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Best Method to Split the Video into Parts Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 18, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Apart from offline editing software, online video splitters are also available with the evolution of technology nowadays. VEED is one of them. It helps you in splitting the video into different parts. The splitter tool is available for deleting a specific part of the video. Even you can save these parts separately. The whole video editor is extremely user-friendly.

Along with the split and trimming of the videos, VEED also offers several tools for editing and adding effects to the images. It is suitable for training video makers and social media managers to demonstrate the products, business presentations, and HR videos. There are camera filters present, including sepia, night vision, fish eye, and many others. This article is actually the guide regarding editing the videos through VEED. As a substitute, Wondershare Filmora is also under discussion that is also available for the same purpose.

How can you split the video clips online from VEED?

VEED also supports different formats such as WMV, AVI, MPEG and others. While editing the videos in VEED, it converts into MP4, which is compatible with most media players. This is the most suitable format for sharing videos on social networking sites. This splitter tool also helps create a GIF file with animation. Even there is also a possibility of creating GIFs from various software. No matter the duration is of the video, VEED can split the video. It is freely available, and you can use it easily from your browser. You don’t need purchasing of premium software for splitting the videos.

Step 1: Select the video and upload it on the VEED. Simply drag and drop your video file in the editor when you click on “Choose video”. After the selection, split or trim on the timeline and drag towards the left side corner to make the clips shorter.

split video into parts online

Step 2: Click on where you are looking to split the video or keep moving the slider on the timeline. Now, you need to press the “S” key on the keyboard or click on the button “Split”. It is easy to delete the clips you don’t need anymore.

Step 3: Click on the option of “Export”, and this is the time for saving the new file as the MP4 video file. Simply export them as a single video file. It is the simplest option to use, and you can do all the steps in a few clicks.

split video into parts online

An easier way to split the video into parts

An online tool is available for instant tasks and increases efficiency. But unfortunately, it becomes time-consuming whenever the size of your file is a large or unstable internet connection. Here emerges the usage of Filmora Video Editor . It is an incredible tool for creating and editing your images and videos. This also helps maintain the quality of the videos without any concern about their size. All the options of splitting, rotating, resizing, and trimming the videos are also available offline.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later


  • Cloning of the effects
  • Magical effects
  • Motion graphics and addition of animation as well
  • Splitting of the screen and video clips
  • Matching of the colour
  • Controls available for adjusting the audios and videos

There is a number of options available for a variety of users. There is Wondershare Filmora Pro for the experts and solutions for the business owners. The whole business plan of Wondershare Filmora is for showcasing your brand. Support centres are available for helping you whenever you face any hurdle. All the new features are updated in the latest version of it. User guides are also available on its official site. For splitting the videos and extracting your favourite scenes, below steps are how to split the videos in Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1. To split the videos in Wondershare Filmora, the feature of scene detection is very helpful for this purpose. It automatically makes the parts of the videos depending on the changes of the scene. To enable this feature, right-click on your video clip in your library folder and choose the “scene detection” option for its window.

split video into parts online

Step 2. Click on “Detect”, and Wondershare Filmora starts dividing the videos into the number of clips depending on changing of the scenes. Click on every small clip for it is easy for you to preview the outcome for its addition on the timeline.

split video into parts online

Step 3. For deleting the specific part of the video, its selection is essential and click on the trash icon. Click on “Add on the timeline” for separating the clips and edit them later. The clips you have split can be imported on the timeline, just like in the picture below.

split video into parts online

Step 4. After splitting the video files, there are many options to apply to them like rotation, merger, cropping and recording the voice-over. Join the number of segments and add the background music to make the new video.

Wondershare Filmora is on the top ranking in the list of video editing software. Without facing any issues, you can simply create videos as well as edit them as well. You can get quickly a video editor of a professional level in just a smaller number of days of using it. All the tools are just on your timeline, and the simple interface makes it more enjoyable to use.

It is possible for the user to apply every feature in many ways, so Wondershare Filmora is very simple in handling all the functionalities. The whole software is full of fun. It guarantees to deliver highly professional results. Whether online or offline, Wondershare Filmora is also available to bring your imagination into reality. Even you can join the certification program of Wondershare Filmora. Start using it now as you will feel the difference in using it apart from other video editing software.

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