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Best Video Makers with Music and Photos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 20, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

People capture loads of photos of the places they visit and the events they attend for social media and future memories. If you check the online trend, users are shifting from static photos to short videos for a better visual experience. That is why you can consider creating videos out of the photos you have captured and adding suitable music in the background to make your memories visually pleasing.

All you need is a video maker with music and pictures. There is no dearth of video makers, but not all live up to the expectation. There are online video markers as well as video maker software applications available. In this article, we have picked the best video maker with photos and music and illustrated how to make a video with music and photos. We have also listed the popular video makers for your consideration.

Part 1. Best Video maker with music and pictures

We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best video maker with photos and music. Filmora is considered one of the best video makers and editors in the world. Filmora allows you to import photos of different file formats so that you can make slideshow-like video. There are loads of transitions as well as effects available that you can place in between the photos so that the transition becomes eye-pleasing.

Similarly, you can import any audio or music file. Besides, there are stock music files available that you can apply to your slideshow video. You can even add colourful titles and graphical elements to enhance the video content. Here are the steps on how to make a video with your photos and music.

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Step 1: Install Filmora and Start Your Project

Download and install Wondershare Filmora as per your operating system. Filmora is available for Windows and Mac. Launch Filmora and click on New Project. Drag and drop your photos on Project Media folder.

Step 2: Import Photos and Arrange Them in Order

Drag and drop the photos on the timeline as per your sequence you want in your slideshow video. You can change the order of the photos as well as stretch durations of photos in the video from the timeline. You have to arrange the photos side by side without any gap so that there is no black screen in between the transition.

filmora arrange the photo

Step 3: Add Transition Effects

After arranging the photos side by side, you have to apply transition effects so that the change from one photo to another is eye-soothing. There are loads of transitions available and you can get them from Transition option located at the top bar.

Go through the different categories of transitions. Drag and drop the transition you want on to the photo after which you want the transition effect to play. Do the same for all photos except the last one. You can apply different transitions effects for different photos as per your preference.

filmora beautiful transition effects

Step 4: Add Background Music

Now it is time to add a background music to the entire video. You can drag and drop any music file from your hard drive to Filmora Project Media. Thereafter, you can drag and drop the audio file on the audio timeline below the photo timeline. You can also add audio effects from the top bar if required.

filmora add bgm

Step 5: Export Your Video

Once you are done adding photos, transitions, and music, you should play the video on Filmora and make adjustments wherever required. Thereafter, click on Export button and save the video file on your hard drive in your desired file format.

filmora export your video

Part 2. Popular video makers with photos and music

Here is the list of the popular premium and free video maker with music and pictures that you can consider for making slideshow videos.

1. Invideo

Invideo is a popular online video maker with music and pictures along with 5000 customizable templates. These templates help users to transform photos into videos with background music in a few minutes. Besides, the platform offers a wide range of stock media files. You can create videos in more than 70 languages, and the editor is user-friendly for users of all ages.

All you need to do is select a template and customize it if required. Thereafter, you need to import the photos, add text effects, and finally add music. There are options for trimming, cropping, and adding stickers, texts and transitions. The free version lets you export 60 videos per month but with a watermark. Here are the top features of Invideo.

  • 5000+ customizable templates for all video types.

  • 9+ million stocks videos, photos, and audio files.

  • Add transitions, stickers, animations, and texts to videos.

  • Trim and crop videos and audio files.

  • Add voiceover as well as fade-in and fade-out effects.

  • Work in collaboration with team members.


2. Icecream slideshow maker

Icecream slideshow maker is a free video maker with music and pictures for Windows users only. The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. You can create a high-quality video from your photos with music instantly. There is no need for any prior experience to use the video maker. There are beautiful transitions available that will enhance the video quality and make your presentation stand out. The free version allows up to 10 slides per video and saving the video in Webm file format. You can upgrade to Pro version to get rid of the limitations.

You can change photo and transition duration as per requirements. The software supports various audio file formats that you can import for your video. You can also add animations to texts so that they can shine in your video. The software allows sharing the video directly to YouTube. Besides, you can save it on Google Drive and Dropbox. Here are all the features of Icecream slideshow maker that you should be aware of.

  • Super intuitive user interface for all users.

  • Add colourful text, transitions, and animations.

  • Save and resume project work as per time availability.

  • Pro version allows saving video in 4K resolution.

  • Video output in MP4, AVI, MOV and WEBM formats.

  • Suitable for low-end computers.

icecream slideshow maker

3. PhotoStage Slideshow

PhotoStage Slideshow by NCH Software is another video maker software for Windows users. The software comes with an easy and automated wizard for users to transform photos with a video instantly. There is also an image editor available to adjust different parameters of your photos before making a video out of them.

Besides, there are various transitions available to apply and you can add captions and narration as per your requirements. In fact, along with photos, you can add video clips to create the ultimate video. Moreover, there are tools available to edit your audio and music file and add different effects. Here are the top features of PhotoStage Slideshow Software.

  • Supports Full HD and 4K video resolution.

  • Edit and fine-tune photos and add captions.

  • Wide range of eye-catching and popular transitions.

  • Edit audio and music file and add different effects.

  • Save video file in MOV, MP4, GIF, AVI, 3GP and more.

  • Directly share on YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, HTML5.

photostage slideshow

4. Clideo video maker

Clideo Video Maker is a free online video maker with song. All you need to do is upload photos from your hard drive and choose a preset depending on the online platform where you want to upload the video. Thereafter, add audio and trim it as per video length. Then add smooth transitions and the video will be ready to export on your hard drive or cloud storage.

The online video maker supports different video and audio file format for importing and exporting. You can use the editor on any device starting from Windows and Mac to Android and iPhone. The user interface is very simple to use and it does not store video files for more than a day. Here are all the features of Clideo video maker.

  • Upload photos from hard drive, and cloud storage.

  • Presets for Instagram, Stories, YouTube, and Facebook videos.

  • Add different photos, audio, and video clips to make videos.

  • Zoom & crop option along with image duration elongation.

  • Suitable for computer and mobile phone users.

clideo video maker

5. Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker is available for both Windows and Mac users. The software comes with a wizard to allow users to create video from photos. However, advanced users can create video from photos manually as well. You get to add photos, audio files and video clips of different file formats. Most importantly, there are various templates available to create professional-quality videos.

There are loads of effects, filters, titles, and stickers available to apply on your video. The free version is limited to seven days usage. The output video will have watermark on it and you can purchase the premium version to avoid all limitations. Here are the top features of Movavi Slideshow Maker.

  • Slideshow wizard for fast and easy video creation.

  • Manual mode for advanced users to create customized video.

  • Supports different types of media file formats.

  • Different types of templates for instant video making.

  • Wide ranges of transitions, filters, titles, and stickers.

movavi slideshow maker


If you are making a video from your photos, you can use an online video maker with photos and music free. If you are someone who wants to make professional-quality videos from photos, a premium video maker is best for you. If you are going to upload your slideshow videos on social media and video streaming platforms, we recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best video maker with music and pictures.

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