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Add a Slow Motion Effect to Your Videos for Free-Filmora [2024]

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jul 17, 24

Have you checked out extreme sports and adventure videos? Those videos will truly pump adrenaline into your system even make you hold your breath. It's as if you don't want to blink your eyes because you might miss the video's highlight. Want them to be even more dramatic? Try repeating the stunt, this time in a slower motion. It'll blow your mind even more.

If you are also into sports, you can use these apps to psychoanalyze your techniques. Chop down your actions and check whether you're hitting the right angle or making a sturdy stance. Get your chance to visualize yourself literally. Slow your practice video down and see what improvements can be made.

Now, you have the power to make those instantaneous moments stick for a while. You can correct and master your sporty moves. Slow-mo them down with these top slow motion apps available in Android and iOS.

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1. SloPro


Price: FREE

SloPro is a 1000fps Slow Motion Video app available in iOs. It was created by Sand Mountain Studios LLC and featured by Gizmodo, Redmond Pie, and MacWorld. On its version 3, it is considered one of the best slow-motion apps in the market.

Users love the fact that it can simulate 500ps and 1000fps using optical flow. With SloPro, you can edit while shooting, choose from different slow effects, and readily share your edits on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

2. VideoPix


Price: $0.99

VideoPix is another slow mo app that could play videos at 1ps to 60fps. You could swap between video edit and frame grabbing mode with a button tap. You could scan the frames one at a time and pick out your favorite scene.

If you can't get enough of the app running on your smartphones, then plugin that VGA or HDMI adaptor and watch the slow mo playback on your TV. You can do it wirelessly if that's what you prefer.


3. TruSloMo


Price: FREE

Here's a slow mo video app for the iPhone and iPad which would work on any video on your Camera Roll. The quality of your video will remain, even if it's in true HD. Yes, there's no quality loss when the vids have gone through this app.

As a plus, it is fully compatible with other social apps like Instagram, Facebook, and iMovies. This means that you can directly share your cool slow mo vids without the hassle.

4. TimeFreeze


Price: FREE

Thanks to Michel Loenngren and his TimeFreeze app, you can achieve real-time slow motion with advanced effects. Think of a camera that can shoot 600 frames per second. Slow down your iPhone vid to 1/20th of the original speed.

On top of having the power to organize and tap your projects with a few taps, TimeFreeze is equipped with powerful editing features – add a vignette style or fisheye your vid. Your masterpiece can then be uploaded directly via Facebook.

5. Slo-Gram


Price: FREE

If you want to do away with all the complicated video sharing between social and video editing apps, then the Slo-Gram is perfect for your slow motion editing adventures! It is a snap away from your Instagram account. No accidental dropping of your videos on the sides. Slo-Gram adds a white border when you import the video to your Instagram.

You could even add music straight from your music library if you want. For slow mo vids sharing without the complicated process, get Slo-Gram.

6. Slow Motion Video

slow motion video

Price: FREE

Say goodbye to the SlowMotion Video 1.0 for the new version is here to slow you more down – in a better sense.

The interface is easy as 1,2,3. The controls are simple for fast-forwarding, seeking back, playing, and pausing. You wouldn't have to worry about the complications of making a slow-motion vid.

7. Ubersense Coach

ubersense coach

Price: FREE

If you're a sports buff, then download the Ubersense Coach right now and see how you fare by analyzing your slow mo video. Everybody in the sports industry relies on this app to technically study their techniques. Place your vid side-by-side with your favorite athletes and look at your angles versus your idol.

Share your videos online to get effective feedback. Get interactive in your game plan.

8. Coach's Eye

coach’s eye

Price: $4.99 on iOs | FREE on Android

Like the Ubersense Coach, Coach's Eye exists for sports-driven individuals who want to have a technical, slow-motion video of their training and practices. Capture your sports videos, use its zoom function and instantly review its slow-motion playback with drawing tools. You could draw on the videos, encircle things, use freehand tools and even add audio commentaries. However, the tools are not included in the Free version of this app.

Place videos side-to-side for further analysis and refine your sports techniques.

9. SlowCamt


Price: $1.99

Lucky Clan's slow motion app has garnered the hearts of its iOs users. When the Slow Motion button is tapped, you can record a high frame rate slow motion video with a smooth transition from the normal sequence. Focus and exposure points can be easily adjusted, and you could record your next slow motion video while the previous one is being rendered.

Remember that the frame rate is dependent on the iOs devices. That's 120 fps for the iPhone 5s+, 60 fps for the iPhone5/5c and iPad mini, and 30 fps on the other Apple devices.

10. Game Your Video

game your video

Price: FREE

Game Your Video is an iOs app developed by Global Delight. This easy-to-use app can integrate live motion effects, which you could apply while playing. You could also choose video filters or use the reverse feature for a dramatic impact. Put in some games into your videos by slow mo-ing them.

To make your slow-mo video even cooler, you can add audio effects like altered voices or a custom soundtrack from your library.

Know more about the Best Free Motion Graphics Templates Sites for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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