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Splitting Video in VSDC [Step by Step]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

VSDC is a proper editor for freely available videos and has various controls. It is such a tool that anyone can easily use without appropriate training. It provides accessibility to the huge library of audio and video effects. VSDC is highly supportive of the famous video and file formats. That's why it also helps convert the video and audio files from one format to another instantly.

There is also a feature for burning the built-in disk in this editor. Most people enjoy the benefits of this free editor, particularly for educational reasons. There is also a possibility of creating videos to advertise the specific product. Easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. VDSC can extend the content format and present it to the target audience.

The actual discussion is regarding the splitting of the video by using the VSDC. Also, recommendation of using Wondershare Filmora as the better substitute in place of VSDC.

How is it possible to split the videos in VSDC?

VSDC is a complete open-source program for all users. But the whole interface is not as simple as the Wondershare Filmora. After setting the preview of your video file, this video player starts working independently just for you. Let's look at different methods for splitting the clips in VSDC.

Part1 - Splitting of the clip into 2 parts just by a single click:

Step 1: 

Click multiple times on the icon of the VSCD present on the desktop screen. Later, click on the "Import Content", then you are able to search a specific video file from the folder of your computer. While determining the videos, the project's settings are visible, so it is easy to customize the parameters according to your wish.

split video in vsdc

Step 2: 

The video file you select is in the centre position. Even you can preview first and keep moving the play head and handle in such a way that you select the part that is not in need. When you are prepared, hit the button of "Cut out fragment" in the menu of "Tools" in the tab of "Editor".

split video in vsdc

Step 3: 

Right-click on the video clip to get the option of "Cutting and Splitting" in the object menu. Or you can even press on the right side of the "Properties window". Then the pop-up window appears that helps you editing your video in VSDC video editor. Select the particular area you don't want by clicking on the "Cut Area" icon. Also, the restoration is possible when you click on the "Remove Area of Deleting" button.

split video in vsdc

Step 4:

At this moment, you can export the video that you have edited. Save it on your PC directly with some format. It is easy to transfer the videos to the smartphone or even uploading on the web.

Part2 - Splitting of the clip from markers while exporting the video file:

A splitting tool is also available in VSDC when you want to use different video parts after applying the effects. After adding the video file from the "Export project" tab, and then click on the "Set markers". Click "Apply Changes" when all the markers are ready for splitting the clips. Option for exporting the video is present so you can save it in the format of your choice. It is simple to save the video's parts that are created from the markers.

split video in vsdc

Part3 - Splitting of one clip into more than one scene and applying the effect on them:

For applying different effects on various parts of your video, split it. In this method, add the video file in the timeline and right-click. From the drop-down menu, select "Properties", and then a window appears. Keep scrolling downward, click on the button of light-green colour "Cutting and Splitting" button.

split video in vsdc

When the window pops up, click on the "Apply changes" button, and the video automatically gets split. Every part of the video is present on the timeline after one another.

split video in vsdc

An easier way to split the video

No doubt, VSDC is a good option for editing the videos, but Filmora Video Editor has more features and better software for splitting the video. It fulfils the requirements of various users, whether it is for personal or business purposes. Also, the stylizing of the video is possible, including the quality, resolution, speed and other parameters.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later


  • Removing the noise
  • Colour tunning
  • Detecting of the scenes
  • Video stabilization
  • Audio equalizer
  • Splitting, rotating and trimming of the video clips

Wondershare Filmora is always helpful in splitting, trimming and different options available for editing the videos. Following are the steps for using these features:

Step 1. Click on "Import" to bring the source file to the timeline.

Step 2. It is essential to select the clip in the timeline and move the play head on the right side. Click on the "Split" scissor icon visible on the toolbar. It helps in separating the videos into different parts.

split video in vsdc

Step 3. Save the video clip according to the format of your own choice. Simply click on "Export" and select the format from the tab "Format". It is leftwards of the window. There is a whole list of the formats.

split video in vsdc

It would help if you used the Wondershare Filmora for splitting the video clips into parts without losing their quality. There is a number of effects and features that will definitely attract you. It is definitely suitable for making outstanding videos and images.

Wondershare Filmora has undoubtedly received many positive reviews compared to other editing software. You use the latest version of Wondershare Filmora to avail of its maximum features as it includes more than 25 sound and transitional effects. Keyframing is also possible. Go for it and start editing on it today.

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