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Complete Tutorial to Make an Impressive Countdown Timer Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Countdown timers are a fool-proof way of arousing curiosity in your audience, making them excited about what is to come next. A countdown timer video could include minutes, seconds, or even days.

If you're tempted to create a timer video but are clueless about it, you're at the right place. From customizing your countdown video to make one on your mobile devices, this blog features everything you need to know.

Let's begin!

In this article
  1. Part 1: Get an Impactful Countdown Timer Video Generator
  2. Part 2: How to Customize a Countdown Timer Video
  3. Part 3: How Do I Make A Countdown Timer Video Using iMovie?

Part 1: Get an Impactful Countdown Timer Video Generator

Countdown videos are beneficial in various ways, such as encouraging viewers to participate in the video or preparing them to watch the clip from start to end without losing its essence.

If you want your audience to engage with your countdown time video clip or even live streams, think about using innovative software, such as Wondershare Filmora. Not only it's easy to use, but it offers a wide variety of features, too.

One of the user-friendly software, Filmora - as a countdown timer video generator, can help you create a visually interesting countdown video with sound - thanks to the following aspects:

Powerful Features

The software comes with animated elements, music library and filters, and supports communication through a wide variety of lower thirds, titles, and openers.

Easy to Operate

Its intuitive interface needs only simple drag and drop to import files and start editing.

Extensive Media Stock

It offers royalty-free music, imagery, and templates, so you can create videos without worrying over copyright issues.

Various Video Templates

It comes with various timer templates ranging from casual ones for holidays to aesthetics-added variety for events.

Part 2: How to Customize a Countdown Timer Video

After exploring Filmora and its intuitive interface, it's safe to say it'll make the entire countdown timer video production easier than you think. Not only its various templates help you choose an aesthetically pleasing one, but its features enable you add elements, sound effects, and more.

However, when it comes to creating a customized countdown timer video, Filmora can become your go-to software, too. Don't believe us? See, this following steps below and try it yourself.

How to Customize a Countdown Timer Video with Wondershare Filmora

Following steps can help you produce a customized countdown timer for any video.

1) Set your Countdown Video Background

video background

First things first, start Filmora software on your desktop. Once opened, go to media section and import the video. Now that your video is imported, let's move on to the next step.

2) Highlight your Countdown with Animated Elements

elements section

To incorporate elements to your countdown timer video, click on the Elements button located at the top right corner. You can choose from a variety of elements to make your clip visually interesting.

resize or relocate elements

Remember, you can also adjust these elements the way you want. For example, if you've selected "Element hand-drawn 15", only double-clicking it will enable you to either resize or relocate it, such as keeping it to the top right corner of your video.

elements on top right corner

3) Add the Number to your Countdown

title tab

Next, you need to add numbers to your countdown which is a crucial step. So click on the Title tab, located at the top, it'll show you multiple options to choose from. Once selected, drag and drop it to Filmora timeline and place it above the elements overlay.

adjust number duration

You also need to decide number duration, feel free to changge it to one second.

copy paste countdowns

Then, choose the text. And copy and paste countdowns according to your requirements.

change the number

Later, double click on the text, so you can change the number.

4) Make your Countdown Video with Sound

audio section

Click on the audio button located on the top section to make the countdown video with sound. It'll show you several audio options. Choose the one you link and insert it to your clip.

5) Preview and Export Your Countdown Video

export video

Last but not the least, previewing your video before exporting it is incredibly. While you watch it, ensure it has elements, countdown numbers and audio placed accordingly. And that the video plays in flow.

Once you find it's good to go, click on the Export button located on the top right corner to export your countdown video clip.

final video

Pro Tips: The Easiest Way to Put a Countdown Time On a Video

Filmstock can not only become your go-to resource when you need relevant yet interesting templates for countdown timer videos, but all the resource assets can be directly applied in Filmora or After Effect.

Be it a Holiday themed video or you're making an important announcement, Filmstock has enough and high quality templates to get the job done quickly and easily.

Here're five countdown templates you might want to try.

1) Countdown Template to Welcome New Year

new year countdown template

Transitioning into a new year has always been fun and exciting. You never know what the next 12 months have in store for you. And to celebrate this joyful eve, people, brands, or companies opt for various activities.

If you're planning to release a new video in accordance with New Year, the idea of putting up the countdown timer sounds great. Remember, Filmstock has sort this out for you with its stunning New Year template.

2) Countdown Template for Fitness Videos

fitness countdown template

Add some twist to your fitness vidoes with a countdown timer. Sports or exercise videos are an effective way to showcase your expertise, your gym, or you being conducting a class. You can compile various clips and incorporate a countdown timer in the start of the video to make your videos engaging.

The ideas are endless when it comes to creating a visually interesting video content related to fitness or sports. You can further elevate it effectiveness with Filmstock's template for this niche.

3) Countdown Template for Merry Vlogmas Pack

merry vlogmas countdown template

Who doesn't love holiday season? The cold weather, warm beverages, and overall environment make everyone feel festive. Considering the vibe, you can create countdown timer videos with ease using Filmstock template.

During the holidays, brands or companies often use video content to promote products or extend wishes for the seasons. Many Youtubers also make vlogmas to celebrate Christmas. If you aim to create video content related to that, adding this Merry Vlogmas inspired countdown timer sounds like a cool idea.

4) Countdown Template for Cartoon Ranking Pack

cartoon ranking pack countdown template

Whether you want to share top 10 tennis players in the history or top 5 science facts, Filmstock can provide a relevant countdown template.

Since this type of video idea is unique and carries important information, it should keep viewers hooked from the start. And cartoon ranking pack template can help you do that.

5) Countdown Template for Digital Use

digital countdown pack countdown template

Do you have a cool idea for your social media videos or you want to use graphical elements with text in your video clips? Whatever ideas you've got in your mind. Digital countdown pack is perfect to make your video more fun and more engrossing.

Why you should be using this template? Because its effects and lowerthirds can make video listcles and social media videos worth watching.

Here's how you can incorporate a countdown timer effect from Filmstock in a video clip quickly with Wondershare Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download
Step1Import the Video
import video

Open Filmora and go to the media section. Now click on the video file to import it.

Step2Search and Select Countdown Effects
effects templates

Next, go to the Stock Media section located on the top bar. Upon searching countdown, you'll see various templates, 4K, HD, or 720p for the countdown timer. Choose one, and change its position according to your requirements, using the timeline.

Step3Export the Video
export video

And the last step includes exporting your countdown time video.

Part 3: How Do I Make A Countdown Timer Video Using iMovie?

Now that you're familiar with creating a countdown timer video using Filmora. But, worry not, if you want to do it with iMovie.

iMovie enables you edit professional-grade videos. Using it, you can incorporate titles, transitions, and sounds in just a few simple steps. You can further modify your video with the help of tools, such as splitting or clip trimming.

How-to Steps to Use iMovie to Make a Countdown Timer Video

Follow this quick how-to guide and create a functional countdown timer in one go.

Step1Access Clock on your Device
clock on device

You can use iPad, iPhone or computer to create a countdown timer. But whatever device you use, your first step is to go to your clock.

Step2Go to Timer
timer in the device

After accessing the clock, go to the timer in it.

Step3Set the Amount of Time
set the amount of time

Once you've reached timer, decide the amount of time. For example, this example creates timer for 10 seconds. Set the amount of time in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds.

Step4Screen Record your Timer
turn on screen recording

While you're creating the countdown timer, ensure to recording screen so you can use it on your video. You should be screen recording since step one.

Step5Start the Clock
countdown timer

After start recording your screen, wait for the clock to complete 10 seconds.

Step6Access the File
access photos

Once the countdown finishes, go to "Photos" on your device to access the file.

Step7Edit the File
edit countdown timer video

After accessing the countdown timer file, crop and edit it the way you want. For example, crop out extra numbers or other distractions, or adjust size, etc.

Step8Save the Edited File
save edited file

Next, you need to save this edited file. While you save it, it'll show "Preparing Video" on the bottom corner.

Step9Final Look of Countdown Timer
final countdown timer look

The final image of your countdown timer should look this in the above image. At this point, this countdown timer is good to use wherever you want.

Video Guide for Better Understanding

To get a clear idea on each step, you can also watch the following video and create an awesome timer with ease.

Make A Countdown Timer For You Tube videos Using ipad iphone imovie (how To)

Final Words

Be it a countdow for New Year's Eve or for a promotional video, it keeps your audience on their toes and spark the curiosity in them to find more. Although it seems like a time-consuming task to create an entire video just for the countdown, using Filmora as a countdown video maker can ease the process.

The software is beginner-friendly and offers a various features. From adjusting sound to choosing one template from various options, it can help compile a visually appealing countdown timer video.

You can even get a customized one following this guide. And when you need to make one using iMovie, the steps mentioned above can help you do that, too.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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