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Best Ever Ways Make Tiktok Slideshow [Solved]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Best Ever Ways Make Tiktok Slideshow [Solved] 2022

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Tiktok is the most amazing and popular social media platform because it has stunning features. It is used by many people like social media influencer to common man. Tiktok helps the content creator in making them and their content viral. It is used for gaining followers and becoming popular.

Part 1 How To Make Tiktok Photo Slideshow Faster?

01How can you make fast slideshow of pictures on Tiktok 2022?

Do you want to create fast slideshow of pictures on Tiktok? Here is the step by step process to make a fast slideshow of pictures:

Step 1: Open the Tiktok app

Click on the Tiktok logo in your device to open Tiktok app.

Open TikTok app

Step 2: Click on plus icon.

Now, you will start seeing the videos from "Following" or "For you" on your Home Screen.

Click on the "+" Plus icon in the bottom of the screen.

Click on plus icon

Step 3: Click on templates

On the right side of "Red Shoot Button" you will see template option, click on templates.

Click on templates

Step 4: Select Template

After clicking on the "Template" option, you will see photo and videos from the gallery on your device. Tap on images to select images.

Select the template

Step 5: Select Images from your gallery

Tap on the "Radio Button" to select images, you can also choose videos if you want.

To explore all the images on your gallery, you can click on the swipe up or drop down menu.

Select images from gallery

Step 6: Click on OK Button

When you are done selecting all images from the gallery, at the bottom right you see the OK button. To proceed, click on the OK button.

Click OK

Step 7: Edit the Slideshow Video

Now you can see a slideshow photo video of the images which you have selected. Now, you can edit the video: you can change the sound, add different effects and add text or any stickers to your slideshow video.

Edit the slideshow

Step 8: Click on Next Button

After completing your photo video slideshow, click on the Next button.

Step 9: Click on the Post button

After clicking on the Next button now you will see two options, Drafts and Post button.

Drafts: If you don’t want to post the video then add #hashtags, mention your friend name and click on the drafts button.

Posts: If you want to post the video then add #hashtags, mention your friends and click on post button to publish.

Click on Post

Step 10: Done

You have successfully completed making a fast photo video slideshow.

02How can you make tiktok slideshow faster in 2022?

To faster tiktok photo slideshow follow the given steps:

Go to Play Store or App Store.

Search for "Video Speed" Application on your device.

Download any app, from the search list.

Open the app and select your Tiktok video for editing.

Edit the video from the instructions which are given on-screen.

Download it for free on your device.

Add it on Tiktok to share.

So, these were the given steps from which you can make your photo slideshow faster.

Part 2 Five Recommended Tiktok Slideshow Effects

01Bling Effect on Tiktok

If you use Tiktok actively then you must have seen the Bling Effect as they look glittery and conspicuous. If you are not aware about the Bling effect on Tiktok, it is an effect which gives sparkly look. Bling Effect works better on videos which emit light. Things that emit light are jewellery, LED lights, glasses etc.

Bling Effect

Make sure that your Tiktok is updated with the latest version to get the Bling Effect. Then follow the given steps:

Open Tiktok on your device and click on the "+" icon to add a new video.

Click on the "Effects" button at the bottom left side and then open the "Trending" tab of Tiktok effect.

Keep scrolling until you do not get the Bling effect icon.

When you get the Bling effect tap to download it, and after that it’s ready to use.

To add an effect in your favourites, click on the white Bookmark which is given while the Bling effect is alive.

Now, you can use the Bling effect while recording your videos.

02Face Zoom Effect on Tiktok

The Face Zoom Effect is what it sounds like; it’s an effect on Tiktok which is used to automatically zoom the camera on your face. Face Zoom effect can make your videos stand out from other people videos. If you use the Face Zoom effect and hold on to the camera up to your face and pull your phone back slowly, your face will look totally different.

Face Zoom Effect

Here are the steps to get the Face Zoom Effect on Tiktok:

Open the Tiktok on your device.

Tap on the "+" button on the home screen.

Then you will see the "Effects" section, click on it.

In the Effects section you will see various other filters also.

Keep searching for it and when you get it, select it.

Now, you can make videos and publish them.

03Face Morph Effect on Tiktok

Face Morph Filter is which morphs 2 pictures and make transitions to the pictures at that time. When you use this filter, you can see that it make changes but still you have the same face. Your face remains the same but the transitions look very even and amazing.

Face Morph Effect

Follow the given steps to use the Face Morph Effect:

Open the Tiktok app on your device.

Click on the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll on the right side on the Templates.

Keep scrolling until you get the Morph Effect.

Click to select photos.

Select at least 5 photos from your camera roll.

Click OK at the bottom right corner

Now edit and publish your Tiktok.

04 Beauty Effects

Beauty effects are used to beautify your face and changes you into completely different person. If you don’t want to wear makeup just to record one video, in that case you can use this effect. Basically it completely changes your overall appearance.

Beauty Effects

Steps to follow to use beauty effects:

Open Tiktok app on your device.

Click on the "+" button at the bottom- center of the screen.

Click on the "Effects" section.

Keep searching for "Beauty Effect" and after that select it.

Now, you can record your video and publish them.

05Green Effect

Green effects allow you to change the background of any image or you can also add any video to your background of your choice. With the help of Green Screen, users have been able to film their videos wherever they want.

Green effect

Open Tiktok application.

On the bottom center, click on the "+" icon.

On the bottom left corner, click on "effects".

Click on the "Green Screen" from the Effects menu.

Select Green Screen effect.

Now you can film videos using Green Screen.

Part 3 How To Adjust Sound On Tiktok Slideshow

Once you have selected the sound, you may need to do some adjustments.

To edit which part of the song you are using:

Click on the "Trim" button given at the right side of the screen.

Drag the cursor to adjust which part of the song you want your video to begin at.

Click on the checkmark to confirm.

To edit the volume of the sound:

Once you have completed filming your video, in the bottom left corner click on the sounds button.

Click the "volume" tab and use the cursor to adjust how much loud the sound is compared to the original audio.

Click on the screen again to confirm.

These were the steps for adjusting sound, the way you want to customize it.

Part 4 FAQ’S of making Tiktok Slideshow

Q1. How can you trim the audio on a Tiktok Sideshow?

A. To trim sound on a Tiktok slideshow, first add a sound to a Tiktok slideshow, click on the ‘Trim" button at the right side of the screen. Then drag the cursor to select which part of the audio you want for your video. Listen to the sound after trimming. If you liked the trimmed song, tap to the next button to add it in your Tiktok slideshow.

Q2. How can you add text to the Tiktok slideshow?

A. Steps to add text to your Tiktok slideshow:

Open Tiktok app.

Click on the "+" icon.

Click on upload.

Select an image from your gallery.

Click on the "Next" button.

Now click on the "Text" to add text.

After that type the text.

Choose any font or color of your choice.

Tap on the "Done "button".

Now your video is ready to publish.

Q3. How can we add music to slideshow videos on Tiktok?

A. Yes you can add music to your slideshow video. Before posting it you will find the edit option.

When you select images from your gallery > click next > click on the sound option > choose music from sounds and add it to your slideshow video.

Q4. How many images can you add to a Tiktok slideshow?

A. Select the images to add to the slideshow. You can also add videos to your slideshow from the videos section. Keep in mind that the images you are selecting are in perfect order as you want to see them appear in a slideshow. You can add up to 35 images and videos.

Q5. What are the best recommended slideshow effects on Tiktok?

A. There are a lot of effects on Tiktok but here are some best slideshow effects of Tiktok like Green Screen, Spilt Screen, Face Zoom effect, Bling effect, Trio effect, Beauty effect, Long Face effect, Trisection effect and Face Morph effect.

Tiktok is a great choice for making photo video slideshow but if you want to try something new you can consider using Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. As it have amazing transitions and its own music gallery, it allows you to record your own voiceover. Filmora allows you to make engaging slideshow using different features automatically or manually. It has voice removal, audio mixer, and video stabilization features that add to the output. The 4K editing feature allows you to export the video of resolution of up to 4K.

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Ending Thoughts

Tiktok is an amazing and popular social media platform which allows you to create your own content and with the help of this platform your content can reach a wide range of people.

You can make an attractive photo slideshow with the help of Tiktok because it has amazing features like different effects, and you can also add text and sound to it.

Tiktok is a great choice but you can also consider an alternate option like, Filmora as you can create your slideshow with its amazing features.

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