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How to Create Simple Slideshow Word

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
How to Create Simple Slideshow Word

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Working with the MS Office Suite may often present forward a need to create a slideshow in Word. Stay here to learn about the easiest ways of making slideshow in MS Word.

Part 1 Easy Steps to Create Simple Slideshow Word

Slideshow presentations easily land among the commonest forms of information delivery in the corporate sector and business world. Be it a product promotion, or the upcoming inline company strategy, slideshow presentations address it all in the simplest and the most expressive manner.

When the talk is about creating these graphic snippets in the MS Office Suite, the latter’s PowerPoint application is affordably the first tool that comes into the picture. However, you may well be surprised to know that the MS Word application is no less in addressing the aforesaid concern.

Creating slideshow presentations in Microsoft Word comes handy when there is a need to quickly supplement product documentations with expressive and precise graphical explanations. Adding to the credibility, such presentations are easily converted to PDFs for addressing inline export concerns.

Discussing about the same, let us dive into the stepwise process of working towards making slideshow presentations in the Microsoft Word application in what follows next:

User’s Guide to Create an MS Word Slideshow Presentation

Step 1: Launch the Application

To begin creating a Microsoft Word slideshow, start with navigating to the MS Office package in your preferred device and launching the MS Word application.

Step 2: Select the Outline View

Navigate to and hit the ‘View’ tab at the topmost ribbon to select the ‘Outline’ presentation view.

Creating a Slideshow in MS Word- Selecting the ‘Outline’ View

Step 3: Insert Images and Tables

Within the slide navigation pane that appears at the left in the ‘Outline’ view, select the first slide and begin entering your desired text. If you wish to supplement the text with graphic elements, MS Word allows including pictures, tables, clip arts, equations, and many more objects within the slides.

For instance, you can insert an image or graph in a slide by heading to the ‘Insert’ tab in the ribbon at the top and clicking on the ‘Insert Picture from File’ icon. Following this, you will need to browse for the desired image within your device’s gallery and open the same in the presentation you are working at.

Likewise, if you desire to complement the slideshow title with an apt table, click on the ‘Table’ icon within the ‘Insert’ tab. MS Word offers a range of preset table dimensions along with granting you the liberty to include a customized table dimension of your own.

Creating a Slideshow in MS Word- Inserting an Image

Step 4: Some More Decoration Ahead!

When creating a professional slideshow presentation to promote your brand and address a series of likewise concerns, the customary inclusion of tables and images does not seem enough. Rest assured, MS Word is here to help you create an elaborative slideshow with its explanatory charts and decorative clip arts. You will easily find all these elements within the ‘Insert’ tab at the top of the working screen.

To add charts and clip arts in your slideshow, head to and hit the ‘Insert’ tab, followed by selecting the ‘Chart’ and ‘Clip Art’ options respectively, from the dropdown menu that appears next.

Creating a Slideshow in MS Word- Adding Supplementary Presentation Elements

Step 5: Craft the Successive Presentation Slides

When you are done with creating the title slide of your presentation, proceed with crafting the rest of the presentation in a similar manner. While images and the other elements discussed above are a luxury to any version of the MS Word tool you prefer, adding video elements becomes a limitation for the 2007 and 2010 versions of the application.

Creating a Slideshow in MS Word- Creating Successive Slides

If you are working in MS Word versions of 2013 and above, select the ‘Online Video’ option within the ‘Insert’ tab’s dropdown menu. You will henceforth be presented with the ‘Insert Video’ dialog box, where you can choose the most suitable insertion option from the 3 choices available.

Creating a Slideshow in MS Word- Inserting a Video

Step 6: Exporting the Presentation to PowerPoint

When you are done with everything, navigate to the ‘File’ tab in the topmost ribbon and select ‘Options’ from the drop down menu that follows. The ‘Options’ window pops up, wherein you are required to click on the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’.

Making the aforesaid selection will open the ‘Choose Commands From’ menu, where you will have to select the ‘All Commands’ option. In the list of options that appears next, click on the ‘Send to Microsoft PowerPoint’. Lastly, tap ‘OK’ to confirm your choice. The slideshow presentation that you have just created will now be sent to MS PowerPoint.

Part 2 Top 5 Microsoft Word Slideshow Maker Alternatives

While creating slideshow presentations in the MS Word application is quite handy, you may often land across a need to design presentation pieces with advanced customizations that involve an extra bit of detailing. Speaking in the light of high end professional concerns, the MS Word tool may sometimes fall short of meeting the precise and diverse slideshow creation needs.

In such a case, you can conveniently rely on the hoard of online and software based programs available in the IT market as well as across the web. Moving in the line of addressing the most sophisticated slideshow design concerns, let us look through some of the most feasible alternatives to create professionally sound graphic presentations in the following section:

01Icecream Slideshow Maker

The Icecream slideshow maker easily lands among the most reliable and modernized software alternatives to design slideshow presentations with utmost ease. Talking of program interface and user accessibility, the program conveniently earns appreciable scores. Moving ahead, the latter’s elegant workspace transforms the monotonous slideshow design process into a fun activity that you will love to indulge in.

Throwing light on the app’s creation utilities, you are allowed to supplement your presentations with all the latest audio-visual effects and customizations. You can add images, videos and music to the presentations, while choosing to save them either on your device or export to online storage accounts, like, Dropbox, YouTube and Google Drive, or burn to DVDs. You can either use the software for free or prefer a paid subscription to avail the premium features.

Icecream Slideshow Maker

02PhotoStage Slideshow Software

This one is an all-purpose slideshow creator program designed for addressing every creation need ranging from personal, fun-filled entertainment movies to high end professional and business oriented presentations. Talking of customization flexibilities, the software allows you to explore your graphic creativity on the widest canvas with a range of preset templates, audio tracks, transitions, videos, photos and a variety of additional media integrations.

What adds to the usage credibility of this slideshow creator program is the latter’s in-built image editor, which effectively dedicates itself towards adding life to your otherwise customary still captures. You can further, drop all your output quality concerns when working with the aforesaid program as the software has the most expanded range of output features. The software however, comes with a bit outdated interface and is limited to a 30-day free usage.

PhotoStage Slideshow Software

03Slideshow Maker

The 4K slideshow maker is an affordable freeware utility to create image centered presentations. All you need to do is, upload your selected images in the software’s editing timeline and begin a customization spree with the diversity of available effects, features and tools. To mention a few, you can work with selecting the perfect video quality and aspect ratio for the presentation, or make manual adjustments to transition flow and slide screen timings.

When it comes to adding background audio, you can either select a matching music piece from the software’s preset audio library, or pick one from the media gallery of your device in the WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG and other audio formats. The program caters to generate high quality slideshow output in the FLV, M4V, MP4 and AVI file formats. The software however, works to create slideshows exclusively from JPG images and has a series of features that are seldom used.

4K Slideshow Maker

04Proshow Gold

Another entry into the list of alternatives to MS Word slideshow maker is the aforesaid software that comes with a free user access. The program allows you to design high end professional presentations with the longest list of customization features and tools. Working with the program, you can include the most cohesive media integrations within your presentations to create a stunning slideshow.

You can choose between adding the images, music and videos either from your device or import them from social media platforms. The software additionally, permits you to work with the most elusive and integrated slideshow themes and a never ending series of royalty-free music. The program further houses an extensive range of automated utilities that are equally appreciated by beginners and experienced users, however for a limited period free trial.

Proshow Gold Slideshow Creator


Last sin the list is the Kizoa slideshow maker program that is highly appreciated for its user cohesive working interface. The software attempts to guide you at every step of the slideshow creation process with on screen pop-ups that contain tips and tricks for a hassle free working experience with the program. Working with the program, you are allowed to use the vast library of categorized premade templates for creating manual masterpieces of slideshow presentations.

Talking of customization features, you can choose to add images to the presentation, both from your device gallery, or through a Facebook import. The program library has a decent set of 48 transition and 58 image effects to amplify the appearance of the added photos. You can work to modify the image size to a screen fit to ward off blank spaces at the sides.

The slides can further be supplemented with premade music, GIFs and customizable text annotations. The software however, demands an account creation to address slideshow export needs to different media sharing platforms, like, Facebook, YouTube, DVD burning, etc.

Kizoa Slideshow Creator

Part 3 FAQs of Creating Simple Slideshow Word

01What is the 10/20/30 rule of slideshow presentations?

The 10/20/30 rule sets counted limitations on slideshow elements to generate high quality presentation outputs. The rule states that the perfect slideshow presentation consists of a maximum of 10 slides, has a run time of approximately 20 minutes and has minimum font size of 30 points.

02What is the 6 x 6 bullet rule of slideshow presentations?

The 6 x 6 bullet point rule states that you should include a maximum of 6 bullet points within each slide, along with limiting the bullet description to 6 words at the most. Abiding by this rule, your presentations slides will never look cluttered, while you can convey the desired information in a precise manner.

03Why should the presentation slides have a limited amount of text?

Creating a crowded slideshow with a bundled text annotations are a downside to audience interests. Add only essential contents in text, while warding off unnecessary words, lest you may lose the uninterrupted attention of your viewers towards the presentation.

04What is the perfect screen time of each slide within a presentation?

Keeping a slide screen time between 2 to 3 minutes is a smart strategy to captivate viewer attention. To get an appreciable response from the audience, you should aim at coming directly at the point, instead of beating about the bush. In an otherwise case of longer lengths, you may end up distracting your audience.

05What is the affordable word limit of each slide within a presentation?

To ensure a decent and professional look of your slideshow, restrict the latter’s text content to a maximum of 30 words within 6 to 8 lines. Add precise bullet points and avoid including lengthy paragraphs to create an engaging impact on the audience, instead of forcing them to read the presentation content as if it were a news article.

06Creating Microsoft Word Presentations in Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a professional standard graphic editor package that caters to the most diverse slideshow creation needs with utmost ease. Regardless of the platform you choose to work with for creating a slideshow presentation, the aforesaid program is ready to supplement your artwork with the best and most advanced editing effects and features. When the talk is about creating and editing slideshows in the MS Office Suite, the software easily claims the title of being the best image slider for Wordpress.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Elaborating a bit on the feature rich library of the software program, you get to access a plethora of audio-visual effects and tools, preset presentation themes and templates, background music tracks, transitions and text styles, etc., that combine together to deliver a jaw dropping presentation output. The software greets you with the most interactive, responsive and clean interface to work with and is available absolutely free of cost.

Ending Thoughts

Creating a slideshow presentation in Microsoft Word is quite easy and involves just a few simple steps to design elementary presentation snippets.

Browsing through the software market, you will come across a diversity of slideshow creation tools and applications that are feasible alternatives to the MS Word tool.

When aiming to pick the best slideshow creator program from the hoard of available choices, you can stay with Wondershare Filmora without having to think twice.

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