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What are the Best 15 Slideshow Presentation Examples Your Audience Will Love

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
What's the Best 15 Slideshow Presentation Examples Your Audience Will Love

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No matter what type of industry or business you are in, slideshow presentations have become an important tool for several tasks like showcasing your products, and services, engaging with the clients and prospective buyers, changing their perceptions, leading to sales, and much more. Great presentations are a combination of style, content, effects, text, media files, and much more. There are several tools and software available these days that can help you create a slideshow presentation of your choice.

Slideshow Presentation

More in detail about these presentations, best powerpoint slideshow examples, and more are discussed in the following parts of the topic.

Part 1 Tips For Creating An Impressive Slideshow Presentation

To create a unique and engaging slideshow presentation, we have shortlisted some tips that will surely work. Check them as below.

Have a theme

First of all, have a theme for a slideshow based on which the other elements can be selected. The theme or the story you want to portray can be based on the target audience and the purpose of creating a slideshow. For instance, if you want to generate sales from your products, create a slideshow that shows the benefits of your products and compares them with others in the same category.

Keep it simple 

The real purpose of a slideshow presentation is to convey your data or message in a simple manner that can be easily related. Since the slides move one after the other in a slideshow, they should be created in a manner so that the viewer can quickly understand them. 

Keep minimum text

Though text can be included in a slideshow, keep them to a minimum. A slideshow is a creative presentation having pictures, videos, graphs, and several other elements. So, keep the text whenever necessary and don’t include too much-written content. Moreover, a viewer can relate to and recall the product, brand, or service more through a message rather than a text. 

Include compelling visuals

Include relevant visuals like videos and images into your slideshow. Make sure that the files are in high resolution and clear and support the theme or the message you are trying to convey through the presentation. 

Add effects, filters, overlays, and other elements

Instead of adding the raw image and video footage, edit and customize them to make them more interesting and engaging. There are several professional video editing tools like Wondershare Filmora and others that can help you add effects, transitions, overlays, filters, and customize files as needed. Additional elements like graphs, charts, and more can also be added to the presentation.

Use Templates

Templates are ready-made design that helps you create a slideshow presentation quickly and easily. The templates in a variety of designs in different categories are available for you to choose the most suitable one. You can check the collection of templates from various online sites and tools.

Part 2 Best 15 Slideshow Presentation Examples

A wide range of presentations in different categories is created by people. To help you check what a unique and engaging presentation looks like, below listed are the top slideshow examples

What would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World’s most captivating presenters by HubSpot

What Should Steve Do

Powerful Body Language Tips for your next presentation

10 Powerful Body Language Tips

Fix your bad PowerPoint by Seth Godin

Fix Your Bad PowerPoint

How I got 2.5 million views on SlideShare by Nick Demey

How I Got 2.5 Million Views

Killer ways to design the same slide

5 Killer Ways To Design The Same Slide

How to Produce Better Content Ideas by Mark Johnstone

How To Produce Content Ideas

How Google Works by Eric Schmid

How Google Works

Why Content Marketing Fails by Rand Fishkin

Why Content Marketing Fails

Digital Strategy 101 By Bud Caddell

Digital Strategy by 101

The History of SEO by HubSpot

The History of SEO

How to really get into marketing by

How To Really Get Into Marketing

Search for meaning in B2B Marketing by Velocity Partners

Search For Meaning in B2B Marketing

The What If techniques by Motivate Design

The What If Techniques

Ways to Win the Internets by Upworthy

10 Ways to Win The Internet

Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge by Velocity Partners

Crap The Content Marketing Deluge

Part 3 The Best Tool To Edit Your Videos For Slideshow Presentations - Wondershare Filmora

As discussed in the above parts of the article, images and videos play a very crucial role in creating an impressive slideshow presentation. To further make these media files bright, clear, and relevant to your theme editing and customization can be done for this task, several software and programs are available. One such excellent tool is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor which works as a complete video editing software with advanced features.

Your files can be edited like a professional and that too in a hassle-free manner using the program. Some of the key editing features of the software include cropping, cutting, adding effects, transitions, overlays, green screen, split screen, AI portrait, masking, and more.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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 Additionally, the tool also supports making a slideshow with music files and also has a built-in media library. Templates in different categories are also present. 

Wondershare Filmora

Ending Thoughts

Slideshow presentations are used for creating awareness about products and services, sending a message, presenting data, and several other tasks.

To create a slideshow, several factors like media files, theme, colors, text, effects and other factors have to be considered. 

Several popular great slideshow presentation examples can be referred to as what a unique presentation looks like.

Wondershare Filmora is an excellent tool for editing slideshow videos and also for creating a slideshow. 

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