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Premiere Pro Text Effects Beginner Guide

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you want to edit your raw video footage and turn ordinary clips into eye-catching videos, you will need a professional video editor. Adobe Premiere Pro is the most commonly used premium video editor that most professionals prefer. When it comes to editing videos, text effects play a major role along with video effects and animations.

If you are new to Adobe Premiere Pro, you will experience a steep learning curve. This is because the user interface is specially designed for professional video editors. Therefore, you might not get Premiere Pro text effects readily available. In this article, we will illustrate how you can add Adobe Premiere Pro text effects to your video project. We will also state the best alternative to Premiere Pro to add stunning text effects easily.

In this article
  1. Steps to Add Text Effects to Adobe Premiere
  2. Alternative Way to Make Text Effects
  3. Related FAQs on Adobe Premiere Pro

Part 1. Steps to Add Text Effects to Adobe Premiere

Text effects are an essential part of videos to enhance the video content immensely. You can add opening titles and end credits with text effects and animations. You can display the dialogues on the screen as subtitles. Showing location information and shooting date through text effects is quite regular these days. Besides, the use of lower thirds for social media promotion in videos is common. Without further ado, let us look at the steps to add Premiere text effects.

Step1 Add Your Text

First of all, you need to import your video and add text to it and apply different text effects. Here we are starting from scratch for better illustration. Go to Window> Essential Graphics> Text Tool(T). Type your text as per your requirements. You will notice a new text layer appearing under Edit tab.

add new text layer premiere

Select the text layer and you will see all the properties that you can tweak. For example, go to Align and Transform section to reposition and resize your text properly. Go to Text section to change the style of the text. Similarly, there is an Appearance section to adjust color, shadow, and much more.

Step2 Apply Pre-Animated Template

Go to Graphics> Essential Graphics and browser through the title templates available to match your requirements. Once you have selected one title template, drag and drop it into your timeline above your video clip.

pre animated templates premiere

Double-click on the text to edit the content and type your title. Go to Essential Graphics panel and customize the text effect as per your preference. You can also choose the available elements included in the template to enhance the text effects as you think fit.

Step3 Edit the Text Effect and Animation

Select the text layer on your timeline to check out the keyframes applied in the template. Go to Effects Control panel and open Keyframe box by dragging it to the right. Adjust the keyframe to speed up or slow down the animation.

edit text effects aniamtion premiere

Bring the keyframes closer or spread them apart respectively. You can also adjust Velocity Controls present under different text properties as per the speed requirements.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Make Text Effects

If you are new to Adobe Premiere Pro, you will find title effects Premiere Pro difficult to add and edit as per your requirements. It is very common for amateur video editors to look for an easy alternative to Premiere Pro. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best alternative to Adobe Premiere text effects.

Filmora has a super intuitive user interface that is suitable for everyone including those who do not have prior video editing experience. There are more text effects and animations available that you can customize to get the desired effect. Here are the steps to add text effects to your video on Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Wondershare Filmora and it is available for both Windows and macOS. Launch the application and click on New Project on the welcome screen.

download and install filmora

Step2 Drag and drop your video clips under Project Media folder and then onto the timeline. Go to Titles and you will see different categories of text effects and templates.

add text titles filmora

Step3 Select a template whichever you think is perfect for your project and drop it on the timeline. Adjust its position on the timeline as per where you want it to appear. Double-click on it to edit the title and type in your text. Similarly, you can reposition the text from Viewer as per your need.

cuatomize title text filmora

Select the text style as well as adjust fonts and settings to get different styles for your texts. There is also an Advanced section available for detailed editing and getting the desired text effect.

Step4 You can animate the texts in your video from Animation section. Choose from the animation presets to animate individual text in the video. Besides, you can also add keyframes and animate the text as per your preference.

add animations text title filmora

Part 3. Related FAQs on Adobe Premiere Pro

1. How do you make text look good in Premiere Pro?

There are several steps you need to take to make text look good in Premiere Pro. First of all, the color of the text should be in contrast to the background. You can add a rectangle highlighter in the background. Experiment with font and text of the text. Apply a text effect from the different templates available. Customize the effect to get the desired result.

2. How do you add typing effects in Premiere?

Add your text to your video so that a text layer appears on the timeline. Animate the text Effects> Video Effects> Liner Wipe and double-click to get the typing effect. Tweak the parameters like transition completion, wipe angle, and others to smoothen out the animation. Draw a cursor icon using rectangle tool and animation it to move with the text using keyframes.

3. How do I open text effects controls in Premiere Pro?

Select the text layer from the timeline of the project. From the main menu, go to Windows> Effects Control option to open effect controls for text. Otherwise, you can directly go to Effects Control tab located below the menu bar after selecting your text layer.

The Bottom Line

Adding text effects in Premiere Pro can be slightly overwhelming for an amateur video editor who does not have enough experience with Premiere Pro. We have stated the simple steps to apply Premiere Pro text effects to your video project. However, we recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best and the easiest alternative to Premiere Pro where you get more text effects and add them instantly and effortlessly.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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