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How to Remove Motion Blur In Photoshop

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 19, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

The motion blur effect is created in photos when the picture is taken in poor light conditions or due to a fast-moving object. Moreover, if the shutter speed of the camera is too low, it will also produce a motion blur effect. In such a situation, the captured picture may look out of focus and tedious. In order to fix this issue, this article can help you.

By reading this article, you can learn how to remove motion blur in Photoshop with simple steps. Moreover, we will also provide the best alternatives to Photoshop that you can utilize to remove motion blur from your photos.

In this article
  1. How to Remove the Motion Blur in Photoshop?
    1. IMAGamigo
    2. Vance.AI
    3. AKVIS Refocus AI
  2. Bonus Tip – How to Add Motion Blur to Your Images?

Part 1: How to Remove the Motion Blur in Photoshop?

To fix a motion blur in an image, you would require a professional tool such as Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a well-recognized tool comprising tons of features for image editing and graphic designing. It offers selection tools that enable you to choose the specific parts of a photo efficiently. You can also add layers to your photo to modify and edit specific areas of the image.

You can also apply appealing filters from this platform to transform an ordinary image drastically. Moreover, using this precise tool, you can also fix motion blur in Photoshop. You can choose the blurry areas of your photo through its selection tools. Thus, with a few clicks, you can eliminate the flaws from your image easily.

Steps to Fix Motion Blur in Photos Using Photoshop

If you are new to Photoshop and don't know how to fix motion blur in photos, then follow the instructions described below:

Step1 Open the Photoshop tool on your PC or Mac and upload your photo. From the "Layers" section, press "Ctrl + J" or "Command + J" to copy the first layer. Afterward, convert the first layer by choosing the option "Smart Object."

select convert to smart object option

Step2 Now head to the "Filter" section and tap on "Sharpen" to proceed. Afterward, proceed with the option of "Shake Reduction" by clicking on it. Now Photoshop will automatically reduce the blur effect. From the displayed panel, uncheck the option called "Artifact Suppression."

choose the shake reduction option

Step3 To continue, open the "Advanced" tab from the left panel and enhance the size of your rectangular. Manage the position of the rectangle according to your preference. By doing so, you can see the details of the image clearly.

increase the rectangle size

Step4 From the left panel, manage the options like "Blur Trace Bounds" and "Smoothing" according to your desire. Once done, press the "OK" button. For adding more modifications, add a blank layer and choose the "Clone Stamp Tool." Afterward, select "Soft Round Brush" from the general brushes.

choose a soft round brush

Step5 Now adjust the Opacity to 100% and Flow to 50%. Moreover, select "Current & Below" as the sample. Press the Alt key to take a sample of any flawless part of your photo and apply it to the blurry area. Make sure that the color of the sample taken is the same as the blurry area in the photo.

select the current and below option

Part 2: Remove the Motion Blur with an Alternative to Photoshop

It may be possible that you don't get satisfactory results from Photoshop removing motion blur. Or, if you find the interface of Photoshop intimidating, it can affect your productivity. For your assistance, this section will bring you the best alternatives to Photoshop.

1. IMAGamigo

IMAGamigo is an online tool that allows you to perform different operations on pictures efficiently. To fix motion blur, it offers a Deblurrer feature. Using this feature, you can automatically remove blur from your photos without any external effort. It also provides other distinct features such as Background Remover, Restorer, Colorizer, Upscale, etc.

To use this tool, first, navigate to its official website. From its tools, select "Deblurrer" to proceed. A new window will open on your screen instantly. Scroll down a little bit and locate the area saying, "Drop Image Here." Click on this area and upload your image. Afterward, the tool will automatically start analyzing the picture. Once the process gets finished, click on the Download button to save your photo.

imageamigo automatic background removal tool

2. Vance.AI

This online platform is also a well-trusted tool by professionals and content creators. It provides AI-supported tools such as AI Image Denoiser, AI Image Upscaler, AI Photo Enhancer, etc. You can use its AI Image Sharpener to eliminate motion blur from pictures. It supports all popular image file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and JPG. Thus, without any installations, you can quickly utilize this tool to fix motion blur photos.

To use this tool, access the official webpage of Vance.AI and select the "AI Image Sharpener" feature. Once done, click on the "Upload Image" option and import your blurry photo. Afterward, a new window will be open from which you can adjust the settings. Select the "Sharpen" option and choose the preferred Sharpen Mode. Afterward, click on the "Start to Process" option. Once the process ends, you can download the picture with a single click.

vanceai sharpen tool online

3. AKVIS Refocus AI

AKVIS is an offline tool that produces high-end results at a fast processing speed. You can find multiple options in this tool, such as Airbrush, Retoucher, Sketch, Decorator, etc. When it comes to fixing blurry pictures, this tool provides an exclusive feature called "Refocus AI." Through this feature, you can instantly increase the sharpness of your photo. Also, it offers different modes such as Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Refocus-AI, and Tilt-Shift.

To fix motion blur:

Step1 Launch this tool and navigate to its Refocus AI option.

Step2 Select Refocus AI as your mode and upload the blurry picture. The default preset will be AKVIS Default AI.

Step3 Disable the "Image Sharpening" feature and navigate to the "Motion Deblur AI" section.

Step4 From there, adjust your Focus accordingly.

Step5 For more enhancements, enable the Image Sharpening feature and adjust the parameters.

akvis refocus ai desktop tool

Bonus Tip – How to Add Motion Blur to Your Images?

Do you want to add motion blur to your images? Many people like to intentionally add a motion blur effect in their images to add an artistic element. If you are interested in doing so, the best desktop tool you can try is Wondershare Filmora. This tool offers trending and high-quality effects that you can easily apply to your images.

Free Download
Free Download

To add a motion blur effect:

Step1 Launch Filmora and create a new project.

Step2 Import your photo on this tool and drop it into the timeline.

Step3 Split the clip where you want to add the blur effect.

Once done, go to the Effects tab and search "Blur." By doing so, you would be able to check all the blur effects on your screen. Choose and apply the blur effect to the split part of your clip. Once done, hit the Export button.

latest filmora interface


Photoshop is an excellent tool to edit and modify your pictures in great quality. You can use this article to take guidance to remove motion blur from photos. However, if you are not getting desired results from Photoshop, we have also provided the best alternatives to Photoshop to remove motion blur. Moreover, to create a motion blur effect in your images, you can explore the Wondershare Filmora tool.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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