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Split a video in the Lightworks [Step by Step]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 18, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Lightworks is among the best programs for editing the videos available for the Windows and Mac operating systems with no watermark. Through the accessible version of Lightworks, it is easy to export the videos into the MP4 format along with the resolution of 720p. There are different tools available in Lightworks so you can make videos for your YouTube channels, Vimeo, film making projects and different social media platforms.

Lightworks has become famous because it has been used for editing the popular movies of Hollywood. Along with the videos, it is straightforward to enhance the images by blending the colours. This article has a detailed description of how you can split the videos in Lightworks including the the discussion of splitting the Wondershare Filmora as an alternative. It is also a suitable choice.

How can you split the video clips in Lightworks?

Lightworks is software based on the cloud that consists of particular functionalities. It only includes editing and trimming, cutting, and splitting your video clips according to your requirements. Following are the easy-to-follow steps for splitting the clips in Lightworks:

Part1 - Splitting of one clip:

Step 1: The first step is importing the video into the timeline. It is simply through dragging the file on which you have to work.

split a clip in lightworks

Step 2: When the uploading is complete, you can cut and split the clips depending on your needs. Now, keep moving the play head in the specific direction from where you have to cut the clips—Press "C" on your keyboard.

split a clip in lightworks

Step 3: After getting the split clip, you can delete the remaining part that is not in use. For this, selecting the particular part is necessary and selecting the option of "Delete". Even, you can press the "delete" key on your keyboard.

split a clip in lightworks

Step 4: When your video is ready, simply export the video by clicking right on the option of "All". On the left lower side of the timeline, it is now clicked on "Export".

split a clip in lightworks
split a clip in lightworks

Part 2- trimming of the clips in Lightworks:

To trim the video clips in Lightworks, you require to hover the mouse towards the last of the video clip. Keep moving until and unless that part of the clip gets highlighted. After this step, start dragging till the previous where you want it.

split a clip in lightworks
split a clip in lightworks

An easier way to split the video clip

Even though Lightworks is a wonderful software for editing videos and images, its interface is easy to handle. But it is not supportive of different formats and 4K videos. For a few features, you might need the paid version of Lightworks. The most acquired solution to resolve this issue is Filmora Video Editor . It is freely available, and use all the tools according to your needs. That's why it is gaining popularity, and users are increasing day by day. The latest versions of the Wondershare Filmora are available to enhance user experiences. You can export the outcome with ease from the tools.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later


  • Availability of drag and drag feature
  • Can preview the functionalities you apply
  • Easy to customize the images and videos
  • Involvement of the animation
  • Huge library available for the effects of visual and audio
  • Splitting and merging the clips

Wondershare Filmora always offers to split the clips from the creative techniques. This tool is extremely useful, particularly when creating commentaries, tutorials, or interviews. The exact footage has to be on the timeline. All the options are on the main panel. Add anything you like, such as animation, text, images, or other media, to make an outstanding outcome. These are very easy to understand, so go through the following steps for splitting the video clips. Two ways are trimming and splitting the clips in Wondershare Filmora.

First method: splitting on the timeline

Step 1. Selection of the clip in the timeline that you want to split. Your play head should be precisely at this particular place from where you need the splitting.

split a clip in lightworks

Step 2. When your play head is on the correct point of the timeline, right-click on the clip for opening the menu. Select the option of "Split" or click on the scissor icon in red colour.

split a clip in lightworks

There is also a possibility of hiding the red icon of the scissor present. You can do it by tapping on the options of Wondershare Filmora. Then go to Preferencesàediting. Now uncheck the button of Split.

split a clip in lightworks

Second method: detection of the scene

If there are different shots in your clips or separation in the scenes, you can use the tool of "scene detection" in the Wondershare Filmora.

Step 1. Select your video clip from the media library that you want to split. After right-clicking on it, select the option of "Scene detection" from the menu.

split a clip in lightworks

Step 2. The new window of the scene detection appears and then click on "Detect". Depending on the transitions of the video clips, it is divided into different parts.

split a clip in lightworks

There are hundreds of editing software present in the marketplace, but Wondershare Filmora's success rate is the highest. It is just because of its simplicity and advanced tools that fulfil the users' needs. The whole interface is hassle-free and clean no matter which operating system you use. It is also helpful in saving your time in terms of applying the settings of colour correction on more than one clip at all at once.

Exploration of the transition effects with the filters allows motion elements in your images and videos. Even you can split the screens to present your videos in a different style. Must discover the Wondershare Filmora whether you are using it casually or professionally. Keep going with the flow and go through the available guidelines. You will definitely consider Wondershare Filmora the best software for your managing and editing tasks.

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