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What Is TS Format and How To Play TS Files?

Do you know anything about the TS file format? Let us guide you and teach you everything about the file format, including ways to play and edit the TS file.

Have you been downloading videos and looking at the files having the '.ts’ extension at the end? We guess you have seen them. The question is, do you know what the TS file format is? Many compressed video files have TS format. Do you want to learn more about the file format?

Take our help. Allow us to tell you what this extension means, along with what work they do. We will also tell you its difference with other formats. So, to learn in detail about TS video format, continue reading.

Part 1. What Is TS Video Format?

A TS format file is a Video Transport Stream file. The TS file extension is used to store video data, mostly on DVDs. The video files are standardly compressed with .MPEG video compression. If you are looking for a file extension to save streamed or broadcast videos, TS video format is ideal for this. Are you worried about how to play a TS file?

what is ts format

Well, a video file with this format can easily be played on a certain media player or video editing software. Various video playback apps, video development tools, and also DVD creation programs support the TS format. The .ts file extension can also contain any data, and TS files don't always need to store media or documents.

Part 2. Pros and Coins about TS Video Format

Everything has its beneficial factors and disadvantages, so does TS video format has. Are you ready to know more about the TS file format? After learning about the format, it’s time to share its advantages and drawbacks with you. Let’s get started!

Advantages of TS File Format

A great thing about TS format is that, after each keyframe, the file information is added automatically. The format is impressive when it comes to maintaining transmission integrity. This is because of all the elementary streams, synchronization patterns, and error corrections; everything is encapsulated in a container format.

Do you know what else benefits TS format has? It is widely used for broadcasting because broadcasting doesn’t need the complete stream for playing it. You can easily share large files over the communication media in real-time as tiny chunks of the audio or video file are sent. Along with this, the error is easily detected as extra information is shared with every chunk, helping in error detection.

Drawbacks of TS File Format

Moving on to its disadvantages, let’s start with the device compatibility. The biggest drawback of using the TS file format is that it is not compatible with many devices. For instance, a built-in media player like Windows Media Player does not support the format; eventually, users must change the file format.

Do you know another significant disadvantage? You cannot share TS files online. Different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc., support other famous formats, so hence, sharing TS video files requires a format converter. Do you know how much space does a TS file occupies? Well, it acquires a significant storage space, more than other file formats.

Part 3. How to Play TS Video Files with VLC Media Player?

As mentioned, only specific programs support and play TS video format, so VLC Media Player is one of those. The software is famous among its competitors because it supports a wide range of file formats.

VLC is an open-source, free cross-platform media player that lets you play various multimedia files and DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs, and other streaming protocols. VLC also plays most codecs like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, MP3, etc. The media player runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, iOS, and Android.

Do you know a great thing about VLC? Surprisingly, the software has no spyware, no user tracking, and no ads. VLC is a simple yet super-fast and powerful media player of all time. Learn how to play TS files on VLC by following the steps below:

Step 1: Install or Update VLC

To play TS file format, first of all, download and install the VLC media player on your respective device. If you have already installed the media player, update it to the latest version. With this, all the codecs will be working properly. Move to the 'Help' section from the top menu and hit ‘Check for Updates.'

check for vlc updates

Step 2: Open the TS File

Now, launch the VLC media player and head over to the 'Media' option. From the menu list, select the 'Open File' option, locate the TS file from your device and add it to the media player. You can also directly drag the TS video file to VLC to play it.

add your ts file to vlc

Step 3: Enjoy Watching TS File

After your file has been successfully imported to the VLC media player, you can now enjoy watching the TS Video format without any trouble.

ts file playing in vlc

Part 4. How to Edit TS Video Files with Filmora Video Editor?

Now that you know how to play TS video format with a VLC media player let's also share how you can edit your TS videos. With Wondershare Filmora, you can edit a stunning video. The video editor offers more features than you can imagine. The software comes with features like Record PC Screen, Color Match, Silence Detection, Scene Detection, etc.

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Some more advanced editing tools are offered, like Power Tool, Stabilize Video, Auto Reframe, Auto Highlight, and whatnot. If you are interested in editing your TS file format videos with Filmora, take help from the steps shared below.

Step 1: Import TS File

After you have launched Wondershare Filmora on your device, import the media file so that you can start the editing; for that, head to the 'File' tab and hover on the 'Import Media' option. By doing this, a sub-menu will appear, select the ‘Import Media Files’ option and locate the TS video.

add your ts video file

Step 2: TS Audio Edit

After importing the media file, drag it to the timeline to start the editing. With Filmora, add cool sound effects to your videos from the ‘Audio’ section. You get various effects like Happy, Jazz, Young & Bright, and other options.

customize your audio effect

Step 3: Use Transitions and Effects

What is a video without Effects and Transitions? Filmora comes with a wide range of options to add unique effects and transitions to your videos.

use different transitions and effects

Step 4: Add Elements

Head to the 'Elements' section to add amazing little fun things to your video and make it interesting. You get elements like Laser Eye, various Emoji options, and a lot more.

get video matched elements

Step 5: Export TS Video

Once all the editing is complete and satisfied with the final result, export the video. Hit the 'Export' button and select TS file format from the 'Locals' tab as the output format.

export edited ts file

Part 5. TS VS. MP4: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between the TS file format and MP4? Allow us to tell you some. You might have read about both formats, but a few differences are discussed as follows:


TS format is used in DVD and Blu-ray discs that you have on your respective device. It does the same work as MP4, but the TS file breaks the data into tiny chinks. TS format comprises a few elements, making it a faster transporter for MPEG-2 format compressed video data. It is used widely in broadcasting and streaming.


MP4 is considered more compatible as compared to TS format, as not all the software allows the '.ts' extension. If the file is not transmitted properly or is not closed properly, it can lose the data it has. MP4 is divided into two parts, one has the media data, and the other has metadata. Due to compression differences in both formats, it has a smaller size than the TS format.

Bottom Line

The article has shared great details about the TS format. We talked about how you can play TS files on VLC and also shed light on its pros and cons. Moreover, we also shared a video editor to edit your TS file format videos. Now, let’s talk about Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is a great video editor and is perfect for creating brilliant videos. The comprehensive list of features that you get from Filmora makes it unique and unforgettable. AI Portrait, Auto Normalization, Video Snapshot, Animation Keyframing, and many others are among its various features. For creating good videos, Filmora is an ideal option.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


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