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How to Create Motion Text Effects for Your Video?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

When you think about text effects, you generally refer to the amazing static text styles that will make any text look stunning. But when you talk about any text or title in a video, static text effects do not draw a scratch in the minds of the beholders. You have to get your text in motion and that is where text animations come into the scene.

Motion text effects refer to the text being in motion so that it can go well with any video in the background as well as look visually appealing. Creating text motion graphics is easy these days if you have the right video editor. There are amazing motion text animation templates available that you can apply to the texts and titles in your video and amaze your viewers. We will illustrate the simple steps to create motion text graphics in popular video editors.

In this article
  1. Create Motion Text Effect with Filmora
  2. Use Premiere Pro to Make Motion Text
  3. How to Make Motion Text in After Effects
  4. Best Motion Effects Ideas to Try

Part 1. Create Motion Text Effect with Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is undoubtedly the easiest video editor to create amazing motion text effects thanks to its intuitive user interface. There are different categories of motion text effects available to suit your requirements perfectly as per your video projects. Filmora has the latest collection of text effects that you can use in your video and outshine your competitors.

Apart from text animations, you get different elements to enhance your text effects. You can have animated backgrounds and you can customize the animation in your text minutely to get the desired result. Filmora is available for both Windows and Mac users and you can try out its free trial before purchasing the license. Here are the steps to create Alight Motion text effect using Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Wondershare Filmora on your computer. Click on New Project on the welcome screen. You can drag and drop your video clip for the background on Project Media folder.

download wondershare filmora

Step2 Drop the video clip onto timeline. If you do not have any background video, you can select background from Stock Media> pexels/Pixabay> Video and drop animated background onto the timeline.

drag motion background timeline filmora

Step3 Go to Titles and search for “animation” and you will get all the motion text effect and animation templates. Select any one of them and drop onto the timeline above the background layer.

select animation title text filmora

Step4 Double-click on the text layer to type in your desired text. Reposition the text layer on the timeline and on the video from Viewer.

customize animation type text filmora

Part 2. Use Premiere Pro to Make Motion Text

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most preferred video editors among professionals. Even though Premiere Pro does not come with a vast set of motion text effects, you can download them online and import them to use for the texts in your video. Here are the steps to create text motion graphics on Premiere Pro.

Step1 Go to Graphics> Essential Graphics and select a motion text effect template as per your preference. Drag and drop it into your timeline above your video or background clip.

select motion text template premiere

Step2 Double-click on the text to edit the words and type in your text. Go to Essential Graphics panel to customize the text effect parameters as per your requirements.

customize text premiere pro

Step3 If you want to edit the animation, select the text layer and go to Effects Control panel. Open up Keyframe box by dragging it to the right. Adjust the keyframe as per your animation requirements.

adjust key frame premiere pro

Bring the keyframes closer or spread them apart to speed up or slow down. Tweak parameters like? Velocity Controls under different text properties to edit the animation effectively.

Part 3. How to Make Motion Text in After Effects

After Effects is the most popular video editor when it comes to motion text effects. This is because there are different categories of motion text animation templates and presets available like Filmora. Even though the user interface is slightly complicated like Premiere Pro, most professionals use the tool for video editing and adding text effects. Here are the steps to add motion text effect Alight Motion like using After Effects.

Step1 From Tool panel, click on Type tool and click on Composition panel to type in your text. From Characters and Paragraph section, adjust the text styles and textures.

adjust text style after effects

Step2 Go to Effects and Presets panel, go through and search for the desired motion text effect preset. Drag and drop the selected preset on the text layer directly.

drag preset text layer after effects

Step3 From Current Time Indicator, slide the keyframes to adjust the animation. Click on the text layer to expand it and adjust different parameters to get the desired text animation.

adjust desired text animation after effects

Part 4. Best Motion Effects Ideas to Try

There are several text motions effects available that make your text look stunning and grab the attention of the viewers instantly. If you are confused which text motion effects you should try out, there are some of the best text motion effects you can try out on After Effects and Filmora.

Data Stream – You get the motion effect on After Effects where the characters come on the screen in a scrambled fashion. Thereafter, the characters organize them to form meaning words and sentences. Then the words disperse in a scrambled fashion before the next words and sentences follow the same pattern.

Abstract Motion Intro – You can get the motion effect on Filmora where there are multiple animations are put together in one effect. There are 3d effect, slide in motion as well as zoom in effect to display the desired texts and titles colourfully.

Random Spike Tumble – This is another motion effect on After Effects where the characters appear on the screen with spike in size along with blur effect and flipping animation. Finally, they settle on the screen and the meaning word or sentence appears perfectly. The effect helps to hold the attention of the viewers throughout.

Comic and Life Effect – You get this motion effect on Filmora where the large texts are shown and they have a comical typography. The words keep on zooming in and out to add to the comical factor.

Corporate Title Effect – This comes as a pack on After Effects whereby you get amazing text motion effects that you mostly see in professional videos. Starting from oblique stripe and emerge effect to slide in and out with modern touches and objects, you get stunning text motion to enhance your video content.?

The Bottom Line

If there are texts and titles in your video, you have to use motion text effect to make your video content interesting. We have illustrated the simple steps to create and edit motion text effects. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best video editor for creating motion text effects as the user interface is intuitive and there are unlimited motion text effects to choose from.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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