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VN Editor: A Prominent Option for Adding Luts for Video Editing

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jun 05, 23, updated Dec 08, 23

We all know we can use LUTs to improve our digital content's color grading and tone. By applying LUTs, you can achieve various creative effects, from vintage to cinematic styles. These LUTs can be easily accessed and applied through photo and video editing software on your computers. However, with the rise of social media and the growing demand for unique content has increased.

Many websites and online communities offer a wide range of LUTs for users to download and use freely. With this high demand, there are mobile applications that provide LUT functionality. Moreover, one such application for mobile devices is VN Editor. You can search for VN LUTs free download to access many free LUTs on the internet that you can use.

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Part 1: Best Options in LUTs That You Can Find in VN Editor?

VN Editor is a great application that allows you to add or apply LUTs. With this tool, you can easily import your LUTs and apply them to your digital media. There are many VN LUTs available, both paid and free. Here is a list of some of the best paid and free LUTs that you can use in VN Editor.

1. Cinematic LUT by Alexey_P

Enhance your videos with the Cinematic LUT, giving them a professional and cinematic look. This LUT adds a touch of cinematic magic to your footage by highlighting rich and deep colors. The warm tones create a cinematic atmosphere, transporting your audience into a movie-like world. Furthermore, this is a suitable LUT pack for shooting a short film or a travel vlog.

Cinematic LUT by Alexey_P

2.5 Free Vintage LUTs

You can give your viewers a retro feel with this Vintage LUT pack. This LUT pack brings back the nostalgic charm of old photographs and videos. It provides a soft, warm color palette with desaturation tones, giving your videos a vintage look. Moreover, this pack offers five different vintage LUTs, that you can use for your media files. Additionally, you can recreate an old retro look using these LUTs.

5 Free Vintage LUTs

3.Food LUTs

Make your food videos and photography look even more appetizing with this pack. These LUTs enhance your food's colors, making them vibrant and mouthwatering. Moreover, it brings out the natural hues of the ingredients, making them appear fresh. It is an excellent LUT pack, from showcasing culinary creations to sharing recipes or running a food blog.

Food LUTs

4. Moody Video LUTs

Moody LUTs is an amazing color preset pack of 15 to create a moody and dramatic atmosphere. You can use this pack to add deep contrasts, shadows, and cool tones to your videos. In addition to this, it creates a sense of mystery and intensity with its color grading. It's perfect for storytelling, fashion shoots, or adding a touch of drama to your media content.

Moody Video LUTs

5. Night Sky Lightroom Presets and LUTs

It is an incredible color preset and LUTs pack to enhance the beauty of the night sky. This pack offers 10 LUTs for free and 25 LUTs in the paid version. It intensifies the greens, blues and adds a subtle glow to your digital media. Additionally, you can transform ordinary nighttime media into breathtaking moments. This pack will beautify your night sky by highlighting the details and enhancing the color tones.

Night Sky Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Part 2: Filter for VN - LUTs Presets: A Great Option for LUT Editing in VN Editor

Introducing Filter for VN - LUTs Presets, an exceptional companion app for VN Editor. This companion application is available on Android devices. You can import LUTs directly into your VN Editor for color grading using this app. Furthermore, this app has a collection of over 1000 free LUTs. These LUTs are used as color presets to transform your media in different styles and tones.

Additionally, this app offers different LUTs for the night sky, cinematic look, and more. Similarly, there are many cinematic LUTs for VN video editing that you can use. Moreover, you can use diverse color filters to bring a fresh perspective to your stories. You can apply and use different color filters using this application. In addition to this, it even offers 4K support, ensuring ultra-high-definition and crisp videos.

filter for vn luts presets

Part 3: How to Add LUTs in VN Editor?

If you want to apply LUTs for VN Editor, then follow these steps. Following these simple steps, you can easily import, apply, and save LUTs using the VN Editor app.

Step1 Importing LUTs

Install the VN Editor and open the app to select the “+” icon, and a new window will appear. From there, you can choose the “Creation Kits” option to select “Filters.” After selecting the Filters option, go to the “My Filter” section. You will see the “Import Filter” button, which allows you to import your LUT from the desired location.

import luts on vn editor
Step2Applying LUTs and Adjusting Intensity

After selecting your desired LUT, your LUT will be imported into the VN Editor. After that, you can find your desired LUT in the “Filters” section. You can select your LUT and apply it to your media file. Adjust the intensity of the LUT according to your preference.

apply luts on media
Step3Saving the File

After making your adjustments, tap the “Save” button. Your file will be saved with the applied LUT and your desired modifications.

save edited video
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In conclusion, LUTs have proven to be incredibly useful tools on computers for color grading. The availability of different LUTs on the internet has expanded the creative possibilities. The high demand for LUTs resulted in the development of excellent mobile apps, such as VN Editor. Many free LUTs for VN Editor are available, each with different styles and tones, including cinematic and more.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 08, 23
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