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How to Make Your Own Neon Dance Effects with Filmora[Detailed Steps]

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Do you like to dance? Me too! Dancing with friends at a party and watching dance videos together is really fun. What if your dance videos become even more exciting with the addition of glowing lines and glooming effects?

You guessed it right, I am talking about Neon Dance Effect.


Neon light effects add glamor to ordinary dance videos and attract viewers. Watching splashing colors with perfect dance moves and the glowing extract is fun to watch. Several video-editing tools are available online to make neon dance effects and control glow in your videos

In this article, we will learn how to spice your dance videos with neon effects in Filmora.

Part 1: How to Film and Create your Neon Effect?

Dance videos are very popular nowadays. Be it a small party or large festival, any event is incomplete without dance. That’s why doesn’t matter you are a professional dancer or not, you like dancing with your friends and have fun together.

What’s more interesting is to watch dance videos together spice them up by adding neon effects. Follow these steps to add neon effects to your dance video with Wondershare Filmora:

  • Step1: First of all, you need to film your dance video with HD cameras and video recorders. Dance videos recorded in front of a green screen can be edited easily. It is, therefore, highly recommended to film your dance video in front of a green screen. By doing this, you will be able to key out the background and get a clean outline as shown in the image on the right.
  • Step2: Now, drag your video to the timeline and allow Filmora X to match the resolution to the timeline. Once the video has been placed into the timeline, drag it onto the track about it.
  • Step3: Next, double-click the video, go to the Compositing section, and change the blending mode to difference to get a black background.
  • Step4: Go to Effects, type Pixelated Edges effect in the search bar, select this effect and apply it to the top video. This will outline the edges of the subject. To change your desired color, go to the Video Effects tab and select your desired color. For example, we have picked blue color.
  • Step5: Now, it’s time to export this video. For this purpose, tap the Export button located at the top-right corner, give a unique name to your video, set resolution, and click Export. If you want to export a video with a different color, change the color and repeat the export process. You can export videos in as many colors as you want.
  • Step6: After exporting your videos, delete the video in track 2 and export all your imports in Filmora, and drag all outlines to the timeline. Never forget to offset each outline by a few frames.
  • Step7:Change the Blending Mode to Lighten. You can also add multiple glow effects to your neon dance effect videos and change their radius sizes for more fun.
  • Step8: To save your time, you can copy multiple glow effects and paste them into each color.
  • Step9: Now, go to your green screen video in the first track and apply the green screen effect. Share your neon dance video with your friends and impress them with your editing skills.


Part2: Where to Find the Best Neon Effect[FREE]?

Ample online resources are available on the internet where you can find creative, colorful, and inspirational neon light effects for your dance videos. Given below are the top 5 recommended websites to download neon light effects:

  1. Filmstock


Filmstock is one of the world’s largest online libraries to download a variety of resources you need to make your videos creative and worth watching. Owned by Wondershare, Filmstock provides millions of users across the globe with a wide selection of media assets including but not limited to effects, HD videos, audio, and images.

If you are looking for inspirational neon light effects to spice up your dance videos, there can be no better place on the internet than Filmstock. With more than 10 million assets, Filmstock is your one-stop shop to access royalty-free digital resources that can be used without attribution.

  1. Mixkit


Mixkit is a gallery of high-quality and carefully curated video and audio effects, stock video clips, video templates, music tracks, and much more. Here, you can download your desired assets including neon light effects for your video projects for free.

The content offered by Mixkit is created by the world’s most talented creators. Moreover, you need not sign up or create an account. Just go to the website, download as many high-quality items as you want, and use them in your video with no attribution.

  1. Pixabayneon-effect-in-pixabay

Pixabay is an online marketplace to download next-generation stock video footage, video effects, music, and images, all available for free. The company releases licensed content only that is safe to use and needs no attribution or credits.

If you want to become a contributor, you can also share your self-created content as the public domain at Pixabay.

In addition, resources from pixabay, giphy, and unsplash can be found and used directly in Filmora now, give it a try! 

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  1. Footage Crate

Download thousands of free filmmaking resources including high-quality and creative VFX and motion graphics. Considered the most cost-efficient platform, Footage Crate is the preferred choice of professional filmmakers and video editors to download neon video effects, original music, sound effects, HD visual effects, and 3D objects.

Care to shoot your own neon photos? Please see this article: Neon Light Photography: Tips for Shooting Neon Pictures.

Part 3: Where to Find the Best Neon Text Templates?

Add a futuristic touch to your videos by downloading and using creative neon text templates from the following websites.

  1. Pikbest


Pikbest is one of the best digital platforms to download high-quality design templates. Professional graphic designers use Pikbest to download resources for creating impressive designs and bring creativity to their work. You can get the best neon text templates for your videos from this website and make your work easier and faster than ever.

  1. Freepik


Freepik loves helping graphics designers and video editors bring ideas to their lives. The company offers high-quality content at affordable rates including templates, HD images, mockups, illustrations, and icons. Download custom-made best neo text templates and add creativity to your videos. Freepik’s resources are used by the world’s leading organizations like Amazon, FedEx, Microsoft, Spotify, and NASA.

  1. Dribbble


Dribbble is the first choice of the world's best design professionals to download illustrations, templates, inspirational designs, and graphics elements. Content at Dribbble is created by top-rated designers, hence, you always get quality, creativity, and cost-efficiency all in one place. Visit Dribble to download high-quality neon next templates or hire the best designers for your next project.

Part 4: How to Make Your Own Neon Text and Title?

Want to make your own customized neon texts and titles? Use Wondershare Filmora with advanced features that help users create, edit, and customized neon text. Here’s how you can do this:


Launch Filmora, go to Titles and place a simple text into the timeline.

Haven' got Filmora? Download and try it free now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Double-click on the text, click on advanced and select the font of your choice. You can download neon-style fonts and text templates from the internet and use them in Filmora to write neon texts.


Now, type something in the textbox and select the text size. For example, we have written Neon :) and used a 150p font size. Adjust the text by dragging it to your desired position.


In the Customize section on the right side, go to Text Fill, keep the text color white, and select 3D type font style.


Set the following values for 3D text:
Opacity: 80%
Blur: 7


Now, activate the Text Border, select the color of neon light, and adjust the following values:
Opacity: 80
Blur: 10
Size: 5


Next, activate the Text Shadow, select type as the bottom shadow, choose the same neon color as you did for neon text, and adjust the following values:
Opacity: 90
Blur: 10
Size: 7


To finalize the changes, click on OK, copy the text layer, lock it, and paste it above the second video layer.


In the first layer, go four frames forward, split, and again move it four times forward. Repeat the same process 3 to 4 times for animation purposes of the light effect. Do the same thing for the second layer and place empty gaps between the two layers.


Finally, select the first box in the first layer, go to advanced options, and deselect all four boxes. In the second layer, select each box, and adjust the opacity to 60. Repeat the process for all three boxes except the last one. Your animation is now ready!


Neon effects can spice up your dance videos and make them even more attractive. Creating neon dance effect videos has become very easy with Filmora. You just need to follow simple steps to add multiple neon effects to your dance videos.

If you are looking for creative neon effects online, go to digital libraries like Filmstock and download your desired neon light effects. Similarly, you can also create your own neon text or download templates from the internet. So, try Wondershare Filmora today to make neon dance effect videos and impress your friends with your video-editing skills.

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