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Top 10 Old Film Overlays to Make Your Videos Look Vintage

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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If you like the old film mood in your videos and films, then this guide is for you. In this article, we will go through the best old film overlays to make your videos look vintage.

Part 1: What is the Old Film Effect Called?

The old film effect that has been getting popular over the past years is called film grain and is defined as a random optical texture due to small particles appearing in the film. It is usually described as having a grainy effect and appearing old.

Part 2: 10 Amazing Old Film Overlays that Deserve a Try

In this list, we will present you with some great options that deserve your attention if you are looking to add old film aspects to your videos.

1. The Super 8 Film Grain Overlays Collection

With this collection, you have at your disposal 82 high-resolution clips of a real Super 8 film grain. With features that are easy to use in your videos, like 20-second loopable duration, 1080P Quicktime Pro resolution, each overlay has a small difference in texture and tint, and you also get 37 clips that show you visible areas with sprocket holes.

2. The Old Film Look Collection

This collection brings a large variety of film elements. From flash frames, film clutter, light leaks, countdown leader, film sprockets, 16mm and Super 8mm film. Plus, with this collection, you also get 29 video files and ProRes 1080P.

3. The Damaged 35mm Film Collection

With this collection, you have animated scans of damaged slides of 35mm film. The transparency effects are easy to use because of the white areas. You can add a file that you choose over an existing video and "darken" or "multiply" blending modes. Apart from those features, the Damaged 35mm Film Collection comes with 10 ProRes HD files.

old film overlay

4. The 4K 16 mm Film Overlays Collection

These overlays come from Authentic Old 16mm film, and inside this collection, you can find many effects of film dirt, scratches or dust to bring that old vintage look to your videos. It also comes with 79 ProRes video files, 4K (ULTRA HD) 3840 x 2160, 24fps resolution.

5. The Film Dirt and Scratches Collection

This collection comes with a variety of scratches and dirt textures. From authentic 16mm and Super 8mm film to give you a great old film look effect to your videos. The Film Dirt and Scratches collection comes with 28 video files, 13 minutes of footage, and ProRes 1080P.

6. 4K Super 8 Film Burn Overlays Collection - Kodak 50D

A collection like this is rare to come across. These easy-to-use effects are great for any level of expertise in editing videos. Just place them over the video and click "screen" or "lighten" modes. This collection pack comes with 47 ProRes files, 4 minutes of footage, and 4K High-Quality Scans.

7. 4K 16mm Film Grain Overlays

This collection has three great files of real film grain with dust and grain at your disposal. They use a 16mm camera for a better quality of overlays. This amazing package comes with three video files of 16mm film grain plus three bonus files.

8. 4K Film Burn Effects on 16mm

Shot in an authentic 16mm, this collection has real film burning in a projector. It has close-ups that fit a width of 16/9 screen. It also comes with 33 ProRes Files and 4 minutes of footage.

9. The VHS Effects Collection

This collection has real VHS effects to give your videos an old 80's tape look to your videos. The collection contains many analog textures, tracking problems, and glitches. It also contains 10 minutes of footage, Quicktime ProRes 1080P file support, and 94 HD files of authentic VHS Retro Effects.

10. The Film Leaders Collection - Super 8mm and 16mm Effects

With authentic vintage countdowns, tail leaders, and old retro heads, this bundle offer you a great range of choices to add an old look to your films and videos.

Part 3: How to Make a Video Look Old?

In Filmora, you can make your videos have that old effect with simple steps.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box

Step 1: Open Filmora and remove all the pieces of the footage. Then arrange the rest of the footage as you see fit. Click on "Effects" on the upper left corner of your screen and then on "Filters". Click on the Old Video effect and then drop it. After you add the filter on the segment of your video, you can drag the end of it to cover the whole duration of the movies. Click twice on the filter if you want to adjust the filter settings. Enter the desired values on the "Fade" parameter, "Frequency", and "Alpha" options. Press "OK", and this step is concluded.

old film overlay 1

Step 2: You can apply the black and white filters to any project in Filmora. It is very simple. Add one of the filters above the video you want to add the effect and drag one of the corners to adjust the duration. You can change the intensity through the alpha slider.

old film overlay 2

Step 3: In Filmora, you can add sepia tone rise or sun-kissed filters to your video. You are able to add desaturated filters while keeping colors like blue and green and with that create the old film style. If you want more brown and red tones, you can use the Sun-Kisser filter that highlights those colors. Adjust the filters with the alpha slider to change intensity.

old film overlay 3

Step 4: Under the black and white subcategory, you can find Ash and Willow filters. What these do is desaturate the contrast or exposure values as well as preset brightness and bring an older tone to your videos.

Step 5: You can correct any kind of filter. With the Advanced Color Correction Tab, you can navigate through features like Preset and Adjustment and desaturate your video. By clicking on the "Preset tab," you can open a larger variety of presets, including the Old Film and Black & White presets.

filmora advance color correction

Part 4: Pro Tips to Create Stunning Retro Video

You can make your video look retro with a few simple tips:

  • Use several vintage apps like Retro VHS, 8mm Camcorder, and others.
  • Keep low highlights and low contrasts.
  • Keep low saturation and control the hue, saturation, and luminance of your video.
  • Film Overlays. With this, you can bring the mood just right. If you add a soft light overall to start with, it will instantly look slightly more vintage.
  • By decreasing contrast, you are darkening your videos and giving them a grainier old look.
  • If you bring up the black levels, you will leave more space for other tones to shine and turn the mood around your videos.
  • In contrast, if you bring down the whites in your videos, making even the brightest colors turn grey.


There are various ways to turn your videos into old relics. Using Filmora, you have a powerful tool in your hands to change any desired media, and with this step-by-step guide, you will get there in no time.

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