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10 Best Free Motion Graphics Templates Sites for After Effects and Premiere Pro

The motion graphics template brings life to the elements. The article sheds light on ten famous website platforms that offer motion graphics templates supported by different software.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated May 20, 24

Are you a content creator at YouTube? Are you a struggling director in the film industry?

The creative and media industry operates differently. It works on how the audience needs the content. Animation and motion graphics are actively incorporated in films and videos. It helps send the message across and engage the audience.

The article shall discuss ten websites that present motion graphics templates. The templates are supported by Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and other software. So, what are we waiting for? Let us start and dive right in!

Part 1: 10 Popular Websites to Motion Graphics Templates

Are you looking for a website to access graphics templates? Let’s find out!

Motion graphics can be used in multimedia projects. They add an element of time and space to the projects. Graphics are usually combined with audio to compel the audience and bring imagination to life. The free motion graphics templates are compatible with different software in the market.

The following sub-section has ten popular places to access the motion graphic template After Effect free and Premiere Pro motion graphics templates. Time to begin!

1. Envato Elements

Are you a fan of the Envato Elements website? Do you need a graphics pack?

The first on the list is Envato Elements. The website offers motion graphics templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The free motion graphics templates After Effects bring innovation to the table. For instance, there is a motion graphics pack, motion elements, motion graphics presentation, and creative graphics pack. Quite good, right?

Additionally, there are Premiere Pro motion graphics templates free. Motion slides, minimal motion titles, and graphic elements change the narrative of animations globally.

envato elements templates

2. Motion Array

Are you willing to know about Motion Array? We have got you! Let us start!

The second free download motion graphic template is Motion Array. The website has an intuitive interface. It helps navigate between different software. The After Effects motion graphics template includes a motion graphics pack with 130 transitions and 15 YouTube elements. Isn’t that the goal? There are other motion graphic scenes to create magic.

Motion Array also offers a Premiere Pro motion graphics template. For instance, there are creative titles for YouTube and cinematic openers to create a dynamic audience. This is surely tempting!

motion array templates

3. Velosofy

Velosofy is famous for bringing an innovative vibe to the videos. However, you should only access the website for free motion graphics templates downloaded from After Effects. Velosofy has got you covered to use motion graphics in different video parts.

Be it a YouTube intro, title opener, Instagram stories pack, or channel banner, the animations and graphics are there for you completely. This makes it a good choice, right?

velosofy motion graphics templates

4. Videohive

Do you need a template from After Effects? We have the right website for you! It is the time!

Videohive is a great choice for downloading free motion graphics templates. The templates support both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The templates compatible with After Effects include promo motion graphics and a motion graphics pack. The motion graphic presentations and motion graphic effects are also a part of Videohive.

Videohive doesn’t stay behind in developing motion graphics templates Premiere Pro. You can access the website for templates like Instagram stories with motion graphics, motion graphic elements pack, and motion slides essential graphics. This is really great!

videohive motion graphics templates

5. Placeit

In search of an all-rounder website? We understand your needs! Place is there for you!

Placeit has got to be your all-rounder website. It helps to find templates compatible with all software. With no software restrictions, Placeit is accepted by most creative professionals in the field. The motion graphics templates free download includes a slideshow video maker with cool motion graphics. There is also an intro maker with logo reveal offering fire motion graphics. The minimalistic motion graphics is a good choice as well.

Placeit brings innovation to the lot by offering other templates, logos, designs, and videos. Therefore, using Placeit wouldn’t disappoint you at any point in time. Sounds perfect!

placeit motion graphics templates

6. Videezy

Are you seeking a website for motion graphics? We know what you need!

Videezy has an impeccable way of facilitating the people in the field. The usage of this platform for accessing the After Effects motion graphics template is seamless and effortless. There is an extensive range of templates to bring distinctness to the output.

The different templates are related to the colorful background with graphic elements in the loop. A template is also based on abstract motion transformation background and countdown graphics, adding fire to the graphics. Videezy is surely a good choice.

videezy motion graphics templates

7. Videvo

Willing to know what Videvo offers? Give us a second!

Introducing Videvo as the perfect template for all categories, including Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Videvo offers motion graphic backgrounds used in different sectors. Motion graphics have workability in celebratory templates, light rays coming in and out, and planets movement.

With that said, titles and animations effortlessly create a world of awareness. The motion graphic templates offer modern ways to create magical visuals by editing in both the above software. This is really good, isn’t it?

videvo motion graphics templates

8. Storyblocks

Do you want to bring your story to life? Storyblocks understand your concerns!

Storyblocks is another platform to access motion graphic template Premiere Pro and After Effects motion graphics templates. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the compatibility of the software in use.

Storyblocks gives creative professionals After Effects-based motion graphic templates, including motion graphic elements, chaos motion glitch titles, liquid motion shapes, and flying drops. Premiere Pro motion graphics templates free download has made our life easy. There are glitch motion graphics and light leak graphics. Moreover, kinetic motion elements and color presets bring your story to life.

motion graphics templates by storyblocks

9. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock brings magic to the videos. Let’s find out how! Shall we?

Supporting motion graphics templates Premiere Pro free, Adobe Stock needs no introduction. The motion graphics templates are not compatible with After Effects. The creative industry uses Adobe Stock to make graphic elements stand for themselves and bring innovation multifold.

The templates include shimmering warp titles, abstract smoke effects with motion elements, and neon symbols. They play an important role in sending the message across oceans. Adobe Stock is surely the place for you!

motion graphics templates by adobe stock

10. Motion Elements

Do you want to know about Motion Elements? Be our guest! Would you be?

Motion Elements has brought ease to all creative professionals in the field. It has lubricated the search process of templates, music, images, and GIFs. As far as free motion graphics templates are concerned, this impeccable platform offers Premiere Pro and After Effects.

After Effects motion graphics templates have icons with transitions, and there are shapes to bring animations and elements to life. The motion elements templates are excessively used in presentations. Moreover, free motion graphics templates for Premiere Pro include wedding graphic titles and dynamic shadows. The educational sector uses these templates in creating lectures.

templates by motionelements

Bonus Tips: Motion Graphics Templates for Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmstock cannot be left behind if royalty-free assets are the subject. Allow us to explain, would you?

Filmstock offers a wide range of motion graphic templates, effects, and videos for the Filmora video editor. Moreover, the motion graphics videos include graphics elements to create magic. Filmstock offers motion graphic videos such as a sunset field, cubes rotating in a pattern, motion background of forest, and abstract view of the earth.

filmstock motion graphics effects

Wondershare Filmstock has certain expertise in motion graphic effects. For instance, doodle weather icons, famous landmarks, motion transitions pack, cinematic countdown, and art transition effects. Moreover, the motion graphic effects are designed to bring a vibe and magic to your final video. All these effects can be used to be edited in Wondershare Filmora effectively.

Lastly, the After Effects motion graphics templates and motion graphics templates for Premiere Pro are part of Filmstock to make things easy. Accessing and downloading the templates is effortless, further used for the Filmora video editor. Motion slideshow, vacation vibes pack, sports graphics pack, and graphic transitions are renowned and trending free motion graphics templates.

filmstock motion graphics video templates

Final Thoughts

Grabbing the attention of the audience is getting hard day by day. Creative professionals are expected to work more to catch the audience. Motion graphics are a trick used by content creators for a similar purpose. Therefore, the article discussed ten impeccable platforms that provide free motion graphics templates. Wondershare Filmstock was also introduced for Filmora video editor.

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