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How To Make a Video by Mouse in Filmora?

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 12, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Have you ever wondered, what if somehow your keyboard just broken or disappeared? And you're stuck in the middle of your project with just a mouse. Don’t know how to proceed remaining project with a mouse? Then no worries! We got you.

This article will guide you how to use stock videos and stock audio to create a music video. The catch, you say? We will be doing that only with a use of a mouse.

In this article
  1. Things To Know Before Editing
  2. Get Ready With the Professional Editing Tool
  3. Create a Music Video Without a Keyboard

Things To Know Before Editing

Let us be honest, most shortcuts are not available without the keyboard. To counter that, our approach will need to be more general. General here means you need to know all the necessary controls and panels.

different controls and panels

Take the challenge and find a solution together!

To counter these difficulties, even if you have a keyboard, you can imagine yourself in a situation. A situation in which we have a keyboard but will not be using it.

Therefore, presenting us with a challenge, so if you someday come across a situation like this, you will be prepared. All in all, you would be learning more things by returning to the roots of your practice, which in most cases, can prove helpful.

Get Ready With the Professional Editing Tool

Before getting into the editing process handicapped from resources, you need to be familiar with the software that we will use. We will use Wondershare Filmora You can click the link below and catch it up.

buying wondershare filmora

Create a Music Video Without a Keyboard

Let us get started! Whether you have a real mouseless experience or want to take it as a challenge, let's get the things clear first.

  • We need to create a 20 seconds music video.
  • We will only be using the footage from the stock library.
  • We will be using music from the Wondershare Filmora library.
  • We will have 5 minutes to review the footage and the music available.
  • And most importantly, we don’t have a keyboard.

Step 1. Review your footage

Our first and most crucial step will be to use our imagination and creativity. So get those neurons firing, and let us go!

reviewing the footage
  • Head to the stock media folder on the bar mentioned above, the Wondershare Filmora.
  • Or you can simply look towards the left window, where you will find the sample videos tab.
  • Click on the sample videos tab, and a new window will appear on the library screen.
  • Here you will find almost more than 20 videos.
  • So apart from using the actual recorded footage, we will work our way with what we have from default.
  • For the music, we would be scrolling in the stock audio library.
  • Click on the audio tab above and start scrolling.
  • You will also find some categories in the left window.
  • Choose the category of your choice and listen to the audio.

Do whatever suit you best. Keep in mind you only have 5 minutes.

Step 2. Pick music for your clips

Suppose you have found audio that speaks your vibe. The next step would be to find a video that tallies that audio. Let us suppose we have audio that is of the hip-hop genre. Let that creativity shine now!

drone shot of rooftops

If you like to add a more classical vibe, pick a classical song or audio from the audio library.

  • After picking the song, move on to the sample videos tab and search for videos that match a classic vibe.
  • Now random close-up shots of a piano, cinematic footage of a big orchestra, or simple landscapes with minimalistic movement while focusing on a single object, consider the example below.
still shot of a bench

Now that a scenario is constructed, our next step is to arrange these clips in the Wondershare Filmora timeline.

Step 3. Download the clips and audio

You have 15 minutes to create the music video. Start the timer! Once you have selected a sample video and audio that matches your scenario, you can download them from the bottom right icon on the thumbnail. Only if you still need to download them.

Step 4. Insert the audio into the timeline

  • The first step is to drag the audio to the timeline.
  • Now play the audio from the start. If you can work with the audio as a whole, then it's perfect.

If you want your audio to start at a certain point. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps. It is as simple as that!

splitting the audio on wondershare filmora
  • Add your audio to the timeline.
  • Then move the timer or the slider where you want your audio to start.
  • Right-click on the audio file. Select split.
  • Your audio file will split into two parts.
  • Delete the prior file and drag the file ahead to the start of the timeline.

The next step is to add the videos to the timeline.

Step 5. Add the video to the timeline

When you have your audio in the timeline, your next step is adding the video. After you have trimmed or split your audio to your wish, follow the below steps.

adding sample videos
  • Click and drag to drop the video clips where you want the video to start.
  • Play the audio first is a good feature for where you want your video to insert.
  • Then adjust the timeline slider on that point.
  • Simply drag your video and drop it into the timeline.
Note: now, remember you have multiple videos to match the audio length as we create a music video. The more, the more optimistic. Now, remember you have multiple videos to match the audio length as we create a music video. The more, the more optimistic.

Download the remaining videos that you would wish to be added to the music and follow the steps mentioned above to add the clips where you desire.

Step 6. Finishing touches

You can add some transitions to give your music video a fine touch. To add transitions, you can follow the below steps:

adding effects on wondershare filmora 11
  • First, click on the transition icon on the bar above. Then, browse as far as your imagination takes you.
  • If the effect you want still needs to be downloaded, click on the download icon in the bottom right corner and download the effect.
  • Click on the effect and drag it to drop it on your video. It will create a smooth transition while shifting from one video to the other.

Keep going you are almost there!

  • Do this for all the videos in the timeline above the audio file.

If you have time, you can also add a few of the effects in the Wondershare Filmora.

  • To do so, click on the effect icon on the top bar.
  • A window will open to your left, indicating different available effects categories. Select any tab you want that fits your music video scenario.
  • Download the effect mentioned above by clicking on the download icon in the bottom right corner of the effect thumbnail.
  • Click to drag and drop it on top of your video.
Note: you can do so as many times as you want for the remaining video clips in the timeline.

It seems our 15 minutes are running out! Play the music video from the beginning and review the edits you made. Then, finalize your edits and Voila. You have successfully created a music video using a mouse on Wondershare Filmora.

So in a rare scenario when you don't have a keyboard, you can just use your mouse to browse the Wondershare Filmora and put those creative ideas to work.


With just a mouse, you have created a music video! How easy is that? Try different music, audio, and video, and then enjoy the rest! Creativity has no limits if you know how to make the most of it by using the tools at your hand. Tell out more about your creative ideas! We love to hear from your side!

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Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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