transition. This template is very effective because it will aid in promotion.

real estate intro

9. Color Wall

Another intro template after effect is Color Wall. The template is very colorful, filled with bright colors. The template features 1 image and 1 video placeholder. It also supports 2 placeholders for text and titles.

color wall template

10. Mixed Transition Intro

The last transition to be discussed is Mixed Transition. The template has a collection of various video transitions and also heading text. With this template, you can add multiple clips and overlap them with cool transitions to make an impressive intro.

mixed transition intro

Part 2. 4 Best Video Intro Templates Sites to Find Stunning After Effects Templates

After learning about the various templates, now it's time to share the source from which you can get this and many more interesting templates to add for your videos intro. The coming section will shed light on the 4 best intro templates after effects sites.


Mixkit is a free gallery providing sound effects, video clips, and video templates along with other options. Mixkit provides multiple kinds of introduction templates with variations in the type of content to be edited by the artist. We will be discussing the video templates as Mixkit provides delighted After Effects for the introduction of your videos.

If the content is nutriment-related, Mixkit has got you covered with a café food intro. Or on the contrary, if the content creator has to make landholdings intro, they have got an introduction template for that too. Mixkit provides you gaming intro templates along with creative animated templates for the introduction. Mixkit is also a supplier for creative text introduction templates.

mixkit after effects template

Motion Array

Motion Array provides unlimited After Effects for content creators. The templates start from introduction to logo reveal templates, intro to the title, and transition templates. Not only templates, but they provide other tools, tutorials, and other services, too, but we will concentrate on intro templates.

Motion Array provides multiple simple text introduction templates along with fancy AE cinematic text intros. They allow the content creator to choose multiple 4K logo reveal templates with Hi-Tech logo reveals. Lines and dots templates, stylish glitch logo templates, and corporate promo introduction templates are also available for consumers' use.

 motion array intro templates

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a quality supplier of video templates that artists can use while editing their content. They provide more than 14,000 introduction video templates that consumers can choose from to make their content unique and idiosyncratic.

Envato Elements supplies the user from low-resolution templates to 4K video templates. The template varies from introduction templates to FCPX templates. Introduction templates include templates for logo reveals and broadcasting pages. It also provides intro templates for introduction titles along with product promo templates.

envato elements adobe effects intro templates


Storybook is an aftereffect template service provider. They provide stock footage along with templates ranging up to 4K resolution. Storybooks provide motion backgrounds illustrations and sound effects also. They allow you to add an endless number of After Effects and intro templates to your content to make it look more appealing.

Storybook provides creative introduction templates for business promotions alongside logo reveals. They also have a library for transition templates and YouTube introduction templates. Storybook gives you a wide range of simple templates and after effects, templates to select from to use in the content that the artist is editing.

storyblock intro after effects templates

Bottom Line

This article is everything one person might need to create perfect video intros. The article has discussed in detail several After Effects templates intro. Not just the templates, but we also talked about the secret sources from where you can get these and other stunning video intro templates.

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