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How to Speed Up Video with Canva Online Tool?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Canva video speed-ups are getting popular daily, and so is the art of making viral content.

speed up video in canva image

One of the crucial features that every editing software should have is the ability to adjust the video speed. This is great for those who are creating YouTube shorts or simply looking to play with the slow-motion effects in their content. Now while talking about such edits, Canva is one such name that comes to mind.

It is a popular video editor and graphic designer you probably have heard of. Canva has tons of built-in functions, accompanied by an intuitive layout that users can't get enough of. However, in terms of things like video speed-ups, it can get a bit complicated.

That's why today we will go through the Canva video editor in detail and figure out whether it is possible to speed up the video in Canva or not. In the end, you will also discover other alternatives that provide the same functionality without any strings attached. So, let's get straight into the topic!

In this article
  1. Part I. Basic Understanding of Canva
  2. Part II. How to Speed Up a Video in Canva?
  3. Part III. Wondershare Filmora - The Best All-in-one Video Speed-Up Alternative to Canva

Part I. Basic Understanding of Canva

Before jumping to Canva video speed-ups, it's best to know a little about this tool. So Canva is an online media designing tool that enables you to create amazing content without much technical knowledge. It was launched back in 2013 and, until then, has managed to empower millions of people globally.

Whether it's image editing, CV creation, or graphic modification, Canva is the forefront of modern tools. They even have a built-in video optimization feature that lets you boost your content without compromising quality. Everything in Canva is clutter-free, and the layout of their main website is beginners friendly.

There are also tons of free templates that you can use in Canva and format according to your preferred size and needs. Besides that, Canva's native application is now available for all major operating systems. This means you can enjoy this tool as long as you have iOS 10 or higher (<Android 4.1).

Features of Creating and Editing with Canva

Some amazing perks that you get with Filmora include:

  • ✅Dozens of customizable templates
  • ✅Available with its drag-and-drop layout
  • ✅Ability to add custom elements and transitions
  • ✅Precise graphic movement
  • ✅Supports single-key shortcuts
  • ✅Cut and trim access
  • ✅On-site recording
  • ✅Up-loadable third-party content
  • ✅ Mobile phone compatibility
  • ✅Wide range of download formats

Part II. How to Speed Up a Video in Canva?

Managing video duration on your preferred domain is so crucial these days, mainly because of our smaller attention spans. This is why you should be looking to change video speed in Canva as soon as you get your hands on the project. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there are no known features in which you can speed up the video in Canva. However, there are some alternative methods for archiving sped-up videos.

An Ultimate Guide to Speed Up a Canva Video

how to speed up a video on canvas
Step1Create a New Video Project with Canva

1) Head over to Canva's official webpage and open a new video project through the "Create" button in the top right corner.

how to speed up canva video 1
Step2Upload Your Speed Up Canva Video on the Console

1) Now, you can either upload your video project into the console through the "Upload" tab or use the provided video templates from the "Videos" section.

how to speed up canva video 2

2) Once that's done, drag and drop your clip on the timeline and adjust it according to your requirements.

how to speed up canva video 3

Hit preview once you are comfortable with video positioning

Step3Download the Non-speed Up Video in Canva

After previewing the clip, you will soon realize that your video is going too slow and needs to be adjusted. Unfortunately, no feature as of right now could directly fix the issue. It needs to be revamped in a third-party program requiring video download.

1) To download the original video in Canva, move your cursor to the top and select the "share" button.

change video speed in canva 1

2) Before you download the file, make sure that you have the MP4 format selected.

change video speed in canva 2
Step4Use Third-Party Software (Eizgif) to Change Video Speed In Canva

1) Once you've downloaded your video file onto the system, open a new browser tab and search for Eizgif (or related speed-up video in the Canva tool). Now upload the same video on the given window.

change video speed in canva 3

2) After the clip has been uploaded, a new tab will open up. Here you will find an option named "multiplier." Changing its value from greater than one will make your video move fast.

change video speed in canva image

3) Adjustust the desired multiplier value and select "change video speed."

change video speed in canva tool

Eizgif also gives you the freedom to adjust sound, if your video has any

Step5Re-upload the Speed-Up Video In Canva Editor

1) When you feel like your video has a perfect speed, save it in your system directory.

canva video speed up

2) Now re-upload your changed video speed in Canva and drag it onto the timeline through the "Videos" tab.

video canva fast speed

3) Review the clip and notice the enhanced video speed from the Canva editor when it's done.

filmora speed and duration

So technically, you can change video speed in Canva, but the process can be time-consuming, especially for starters.

Part III. Wondershare Filmora - The Best All-in-one Video Speed-Up Alternative to Canva

Canva is no doubt a great video and graphic editor, but there are a handful of features that it needs to provide. For once, it can't store files without internet access. Similarly, you need third-party applications even to use the most basic features, such as video speed-ups.

To work on these downsides, dozens of alternatives are available on the market; one of the better ones is Wondershare Filmora. It's a full-proof video and audio editing app with tons of customizations under its belt. Individuals can use this powerful tool to create unique media content.

Everything is seamless in Filmora, and it's supported on all major operating systems. There is no technical jargon in its application, and even beginners will be able to enjoy its interface.

Highlights of Filmora Compared to Canva Video Speed-Ups

  • ✅Work on your speed-up projects without an internet connection
  • Not limited to download formats
  • ✅Lack of template limitation on the free version
  • ✅Beginner to advanced level UI
Free Download
Free Download

How to Speed Up a Video Using Filmora?

Step1Create a New Project With Filmora Video Editor

1) First, if you don't have it already, download the latest version of this tool from the web.

2) Once it's installed, open the app and upload your new project straight into its console.

speed up video in filmora 2
Step2Change the Speed Or Duration of Your Clip

1) Now that your video is in the timeline, right-click it and select the custom "Speed & duration" button.

speed up video in filmora 3

2) In the new window, change the speed value greater than 1, just like you did in the case of Eizgif. You can also adjust the speed slider for better coverage.

how to speed up a video on canvas 1

3) After finishing, click "Ok" and preview your clip to see the fast video effect in-placed.

BONUS STEPEnable the Speed Ramping Effects

Speed ramp is a unique feature in Filmora which allows you to apply acceleration or deceleration at any point in your clip, creating unique effects. To use these settings, you need to:

1) Select your timeline video and choose the "Speed" button on the bottom bar. After that, click on "Speed Ramping."

how to speed up a video on canvas 2

2) You can now apply multiple speed ramping effects based on your preference. Select it (for example, flash-out effect), and it will be used for your whole video.

canva video speed increase 1
Step3Export the Final Speed-Up Video

1) After changing the video speed in Filmora, save it on your desktop. For that, move to the top left corner and select "File<Save Project."

canva video speed increase 2

2) You can also use the "Export" option to move it to a local folder.


This was our two cents on how you can speed up a video on Canva. In the end, speeding up a video is a great way to keep your audience engaged in video production. It lets you make your content short and precise or introduce dramatic effects. If you want to use such features in your videos, then Filmora is a great way to start. Not only do you get fast video effects, but you can also save them without any internet access. So, give it a try and see the difference yourself!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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