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Top 10 Fun Discord Bots You Need in 2023

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Top 10 Fun Discord Bots You Need in 2022

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Consumers enjoy discord because it serves as a hub for their social groups and communities. It's a haven where users can be themselves while socializing with others who share their interests and hobbies. There is no algorithm selecting what they should see, no continuous scrolling, and no news feed. Common interests fuel conversations and you can use some fun discord bots to pep up the conversation.

fun discord bot

Fun bots to add discord with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are among the most helpful tools available on the discord platform. Funny emojis for discord may be beneficial to greet new members and have funny light conversations! This aids in the creation and maintenance of a vibrant online community. You can add music, games, and fun memes to your server using these bots if you wish to.

Part 1 Fun Discord Bots You Need in 2022


The IdleRPG is another enjoyable and engaging fun discord bot in the RPG gaming experience. It rewards server members for participating in the game while gaining XP and having fun. It offers character advancement and is comparable to other RPG games.

You may travel on a quest, trade various things, fight other players, and even find love. There's also a scoreboard for the top ten loves, top ten PvP players, top ten wealthiest, and top ten XP players. IdleRPG also allows you to wager in various ways to help you boost your gaming money.

top fun discord bot 01


MEE6 is a widespread moderation and one of the greatest fun bots for discord. It takes care of many tasks that a mod team would typically do. This includes greeting new members, informing your server when you or your favorite content producers go live on Twitch or YouTube, and allowing users to assign roles depending on their reactions.

A command tool that allows you to generate custom commands and an XP leveling system that users may grind to earn access to various channels and permissions depending on activity are two of MEE6's more complicated features. MEE6 also includes plugins for music and developing your fun discord bot.

top fun discord bot 02

03Dank Memer

Dank Memer is another fun bot to add to discord with a lighthearted tone. It offers one of the most extensive built-in economies, allowing participants to engage in text-based thievery, bank robbery, and gambling experiences.

As its name implies, it also offers a slew of meme-related commands. You can use simple chat instructions to create memes. Other memes automatically publish.

Even more impressive is that awesome memes are collected daily from Reddit's top meme collections.

top fun discord bot 03


Another unique funny discord emoji bot is AltDentifier, which maintains your server clean and spam-free. It's simple to set up and takes only a few minutes to get up and run. It now has over 35 million users spread across 100,000 servers. It also includes several more moderation commands to make administration easier.

The AltDentifier bot contains:

An automated anti-raid system.

A robust verification mechanism.

Multilingual support.

A review record.

It will also notify you if a user attempts to circumvent any limitations by utilizing a VPN.

top fun discord bot 04


Over the last two years, Epic Free Games has given away thousands of free games. GTA V, Dead By Daylight, and NBA 2K21 are among the given-away titles. It even-handed away Discord Nitro lately. Have any of these free games ever escaped your notice? Fear not, for the EpicFreeGames bot has your back.

The EpicFreeGames bot delivers a message to a channel, reminding everyone of Epic's free game(s). It only has one task, yet it can provide you with hundreds of dollars worth of games. Never miss another fantastic free Epic Games game again.

top fun discord bot 05


Rythm is a great fun discord bot for playing music in the voice stream of your server. This one features a beautiful user interface that includes a music player that you can interact with. This makes controlling the channel's queue a breeze.

The options are changeable. You can designate DJ duties, prohibit the same songs from appearing in queues again, and block particular channels from playing music. Rhythm is less platform-agnostic than Groovy. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp are among the options. Apple Music is not currently supported.

top fun discord bot 06


UnbelievaBoat is a versatile, fun bot to add to discord that uses exciting activities to keep server members engaged. These capabilities, fortunately, include a moderation mechanism that you may utilize to issue warnings and enforce bans. Your moderators may keep track of each action by assigning it a case number.

top fun discord bot 07 enables you to transform your discord server into a support ticket system. It's a board ticket bot with a stunning UI that makes managing and responding to client tickets simple.

Create staff accounts for your company's customer support representatives and manage their access. Ticket logging with the flexibility to rename and relocate tickets, add and delete users, and the contentment of having tickets close automatically based on the amount of time that has passed since the previous reply are all accessible.

top fun discord bot 08


Next, GameStats has one-of-a-kind funny emojis for the discord bot. We all enjoy looking at our in-game statistics and comparing them. The GameStats Discord bot makes sharing and displaying your impressive numbers simple.

Connect to your game or platform, make a personalized profile card, and begin sharing your tryhard statistics.

top fun discord bot 09


Dyno is another well-crafted fun discord bot. It's an utterly customizable server moderation bot that assists with server automation. You also receive a basic online dashboard with Dyno that you can use to monitor and control your server.

It has functions such as creating positions, making announcements, banning members, and even requesting puppy or cat images. Dyno is a fun bot that allows you to automate your server management effortlessly. Premium subscriptions, which start at $4.99 per month and unlock more exclusive features, are also available.

top fun discord bot 10

However, if you are a creative video editor who likes sharing their experience on discord, Filmora is for you. With Filmora, you can bring your recorded experiences with funny discord emojis to life!

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Part 2 Fun Discord Bots FAQs

Q. What does MEE6 stand for?

A. MEE6 is a discord role bot that lets users assign roles to themselves via discord replies. This discord role generator will change user rights in discord automatically.

Q. Are these fun bots free?

A. Yes and no. Most fun bots for discord are free to use, although you must pay for some features.

Q. What is the top level I can reach on the MEE6 bot?

A. The maximum level accessible is 1,768,802, which would take 935 billion years if messages sent every minute.

Q. Help! My discord got hacked; how did that even happen?

A. Users may edit discord javascript files. A cybercriminal can install harmful malware to discord client files if they get user authorization. When people open the file, the code also gets executed. After then, the hacker has access to the user's discord data.

Q. What can discord bots do?

A. On your server, the bots can conduct a variety of helpful automated chores and bot commands, like welcoming new users, monitoring content, and banning rule violators. Using fun discord bots' instructions, you can add music, humor, games, and other emojis to your server.

Ending Thoughts

In short, moderators and administrators can use funny discord emojis to administer their servers better, make them attractive, and get more users. There are many vanilla discord commands to choose from, and when you put fun bots to add to discord, the possibilities become unlimited. 

Besides, there are several funny emojis for discord to improve your discord skills and establish your discord server. Finally, Filmora can assist you in beautifying your recorded videos make funny emojis for discord.

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