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Split a Clip in DaVinci Resolve [Step by Step]

The DaVinci resolve is an amazing video editing software that attracts professionals and beginners to work on it. You can also fulfil your wish to edit or split the video clips in it without facing any difficulty.

But, some of them are looking for guidance to work on DaVinci resolve correctly. This article discusses the splitting of the video clips in DaVinci Resolve explicitly. There is also a brief description of its best alternative, Wondershare Filmora. This is also practically relevant and reasonable as well.

How you can split the video clips in DaVinci resolve

DaVinci resolve is a comprehensive program that allows you to deliver different solutions. It can be related to editing the videos, correcting the colours, and producing the videos and audio. Just follow the simple steps below for splitting the videos in the DaVinci resolve:

Part 1 - Splitting of one clip:

Step 1: After installing the DaVinci resolve, launch it in your system.

split a clip in davinci resolve

Step 2: Import and place the media file on the timeline from the library. This is the clip you want to split. Select the blade tool from where you want to split the clip. Use the timeline from the menu and go to Split Clip. Shortcut keys are also available that are Ctrl+\ or Cmd+\ or Cmd+B. Now the split clip is easily visible to you. You can use this clip wherever you want to use it. 

split a clip in davinci resolve

Part 2- Splitting of more than one clip on various tracks:

You can also split the number of video and audio clips at the exact timings in DaVinci resolve.

Step 1: When there are piles of clips one after the other, the selection of both of the clips is essential, which have to be split. Keep moving the playhead to the exact area where there is a requirement for the changes.

Step 2: Just keep pressing Command or Control + \ keys, or click on timeline> Split Clip. The selected clips of audio and video get split together now. No more slitting of the clips individually. This option is more appropriate for you when creating and managing different parts of massive projects.

split a clip in davinci resolve

An easier way to split the video clips

Without any doubt, DaVinci resolve is an advanced level software for video editing at the professional level. Moreover, the pricing of DaVinci resolve is $299, and it shows that it is quite expensive for many people. Due to this, you need an economical solution that is Filmora Video Editor .

Most graphic designers and video editors recommend Wondershare Fimora because it is lighter for the systems. All the tools are simplified in using like trimming or splitting the clips. You can convert split video clips into other formats in Wondershare Filmora. Add and apply all the special effects on your videos and export them wherever you want.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later


  • Splitting or trimming of the video clips
  • Removing the noise
  • Addition of the transition effects
  • Availability of controls for the audio, sound and video
  • Separating the audio from the video

Part 1 - Splitting the clips in Wondershare Filmora

If you want to split the clips or trim some parts of the videos, Wondershare Filmora is the right choice. Below are detailed steps for trimming the videos quickly and easily.

Step :1

Drag or drop the files from Media Library or Click on “Import” after selecting the video clips to make the clip visible on the timeline. No need to worry regarding the formats as Wondershare Filmora is highly supportive towards it/

split a clip in davinci resolve


Keep hanging the mouse on the corner of the video until and unless the trimming icon appears. So, you can drag ahead or in a backward direction at the endpoints of the video you want to trim.

split a clip in davinci resolve

Step: 3

 You don’t want the video parts in the centre of the video clips. First, split the video and delete it. For splitting the video, click on the icon of the scissor.

split a clip in davinci resolve

Step: 4

For deleting the part of the undesired part of the video, click on the dustbin icon. If there is any deletion by mistake, there is no need to worry about it. Click on the undo icon to make the video appear on the timeline again.

split a clip in davinci resolve

Part 2 - Splitting and trimming the clips in Wondershare Filmora:

Apart from the above steps for trimming and splitting the videos in Wondershare Filmora, the position of the video has to be in the place head of the frame that you are willing to trim. Right-click on the clip and select the option of “Trim Start to Playhead or Trim End to Playhead “ for deleting the content of the video ahead or back of it.

split a clip in davinci resolve

In the latest version of the Wondershare Filmora, you can even trim the video without adding it to the timeline. A similar video can easily split multiple times and load only the required one. Go through the following steps to split the clips in a faster way:

  1. You can easily preview the video first from the library of your media files.
  2. Select the clip which you want to split or trim by selecting from the beginning till the end
  3. After dragging, you can view the trim section
  4. Keep repeating the steps mentioned above for splitting the videos
split a clip in davinci resolve

Although various editing software is available, Wondershare Filmora has to be on the top. It is the best choice to bring your imagination into reality, whether it is transitioning, applying the effects or importing/exporting the videos. All the options are suitable in front and visible on your timeline. Wondershare Filmora supports different operating systems as well. Even no proper training is required, so start using Wondershare Filmora today to get your editing done.

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