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Import all of your vintage videos into Wondershare Filmora Project and choose a song that will go well for your project. Go to Audio menu and select “So Clear”. You can choose any and you should know the lyrics for the song.


Drag the song onto your timeline. Listen to the song once and decide the order of your videos. Right before it starts signing, make a cut and delete the rest. Go to Stock Media menu and look for some clips for the beginning of the song.


Type in “City” and before the artist starts singing, put a city clip and match the duration. Listen to the song and position of the rest of your videos according to the lyrics. Make sure all of your videos have the same aspect ratio.


Simple double-click and go to Basic>Transform and scale in the video as required. Cut the video and song where you want to end and delete the rest. If you want to end in the middle, make sure you fade the song out.


Go to Effects menu and scroll down to LUT section. We will go with Vintage X-Process and place it onto a separate track at the top of the timeline. Go ahead and add Beautiful Memories to the top of the timeline.


Type in ”grain” and add Film Grain effect to the top of the timeline. Double-click on it and adjust how much grain we get from this effect. We need to make our video look a little more glowy and as if taken with a film camera.


Select all effects and bring them one track up on the timeline. Copy all the videos and use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V and put the videos on top empty track. Add Square Blur effect on the first duplicate video.


Double-click and go to Effect and increase the blur to 3. Go to Basic section and under Compositing, change the Blending Mode from Normal to Lighten. Lower the opacity if you want. This will add glow to our footage.


Select the video with the blur effect and press Ctrl + Alt + C to copy the effect. Click on the next video and press Ctrl + Alt + V to paste the effect. Do it for the rest of the duplicate videos.


For the videos where there is a human subject, we can go ahead and work with the opacity. You may need to increase it as per the light difference. Go into each video and work with the opacity for the result we are looking for.


Go to Effects menu and come down to Overlay and then to Light Leak. Choose Travel Chic-Overlay 1 and put it on the timeline. Let us go ahead and put our lyrics. Head over to Titles> Subtitles> Subtitle 7.


Grab Subtitle 7 and drag it to the beginning of the timeline. Listen to the song and find the areas where the lyrics begin. Copy the lyrics from the internet and paste into the title element.


Mark the first line on the timeline. Copy the first line from the internet and then match the subtitle with the markers and double-click on it to paste the lyrics. Go to Animation section and select Type Writer effect.


You can slow down the text animation from Advanced section. You can also go to Customize section and add text shadow and add other effects for a vintage look. Repeat the same for the rest of the lyrics and song.

How To Add Vintage Effect To Your Music Video


What you need to prepare:

  • Your computer or laptop
  • Greenscreen video of the subject dancing
  • Wondershare Filmora video editor
Step 1

Download and Install Wondershare Filmora. Go to File> New Project or click on New Project from the welcome screen. Go to File> Import Media> Import Media Files and bring in your video clips. You can also drag and drop them directly into Project Media folder.

download and install filmora
Step 2

Go to Audio and bring in So Clear onto the timeline. Bring your video onto the timeline. Play the audio and see where the artist starts singing. Crop the video before the singing starts. Go to Stock Media> Pixabay and search for “City” and drop a city video in the front part of the audio.

search city stock media filmora
Step 3

Play the rest of the audio and bring in the other videos to match the lyrics of the song. Wherever you want to end the video, cut the last video as well as audio and delete the unnecessary part. Make sure all the videos have the same aspect ratio. You can adjust by going to Basic> Transform and changing the scale X and Y.

adjust video transform scale
Step 4

Go to Effects> LUT > Vintage X-Process and place it on the top track on the timeline. Add Beautiful Memories as well as Film Grain effects to the timeline. You can double-click on these effects on the timeline to adjust the effects as per your preference. Select all the effect tracks and bring them one track up.

effects lut vintage x
Step 5

Copy all the video clips and paste them on top where the empty track is. We will have identical videos on top of each other. Go to Effects and search for “blur”. Add Square Blur effect to each of the duplicate videos. Double-click and go to Effect to edit the blur as per your preference. Finally, go to Basic> Compositing and change the Blending Mode to Lighten.

compositing vintage effects video
Step 6

Finally, add Travel Chic –Overlay 1 effect to the top of the timeline. Get the lyrics of the song from the internet. Go to Titles> Subtitle 7 and add it to the top of the timeline. Match its duration with the first line of the song and double-click on it. Copy and paste the lyrics line from internet to the subtitle text box.

match text vintage effect video
Step 7

Go to Animation section and select Type Writer effect. Go to Advanced and work with the slider to slow down the animation. Go to Customize and add a text shadow for a vintage style. Now, repeat the same step for the entire lyrics of the song and you are done with the video.

add animation vintage effect video

What you’ve learned:

  • How to add music to videos and match them
  • How to add vintage effect to the music video
  • How to add vintage subtitle of the song lyrics

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