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How To Use Motion Blur On Video Star?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Many smartphone video editing apps provide quick services for creating content. However, few offer privileges of including features like motion blur within the videos. The motion blur effect is one of the most recommended features in a video to give it a realistic touch. Where many tools fail to offer this effect, Video Star stands in the line of applications that do not disappoint users.

For this article, we will work on a guideline for how to use motion blur on Video Star. Through the provided details, you can verify and work through a similar model for creating a perfect video.

In this article
  1. What is Video Star?
  2. How to Use Motion Blur on Video Star?
  3. Bonus Tips – Add Motion Blur with Filmora on Desktop

Part 1: What is Video Star?

We will first review the Video Star application and its features for a better overview of the tool. Video Star is a video editing tool designed to present impressive music videos with appropriate lip-syncing and fan edits. While the application is known for its music editing, Video Star has embedded a variety of features in its package that makes the process interesting.

It includes the option of managing the color and animation in the video. You can also find the tool appropriate for enhancing, combining, and timing clips. Video Star is a complete package when it comes to creating videos on smartphones. With its free features and advanced functionalities, Video Star does not disappoint.

The application has multiple power packs available that can be bought from a subscription plan. With the authoritative control and connection offered, this application makes quite a mark regardless of its mobility.

video star features

Download: App Store

Key Features

There are options available on Video Star, which makes it a great video editing option. Those who are up for quick editing should try this option. For that, let's check out its prominent features:

  • You can customize the background and mode of the application according to your needs. Personalize the outlook of your Video Star application as per your desires.
  • Add multiple songs of your choice within the video to perfection.
  • The tool is integrated with iCloud, providing a dedicated button for connecting the application with the assorted data.
  • Features an "Insider" page showing all essential details and updates about the application.


The review of Video Star is quite promising; but mixed. You can add effects within your videos, such as motion blur. But the application still has some concerns which might need some addressing.  

When it comes to updating and managing it, there are some drawbacks to its operation. Sometimes, it might even lag for no reason. Along with that, there are some complaints about the text effects included in the application. An overall review might sound good, but some tweaking is needed.

Part 2: How to Use Motion Blur on Video Star?

We will now look into some details about using the motion blur effect on Video Star. While you learn how to target the Video Star motion blur effect to perfection, a comparison in procedure will also be highlighted for better understanding. Look through the details to know more about how to use motion blur to perfection:

Steps to Perform Motion Blur Through Transform on Video Star

Step1 As you download and install Video Star, launch and tap the “+” icon on the top-right to add a video. You must select the “Edit Video” option to proceed further.

select the edit video option

Step2 After adding the video, you must use the "Set Start" and "Set End" buttons to trim out the unnecessary part of the video. Select the "Make Video" button on the top and lead to the next part.

tap on make video option

Step3 As the video is trimmed, tap the “New” button on the bottom-right and proceed to select “Transform” from the available options.

proceed with the transform

Step4 You must select the "Motion Blur" effect from the options below. As you are led into the parameter settings of the effect, you will find multiple things to cover on the screen. While you can set the blur element using the slider, set whether the effect will be "Trailing," "Leading," or "Both."

set the blur value

Step5 You can set the video on a lower frame rate using the "Dial" icon. Set the slider under the "Blend" option and proceed to click the "Create" button.

set the lower frame rate

Steps to Perform Motion Blur Through Re-Effects on Video Star

Step1 While you try another technique to perform motion blur on Video Star, you must import the video and set its starting and ending points. As you edit the video, select "New" and find the "Re-Effect" option.

select the re-effect option

Step2 Continue to the next screen and tap the "+" icon to add an effect. You can find the "Motion Blur" effect by using the "Search" icon present on the screen. As the motion blur effect is added, you have to set the effect using the slider.

choose the motion blur option

Bonus Tips – Add Motion Blur with Filmora on Desktop

What if you search for a better option than the motion blur effect on Video Star? Though there are many tools, the quickest option to look for on the desktop is Wondershare Filmora. This easy-going, effective, and diverse software provides the smoothest experience in video editing. The variety of tools offered within the platform is exquisite.

Free Download
Free Download

To learn more about Wondershare Filmora, you can also observe the features provided below:

  • While you can add effects like motion blur, Filmora provides an extended list of effects to try out.
  • There are multiple video resolution qualities offered while exporting the video. It also includes setting the video parameters according to a specific device or platform.
  • Wondershare Filmora induces a high-quality result for the user in a simple environment. This makes it an easy tool to use with quality adjustments.
  • Along with adding effects and transitions, Filmora provides an Instant Mode to help users create videos within minutes.

Steps For Adding Motion Blur to Wondershare Filmora on Desktop

We will now direct ourselves to discuss the steps for adding motion blur on Filmora with ease:

Step1 Launch Filmora and Create Video Project

You must launch Wondershare Filmora and click the "Create New Project" button to initiate a new project. Select the folder-like icon on the screen for importing the video file that is to be edited. On adding the file, drag and drop it on the timeline.

import the media file
Step2 Split Video to Add Effect

With the help of the play head offered on the timeline, lead to the specific part where you wish to start adding the motion blur effect. Use the “Scissors” icon from the timeline to cut the video from the specific part.

split the added clip
Step3 Add the Motion Blur Effect

On splitting, navigate to the "Effects" tab on the top and find the "Blur" effects from the “Video Effects” category. After finding the right motion blur effect, drag and drop it on the part where the video was split.

find the required blur effect
Step4 Use Dissolve Transition and Export Video

Use the "Dissolve" transition from the "Transitions" tab to add more adjustments. Once the video is smoothened, click the "Export" button to get the edited file out.

export your video file

Last Words

The article has provided a complete overview of the Video Star Motion Blur effect. With the provided details and a guideline on adding motion blur to a video, it is prominent how one can add the effect to make their video look realistic. For a better editing experience, you can consider using Wondershare Filmora on your desktop for better results.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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